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Chapter 4.1

How to Survive in Class F (Part 1)

Translated by AmaLynne


The next day.


The precise biological clock helped Song Nanqiao to get up early.


She was the first one to get up in their dorm room.


“It’s still early, you can sleep in a bit.”


“No, it’s not good to be lazy.” Song Nanqiao patted her head, picked up the clothes she wore yesterday, quickly changed, and got out of bed.


When she got out of bed, she made a rather loud sound, and her roommate in the same dorm opened their eyes impatiently and glared at Song Nanqiao.


Thinking, “Is there something wrong with this person Get up so early…”


Then they moved their heads away, they don’t want to see Song Nanqiao.


Song Nanqiao also doesn’t care about them, after quickly washing up, she carries her school bag out of the dormitory.


In the stairwell, Song Nanqiao only saw a few students of the same age, who seemed to be coming down towards the upper floors.


“That’s the students from class A and class B.” The system reminded.


Song Nanqiao nodded, thought so, normally in good classes, students’ independent learning ability is higher.


The students of class A were a little surprised after seeing Song Nanqiao, class F had such a diligent person, when they walked to class F’s floor, the whole floor was dead quiet.

In the beginning, the dormitory teacher would call the students of class F to get up, but after being threatened by the class F girls, they slowly stopped shouting.


Song Nanqiao did not like such eyes, picked up her school bag, and began to rush towards the canteen.


After arriving at the canteen, Song Nanqiao thought of saving some money first, so she only bought a bowl of white congee and a white steamed bun, a total of two yuan.


When the weekend comes, she’ll look outside to see if there are opportunities to make quick money.


While eating, Song Nanqiao felt that someone was staring at her, making her unconsciously look around.


Sure enough, because of what happened yesterday, some people around remember her face, and now that they saw her again, the expressions on their faces were not so friendly.


Song Nanqiao was angry and looked back at them fiercely.


After those people noticed Song Nanqiao’s expression, they moved their eyes away, but quietly discussing again in a place where Song Nanqiao could not see.


“Don’t be impulsive, better finish eating quickly and go.

Thirty years on the east side of the river, thirty years on the west side of the river, calm down.

With your ability, their look on you will change.”



“I’ve always been capable.” Song Nanqiao said with an expressionless face.


System:: “Well, big guy is big guy.”


——– split line ———-


After Song Nanqiao finished eating breakfast, she walked to the entrance of class F.


When she went upstairs, she saw that other Class ABCD students had more or less started their morning study, class F was empty, and even the classroom door was not opened.


Song Nanqiao took the key next to the door and opened it.


From today on, she will be the first person in class F to arrive and study.


After looking at the original owner’s desk drawer, it contained textbooks and exercise books for science and chemistry students.


“The original owner’s grades are so poor, but she’s in science class, amazing.”


Song Nanqiao briefly flipped through the physics textbooks.


“These textbooks are really simple.

You should remember them by simply going through them.

After that, you can do questions and refine them.”


Song Nanqiao first opened the physics textbook and started with textbook.

She still remembers about 60% of the contents of the textbook.

Repeat it, if she encountered any problem, hold it and ask others.


Her concentration has always been very high, when reading the book, as long as it is not particularly loud, nothing can divert Song Nanqiao’s attention.

Looking at the textbook, Song Nanqiao doesn’t know how long it has been.


An English teacher holding a book, passing by the class ABCD, accidentally saw the class F lights were lit up.


An uncontrollable curiosity drove the teacher to hasten her footsteps.


“Eh, someone from class F came so early.”


The English teacher walked in with her textbook in her arms, a female teacher who was 30 or 40 years old, with glasses, and looked like a dignified teacher.


Class F can have people who are that diligent, this is considered the sun to come out of the west.


“Hello, teacher.” Song Nanqiao closed her book, glanced at this female teacher, and then noticed the English book she was holding.


“Today’s English morning reading, please read the English book, and write the class schedule under the morning reading, the first class is mine.” The English teacher was curious about this student.


She looked like a student who was willing to learn.


“Okay, teacher.”


Saying that, Song Nanqiao put her physics book down and took her English textbook out, she had just finished reading the first chapter of physics.


The English teacher nodded her head and walked away satisfied.


Song Nanqiao stood up, looked at the class schedule posted on the wall, and found the name of the English teacher.


“Yu Dongmei”


“Let’s take this opportunity to make a good impression on this teacher.” The system pondered for a moment that this was a good opportunity to have contact with the teacher.


“No, if your grades are good, the teacher will naturally notice you, being too close to the teacher will lead to a deterioration in the relationship with some of your classmates.” Song Nanqiao studied for so many years, there are some class rules, or more understanding, if this teacher does not like her, she cannot blindly get along with the teacher.


After writing the class schedule, people started to come in one after, and soon it was the first class.

Students of class F usually come just before the first class.


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