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She Chose to Be Strong After Her Rebirth and Won Everything Back Chapter 1

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Rebirth, Back To The Past

The warm sunlight seeped through the old-fashioned green curtains. in this small and simple house, even the tiny dust particles could be clearly seen.

Qu Zhi was in a daze as she watched all of this.

Before she fell asleep, she remembered that she was undergoing surgery in the hospital.

It was not a big operation, but it was very risky for her age.

She still remembered the cold looks her two daughters gave her before undergoing the operation as if they were strangers.

That day, her son was going on a business trip. her husband, Liang Wen, came over to take a look at her. He then made a phone call and went out again. He didnt even look at her, let alone show concern.

She had been overworked for many years. Coupled with her depression, she was in poor health. Not only did she have to take medicine, but she also had to go to the hospital often.

But Qu Zhi would usually choose to endure.

She could bear with the physical pain, but once she went to the hospital, the people closest to her would hate her for being fuzzy.

Her children would complain that she was a burden to their career, her husband would say that she only knew how to enjoy herself and couldnt bear any pain, and the “family” who coveted her private money would say that she was selfish.

At that time, her heart would hurt so much that she would be unable to breathe.

When did all the people she loved start to hate her and stay away from her

She had worked so hard to run this family, but all she got in return was the cruelest abandonment!

Qu Zhi thought with tears in her eyes that if she could do it all over again, she would not be a housewife who was kept by others, she would not give her second daughter away, she would not care about her blood-sucking relatives, and she would not marry a husband who was cold to her.

Fortunately, the anesthetic diluted all her grief and unwillingness in time. she was slowly wrapped up in the dream and temporarily forgot all this, obtaining a short and precious peace.

She had a rare good dream.

That magnificent and beautiful dream made her feel relaxed.

When she opened her eyes, she had returned to 1990.

Perhaps it was because she had not woken up yet, or perhaps it was because she was too numb to her original life, but she naturally accepted everything.

Whether it was a dream or an illusion, everything was so good now.

She and her eldest daughter, Liang Chu, were sleeping on an old mat.

The squeaking fan shook its head drowsily, blowing the mosquito net into a small sail.

This mosquito net was also a cumbersome frame mosquito net that had long been eliminated by modern society, but Qu Zhi was thrifty and reluctant to throw it away. There was a faint smell of mugwort in the hot air, it was very comfortable and familiar.

The child was sleeping soundly. Her soft face was a little red from the heat, and the pattern of the bamboo mat was printed on her wet cheeks.

She sat up slowly. The sudden pain in her abdomen reminded her that she was pregnant.

The child in her stomach was her second daughter, Liang Si.

This was the eighth year that she and her husband, Liang Wen, had started working.

She remembered very clearly that at the beginning of this year, when Chuchu was eight years old, she was pregnant with Sisi.

It wasnt easy to establish a foothold in Jiang City. Liang Wen left early in the morning and returned late at night. He did all kinds of hard work and finally managed to stabilize his footing in Jiang City. Their small family also had energy and laughter.

Qu Zhi knew that she would only make Liang Wen more tired if she went to work. she understood her husband and resigned to become a full-time housewife. She only had one thought at that time, and that was to take good care of this family.

Thinking of her naive thoughts back then, Qu Zhi laughed at herself.

She actually believed his nonsense of “wanted to take good care of her” and worked hard for him and the children. When she thought about those cold eyes, she would still feel cold in her heart.

At this moment, Chuchu woke up.

Her sweaty little hands wrapped around Qu Zhis neck, and Qu Zhis heart immediately softened.

“Mom... can I go downstairs to buy ice cream... ” Her voice was hoarse and she was still not fully awake.

“Alright.” Qu Zhi looked at her lovingly. Before Sisi was born, Chuchu had always stuck to her.

After Sisi was sent away, Qu Zhis entire personality changed. she became even more irascible and irritable, and she became even stricter towards Chuchu, and her attitude was much colder.

Chuchus drowsy eyes brightened up. She hurriedly took two coins from Qu Zhis purse and kissed her on the cheek. Then, she skipped down the stairs.

It was a pouch given to her by her family and friends when she married Liang Wen.

They had a custom where giving purses symbolized everyones blessing to the new couple.

Perhaps she was touched by their enthusiasm, but she had used this pouch for nearly twenty years.

Until the empty pouch witnessed the withering of their love.

Qu Zhi looked at the happy child from the window, and a feeling that she had never felt before rose in her heart. it was so relaxed that the corners of her mouth curled up, but it was so bitter that she silently shed tears.

Qu Zhis pregnancy reaction was quite serious. She would feel dizzy even when she sat or walked and even feel nauseated when she spoke.

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But she knew that she could not fall.

She was no longer living in the villa that was especially taken care of. Instead, she was living in a single-story house that was crowded and dusty easily. This house needed her at all times, and this family also needed her to shine at all times.

Liang Wen usually had social events to attend at night, so she didnt need to prepare his dinner.

All she had to do was to feed the child and put them to sleep before Liang Wen returned. Then, she would gently clean up the leftovers and cutlery.

She had already gotten used to Liang Wens temper over the years.

He had come back after a hard day, and all he wanted was a good nights sleep. He rarely cared about anything at home, he only needed peace and quiet.



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