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Chapter 17.2

Too Late (Part 2)

Translated by AmaLynne


Wen Wenyao, in a panic, grabbed the hand of one of the girls.

After seeing Wen Wenyao, the two girls froze for a moment, and then their cheeks quickly colored red.


Just…Wen Wenyao took her hand


When they hadn’t reacted, Wen Wenyao asked, “Is it true what you just said”


Her tone was very urgent and she looked nervous.


“Yes, I saw with my own eyes…her being grabbed up by two men…”


“That Sky Building”


“The C-Zone Sky Building.”


As soon as the two girls finished speaking, Wen Wenyao ran.

She was worried about Song Nanqiao’s safety.


Qin Qiuhan did not beat people for fun.

She once beat some girls into the hospital, but the principal has repeatedly tolerated her.

Many students in the school avoided her.


Not one moment can be delayed, she doesn’t want Song Nanqiu injured.


Wen Wenyao ran up the stairs at full speed.

Five floors later, Wen Wenyao did not stop for a moment.

She kept panting and her feet were a little sore.

When she came to the rooftop door, she found that the door had been locked.

She lay on the door and listened.

There was really a sound inside.


“Open the door!”


Wen Wenyao slapped the rooftop door with her hand, using a lot of force, the palm of her hand was red and a little numb.


After a minute of clapping, the other party also had no intention to open the door.


In desperation, Wen Wenyao was ready to call the security guards and ask them to pry the door open directly.


“Chairman Wen, is something wrong”


The security guard sat on a bamboo chair and leisurely picked up the phone.


“Bring a bunch of people to the rooftop of Area C.

Take the door prying tools, there is a bullying incident on the rooftop.”


“What! I’ll be right there.”


The security guard frowned, immediately sat up, took the tools, and started yelling at people.


After hanging up the phone, Wen Wenyao continued to knock on the door, this time with even more force than last time.


“Who is knocking on the door” Qin Qiuhan yelled, now she was in the middle of her business, and suddenly someone came to disturb her again.


“It’s me, Wen Wenyao, open the door!”


Wen Wenyao almost roared out.

Qin Qiuhan was inside.

She doesn’t know how Song Nanqiao is now.


She is really worried.


All the people around heard Wen Wenyao’s voice, and all the people squatting on the ground stood up.


Wen Wenyao unexpectedly came.


“Open the door.” Qin Qiuhan’s face suddenly turned ugly.


She doesn’t like Wen Wenyao.


Wen Wenyao is too good-looking.

Being good-looking is an advantage, but if she is too good-looking, she will be envied and rejected by some people, such as herself.

Secondly, because of Wen Wenyao, she often quarrels with her brother, and Qin Ruixi often does some mindless things for Wen Wenyao.


To sum up, Qin Qiuhan doesn’t like Wen Wenyao in any way.

However, due to the background of Wen’s family, Qin Qiuhan is still polite to Wen Wenyao on the surface.


She dares to offend anyone in the school, but she just dares not move Wen Wenyao, because Wen Wenyao’s background is too big.


When the door opened, Wen Wenyao rushed in.

Her thin body passed by the two men.

Instead of giving Qin Qiuhan a straight look, she looked at Song Nanqiao who was lying on the ground.


Song Nanqiao is bleeding on her forehead now.

She is as fragile as if she would be broken at a touch.


“Sister!” Wen Wenyao half kneels beside Song Nanqiao, pulls out a towel from her arms, and presses it on Song Nanqiao’s forehead to stop her bleeding.


Soon after, the handkerchief was slowly stained red with blood…staining her handkerchief and also her heart.


Wen Wenyao’s eyes began to turn red.


No…Why does my sister get hurt Why is she not around every time she gets hurt  Wen Wenyao is suddenly a little dizzy, she looks a little blood-sick.


This person and Wen Wenyao know each other


Qin Qiuhan froze for a moment, Wen Wenyao so desperate to knock on the door, squatting on the floor to stop her bleeding.


Wen Wenyao raised her head slightly and looked at Qin Qiuhan.

The cold look in her eyes suddenly broke through Qin Qiuhan’s psychological defense.

She had never seen Wen Wenyao like this before.


That look…full of hatred, very strong hostility, just like a small wounded beast.


It’s over…Qin Qiuhan knows that she must have offended Wen Wenyao.


Suddenly, there was a loud sound of footsteps on the stairs.

Seven or eight security guards rushed upstairs and saw the scene directly.


“Is the child all right”


The security captain looked at Song Nanqiao.

It seemed that the child was seriously injured.


“Take all these students to the security room!”


At the command, several security guards rushed forward and held down several boys with sticks.

Of course, other girls did not dare to move, so they hurried down.


Only Qin Qiuhan stood there, motionless, as if waiting for Wen Wenyao.


Later, the security captain took out his mobile phone and called 120.

Song Nanqiao looked like this and called the school doctor.


The security guard wants to pick Song Nanqiao up and send her downstairs, but he finds Wen Wenyao holding Song Nanqiao’s wrist.


“Chairman Wen, I will take this student to the infirmary to stop bleeding now.”


The security guard feels a little strange.

Wen Wenyao now looked very abnormal.

Her eyes were confused and scared.

The security guard had never seen Wen Wenyao like this.


“Be sure to treat her…”


Wen Wenyao looks at the security guard with red eyes, which reveal helplessness and hopelessness


“Yes…” The security guard dared not look at Wen Wenyao again, picked up Song Nanqiao, and started running downstairs.


After a long time.


Wen Wenyao sorted herself out, supported her somewhat uncomfortable body, and prepared to leave the place.


“Wen Wenyao…for the sake of the parents of both sides, let’s forget it.

When she wakes up, I will apologize to her.” Qin Qiuhan lowered her attitude and discussed it with Wen Wenyao.


“What kind of joke are you making”


Wen Wenyao turned her head, the corners of her scarlet eyes were filled with tears.

Looking at Qin Qiuhan’s eyes, it was as if the two had a deep blood feud.


“I’m sorry…I’ll pay for her medical expenses.”


Qin Qiuhan is now afraid.

She knows that Wen Wenyao is not joking.


“Late, I won’t let you go…”


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