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Chapter 19.2

Hint (Part 2)

Translated by AmaLynne


Song Nanqiao woke up at night.

When she woke up, the lights in the ward were shining on her eyes, which was blinding.

She wanted to move her hands and found that her hands were used as pillows.


“System, what’s going on” Song Nanqiao asked in confusion after seeing Wen Wenyao’s face.


“I don’t know.

After you passed out, I also passed out.”


The system was also very confused.

After Song Nanqiao was injured, it suddenly shut down.

It didn’t know what was going on.


Sensing Song Nanqiao’s movements, Wen Wenyao wakes up.


A pair of drowsy sleepy eyes looked at Song Nanqiao and sobered immediately


“Are you awake” The girl’s tone was a little happy.

She slowly got up and hugged Song Nanqiao.


The girl held her gently and covered her whole body in her arms.


A familiar fragrance drifted to Song Nanqiao’s olfactory organ again.

The light body fragrance on the girl made Song Nanqiao relax.


“You saved me”


“En, don’t be afraid.” Wen Wenyao touched Song Nanqiao’s cheek and said softly.


“Thank you.” Song Nanqiao held her breath and felt a little dizzy.


“It’s okay.” She touched Song Nanqiao’s head.


Then she opened her mouth and said, “Qin Qiuhan, you will never see her again.

If someone bullies you in school, tell me.”


“Never see”


Song Nanqiao didn’t understand Wen Wenyao’s words.


“I have sent her to the court and will be sentenced to a fixed term of imprisonment.

I will not let her live well after she comes out.” Wen Wenyao said seriously that she will never be careless about Song Nanqiao’s safety.


She knew that Qin Qiuhan was vengeful, and if she was released so easily, Song Nanqiao would be the one who got hurt again.


So she must be contained.



In the end, I’m still too useless.” Song Nanqiao sighed and looked at the ceiling.


The original owner was less than 1.7 meters tall.

She was weak and had no strength at all.

At that time, if she had been her original self, she would not have been beaten so badly even if she could not fight back.


In addition, those who are powerless and powerless in this world are particularly chicken.


“It’s okay, I will protect you.”


Wen Wenyao take a cup of water for Song Nanqiao and brought it to her mouth.


“I don’t want you to protect me…”


Song Nanqiao took a sip from a cup of water.

She didn’t want such a small heroine to protect her.

She felt a bit of a change of position.

It was clearly her responsibility to protect the heroine.


Moreover, Song Nanqiao’s strong self-esteem did not allow her to be raised like an idle person.


“This won’t do! I will be discharged tomorrow.

I still have a lot to do.” Song Nanqiao sits up and wants to get down to the ground now.


It’s a waste of time to stay in the hospital.


“No, you are still injured.

You should stay for at least two or three days.”


Wen Wenyao pushed her down again.


With such a serious injury, she wants to continue to work and study.


She won’t allow Song Nanqiao to treat her body badly.




“No buts.

I have paid the hospital fees for you for three days, which can’t be refunded.” Wen Wenyao’s remark was a stab at Song Nanqiao’s death.


Three-day hospitalization fee, single room, about 10,000 yuan


If she doesn’t stay, it will be a great loss.


“I’ll pay you back later.” Song Nanqiao is still stubborn.


“Good good.” Wen Wenyao can only agree with her.


“Chat with me.” Wen Wenyao has a lot to say to Song Nanqiao.




“Did you have someone you liked before” Wen Wenyao intended to test Song Nanqiao.


She wanted to know Song Nanqiao’s heart and how she really saw herself.




There is nothing really.

If she like it, it is the original owner’s affair, and it has nothing to do with the current Song Nanqiao.




Wen Wenyao sank her eyes, again this expression…is Song Nanqiao not willing to admit


“Then what do you think of me”


She holds Song Nanqiao’s hand.

Song Nanqiao looks at it but doesn’t budge.


“Very beautiful, very good-looking, and good personality, eh…”


When talking, Song Nanqiao suddenly feels difficult to talk.

She is a little nervous suddenly


See Song Nanqiao’s micro expression.


Wen Wenyao suddenly had a bold guess in her heart.


Whether Song Nanqiao likes her or not, but because she is embarrassed or has something difficult to say, it’s hard to tell her.


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