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Then let’s wait for a while and give Song Nanqiao some time to ease up, but Wen Wen Yao understands in her heart that Song Nanqiao must have a good feeling about herself.


In this case, I don’t need to worry too much.


Emotions are things that always take time.


“En, I know.

You should have a good rest these days.

Anyway, it’s almost the weekend.

I’ll pick you up at the weekend.” Wen Wenyao dragged her cheek and laughed jokingly.




Song Nanqiao didn’t understand what she means.


“Didn’t you say last night that you would come to my house at the weekend and join me at the banquet” The girl was a little dissatisfied.

She even forgot such an important thing.

It was only one day.


“Yes…I remember.

I will accompany you.”


Song Nanqiao suddenly thought of this.


At the thought of this, she was a little nervous.

Wen Wenyao’s father must be one of the elites in society.

She wanted to test Wen Wenyao’s father’s ability.


She hopes to be better than her now.


That would be challenging.


“Want to eat something”


The two of them haven’t eaten since breakfast, especially Song Nanqiao, who ate breakfast at 5:30 in the morning and hasn’t eaten since 6:00 in the evening.




In fact, she is a little hungry.


Wen Wenyao nodded, stood up and went outside the hospital to buy food for Song Nanqiao.


After Wen Wenyao went, Song Nanqiao took out her mobile phone and checked how her index fund and stock returns had been.


The index fund is good and has been rising steadily, but the yield is not more than 10%, which is average, but it is much better than existing in the bank.


Look at the stock.

Song Nanqiao spent 800 yuan on the stock.

Now the income has been very high, and the floating profit and loss have reached 300 yuan.


With Song Nanqiao’s principal, if you sell it now, 800 yuan will become 1100 yuan.


“The stock market in this world is similar to the last world as well.”


Song Nanqiao looked at the screen with satisfaction, it was still relatively smooth.

It shows that her investment ability has not declined.


In fact, buying stocks belongs to the type of long-term investment, and the money earned is not based on the rising price of stocks, but on the stock dividends of enterprises.


The stock dividend is not linked to the price rise and fall of the stock market.

Even if the stock price drops, the company with a good investment will not lose money in dividends every year.


“Now I need to earn the principal urgently when I buy stocks.

When I have enough money in the future, I will buy millions of corporate stocks and then get dividends.” Song Nanqiao was a shrewd investor in her last life.


She will invest tens of millions of dollars in some very promising companies.

When these companies grow up, they will return more than ten times Song Nanqiao’s dividend profits.


Song Nanqiao also skillfully made use of her shareholder identity to slowly let the majority of the company’s equity belong to her.


She believes in her vision.

If she invests in the right company, the return she will receive will be incalculable.


The system can’t understand the stock.

It only sees that the stock invested by Song Nanqiao is rising and occasionally falling.


“It seems to be going up all the time now.

Do you want to consider selling it”


“En, the calculation time is almost up, and tomorrow may fall down.”


Now we earn the principal.


It is also the rising price earned.


Later there is money.


Just make a dividend profit directly.


After Song Nanqiao threw those stocks out, she turned off her mobile phone, closed her eyes, and thought about how to make more money after the midterm exam.


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