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Chapter 89 – It Was A Duel!

“Iria! Are you alright!”

I shouted as we exited the forest and came out to the riverside.

By the river, numerous Minotaurs were looking at something that they surrounded.

However, they were only standing there, and were not trying to fight.

What they were looking at was Iria and the Minotaur chief, who were in the middle of a vicious battle.

Iria dodged the chief’s axe that swung down over her, and she said,

“I see that your movements have become faster”

“This is my true ability! I was merely toying with you earlier!”

The chief shouted, and he swung and twirled his battlaxe as he attacked Iria once again.

“I will not be defeated unless Sir Joshua tells me to!”

Iria said as she blocked the chain of attacks, and then she tried to close the gap between them.

However, the chief kept moving back.

It was clear as day.

The chief’s movements were much more agile than before.

Melk muttered.

“He is faster now.

Is he like a raging bull”

“No, perhaps it’s because the brainwashing magic spell is broken.”

None of the other Minotaurs tried to interfere.

They must know that none of them were a match for Iria.

So I assumed this was because Kyuby’s magic was broken.

“Iria! We accomplished our goal! Let’s retreat to the wall for now!”

“Sir Joshua… Sir Joshua!!”

Iria turned around at the sound of my voice and her face lit up.


Don’t get distracted! Tsk!”

I swiftly cast Magic Shield on her.

This was because the Minotaur’s axe was coming down right in front of Iria.

However, Iria still looked happy as she swung the arm that held the sword.

A high-pitched ring echoed.

“What! Are you even stronger than before!”

Both of the chief’s arms bounced off and he lost his balance.

His face was in an expression of shock.

Iria rushed forward then and raised her blade.

“I will not lose in front of Sir Joshua! Never!”


He quickly brought his battleaxe in front of his body and tried to block it.

However, Iria’s swing shattered his axe into shards.

And just like that, the chief fell onto his haunches.

“Wh-what ridiculous strength..


Iria then thrust her blade out and held the tip at his throat.

“Are we done then”

“…! Kill me!”

The chief looked resigned to his fate, but Iria turned to me.

And so I headed towards them.

The Minotaurs did nothing, but just stared at me.

“Iria, well done.”

“No, Sir Joshua.

I just could not shame myself while you were watching.”

Iria said with a smile.

She should have been tired after such a vicious fight, but she seemed to be in a good mood.

Melk muttered then.

“You are easy to read, Iria.

You are stronger when Joshua is watching.”

“Oh, Ms.

Melk… You do like to state the obvious.”

Iria said, but her face was red and she turned away in embarrassment.

“Well…I’m glad that nothing bad happened.”

I answered, and then I turned to the Minotaur chief.

“I haven’t introduced myself yet.

I am Joshua.

The representative of the demihuman alliance, the Fendel Alliance.

What is your name”


So, the Minotaur chief’s name was Berdos.

“Berdos, eh As I said earlier, these people are not humans.

Only I am… But I was not the person who locked you up.”

However, Berdos just looked at me with suspicion.

“In any case, we have no intention of fighting with you.

Would we have targeted your legs if we wanted to kill you”

Berdos looked around at his men.

While some of them were wounded, none of the Minotaurs had been killed.

“Why…didn’t you kill us”

“I just told you.

We are not hostile.”

“But, what we did to those pointy-eared humans…”

Berdos looked towards the elves on the walls.

“They are elves.”

“Yes, we killed elves.

We were so filled with rage and…”

“You were being controlled.

By someone called Kyuby.

Do you remember seeing someone with a mask”

“I do.

When we went outside, we heard someone playing a flute, and the rage welled up within me.”

Berdos let out a sigh.

“…I am starting to understand the situation.

It was this Kyuby who instigated us.

And you are not even humans.”

After saying this, Berdos lowered his head.

“Kill me.

You must have your revenge.”

Apparently, they were capable of feeling guilt.

He must feel that it was a grievous sin to kill elves, who had nothing to do with his grudge.

However, it was Kyuby who had controlled the Minotaurs.

They had been used by the Demon King army.

I should tell Monica and the others about the situation.


To be precise, the elves have nothing to do with the Fendel Alliance.

And so there is nothing we can do about you.

Though, I would prefer it if Minotaurs and elves joined us .”

“You want us to join”

“You must all be confused about so many things, since you haven’t been to the surface for so long.

Perhaps we can help you in some way.”

“However, the elves will never forgive…”

“I will try and explain things to them.

Will you leave this to me”

After hearing this suggestion, Berdos and the other Minotaurs all looked at each other.

Finally, he bowed his head.

“…I will leave it to you then.”

“So it’s decided.

In that case, Berdos, will you alone come with me Your child is also waiting.”

Berdos then noticed Moo, who was looking down from the wall with a worried expression.

“…Very well.”

“Good, then let’s go.

By the way, there is something I want to ask you.

Who is this Calvelin you were talking about earlier”

When the Minotaurs were consumed by rage, Berdos had brought up someone by that name.

Was it Kyuby’s family name, an alias, or was it a different person entirely

However, Berdos tilted his head in puzzlement.

“Calvelin Did I speak of such a name”

“Yes, you did.”

“I do not remember… No, it does sound familiar.”

“I see.

You can tell me when you remember.”

Who could it be

Starting with this Kyuby, there were a lot of mysteries concerning the Demon King army.

Judging by what Kyuby had said, they did not know about the Fendel Alliance, and had not decided on how to deal with us… Though, we still could not let our guard down.

“In any case, right now…Melk.

Let’s treat the wounded.

Do you have your staff”

“Very well.

I had Asuha bring the staff, so it will be fine.”

And so Melk and I quickly treated the Minotaurs who had their legs shot with arrows.

“I-I’m healed My leg is healed!”

“Wh-what Who are these people”

The Minotaurs all raised their voices in surprise.

While it was healing magic, it was very basic beginner magic.

Even monsters would consider it basic magic.

And yet they did not know of it.

This suggested they knew very little of magic in general.

Berdos turned to me and said,

“What a strange art that is… But you have my gratitude.”

“No, all we did was close the wounds.

You must take it easy for some time.

Now, shall we go”


And so we headed to the elven fortress on the sandbank.


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