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Chapter 11.1

Company (Part 1)

Translated by AmaLynne


That afternoon, Wen Wenyao calls Qin Ruixi.


It seems that Qin Ruixi is still in a good mood.

He sits opposite Wen Wenyao and steals glances at Wen Wenyao from time to time.


“What are you doing with class F today”


Wen Wenyao’s face was cold, indicating that she was not joking with Qin Ruixi.


“Class F is the same as before.

It’s reasonable to deduct points for not wearing the school uniform.”


“What about Song Nanqiao Why did you deduct her points”


“Who told you”


Hearing this, Qin Ruixi’s face began to look bad.

People in class F could not complain to Wen Wenyao.

There is only one case, that is, some of the team members on duty today made a report to Wen Wenyao.


“It seems to be true.” Wen Wenyao took a sip of tea and looked at Qin Ruixi, her tone did not carry any emotion, but it made Qin Ruixi shudder.


“Accept the disciplinary action, I will report it to the top, don’t come to the next meeting.”


She really shouldn’t have kept him in the first place.


“Why” Qin Ruixi suddenly got angry.

He put his hands on the desk and stood up directly.

His eyes looked straight at Wen Wenyao.


“I don’t understand! Why do you want to help her, what kind of heart does she carry for you, you simply do not understand, I have known you for so long, you actually punish me for her”


Qin Ruixi didn’t even expect that Wen Wenyao would directly remove him.


In his eyes, Song Nanqiao is a scum who can’t do anything, blaspheming Wen Wenyao with the lie that she loves Wen Wenyao, Wen Wenyao not only doesn’t get angry but also speaks for her, this world is messed up, Qin Ruixi feels that his good intentions are feeding the dogs.


“Please be quiet, this is my office, if you make any more loud noises, go out.”


Wen Wenyao ignores the angry Qin Ruixi.

Compared with the angry Qin Ruixi, she prefers Song Nanqiao, who is deeply hurt and wronged.




“Silence, leave my office.”


The expression on Wen Wenyao’s face was the best indication of expulsion, and Qin Ruixi felt it.


From today on, there will be no relaxation between them.

A deep crack has opened.


“Good, you will regret it…”


Qin Ruixi tugged at his bow tie.

He would not let Song Nanqiao go.

He would also make Wen Wenyao regret that she did not cherish him.


Then, with a loud noise, he slammed the door and went out.


Wen Wenyao doesn’t mind at all.

She takes a sip of light tea and feels better.

It saves her more trouble.

Qin Ruixi has made many mistakes in the past few years.

All of them are very low-grade mistakes.

When the students are dissatisfied, Wen Wenyao apologizes on behalf of the students.


But just now, Wen Wenyao noticed what Qin Ruixi said: “what kind of heart does she carry for you, you simply do not understand.”


What is Song Nanqiao thought about her


She suddenly a little puzzled, feeling Song Nanqiao has been indifferent to her, very polite, and sometimes a little rusty.

Wen Wenyao really can’t understand what Song Nanqiao was thinking about her.

This successfully aroused her curiosity. 


It is necessary to have more contact in the future.


Wen Wenyao made a phone call to her deskmate.


“What can I do for you”


After seeing Qin Ruixi return to the classroom, the deskmate hid on the balcony.

Now she dared not go to see Qin Ruixi.

It happened that Wen Wenyao called her again.


“Do me a favor.”


“You say.”


“Song Nanqiao from class F, help me take care of her.

If anything happens to her, call me directly.

In addition, help me watch Qin Ruixi more.”


Wen Wenyao is still worried that Qin Ruixi will cause trouble to Song Nanqiao, and she sometimes can’t come out in time.

She must be watched by someone to make her feel at ease.


Wen Wenyao now regards Song Nanqiao as a vulnerable group.


Unconsciously, she would go to protect her.


“Uh, okay.”


After the deskmate hung up the phone, she felt a little puzzled.

Wen Wenyao asked her to help take care of people





Song Nanqiao was still in her class for evening study when she heard a chatter.


“You guys go look at the critical disciplinary action at the entrance of the teaching building, Qin Ruixi was removed from his position.”


“I heard that the reason was an abuse of power and oppression of classmates.”


“Heartless (gan) (de) sick (piao) crazy (liang).”



Qin Ruixi was dismissed


Song Nanqiao stopped her pen.

When she heard the news, she thought of Wen Wenyao.

Is Wen Wenyao helping her


“Host, you see how much the heroine loves you and supports you.”


“I’d rather clean him up myself.”


Sigh, what a pity.


“Do you want to find an opportunity to thank the heroine”


“There’s no need for this.

Qin Ruixi was originally abusing his power and was blind to deduct points.” Song Nanqiao rejected the proposal.


There is one more class in the evening self-study, Song Nanqiao looked at her weekly exam paper, Math 135, English 125, Language 108, and Science 274, adding up to 642, and is now the first in the class, with this score, she can also be considered an upper-class student in class B, but still a little short of class A.


It seems that she still has to work hard to get there.

Even good talent indeed takes time to practice, and this score is still 50 or 60 points short of her own college entrance exam score in her last life.


At the end of last evening’s self-study class, Wen Wenyao was waiting for Song Nanqiao at the door.

She wanted to stroll around the playground with Song Nanqiao.

In order not to cause a stir, she also specially brought a mask and sunglasses, so that no one would find it was her.


She is not afraid of standing with Song Nanqiao and losing her face, but afraid of bringing unnecessary trouble to Song Nanqiao.

She is very afraid of meeting another madman like Qin Ruixi that will hurt Song Nanqiao.


Of course, Song Nanqiao, sitting in the first row, naturally recognized her at a glance.

Now that her homework is almost finished, Song Nanqiao stopped writing and quickly tidied up her things.


Wen Wenyao is at the gate of class F.

It’s really dangerous.


Before class was over, Song Nanqiao asked for a leave.

The monitor of class F, seeing Song Nanqiao’s good grades, said nothing and let her go.


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