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It was Jacky Cheungs “You Will Always Be My Love”, which was popular all over the streets back then. It was also a song that Qu Zhi loved very much.

When she was doing the housework alone at home, she repeated it many times until the child got tired of her and the song.

“Thats amazing! Our Chuchu is going to be a singer in the future!” Liang Wen lifted Chuchu up and kissed her hard.

“Ill be a singer!” Chuchus smile lit up the entire room.

The days quickly passed by as Qu Zhi busied herself.

Qu Zhi herself didnt expect that after nearly a month and a half of renovation, the few bedrooms in the house were almost done.

She decorated her and Liang Wens bedroom very simply, but made the childs bedroom very beautiful.

Chuchus room was decorated according to the most luxurious childrens sample room in her memory. It was a little exaggerated, but it was very cute.

“Dont ruin your health even if you cant handle the renovation. My assistant Xiao Gu, his brother, does this...”

“Im just missing the finishing touches.”

Liang Wens eyes widened in shock, while Qu Zhi nodded her head slowly with a hint of pride.

This speed was almost the same as a professional renovation team.

“Tom, tomorrow...” Liang Wen stuttered.

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“Whats tomorrow” Qu Zhi smiled in satisfaction. This was the effect she wanted.

“Li Guos family is coming tomorrow. Lets just take a look at the house together.”

“Alright,” Qu Zhis heart skipped a beat.

That faker, Li Guo

Qu Zhi remembered that in the beginning, Li Guo and Liang Wen were very close because of work. They could even call each other brothers. Later, when Li Guo saw that Liang Wens family was living better than him, he began to be jealous and threw all kind of mess to Liang Wen.

His wife, Lin He, was not a good person either. On the surface, she was very close to Qu Zhi, but in reality, she looked down on her. They were not in the same circle to begin with.

Because of this couple, Qu Zhi and Liang Wen had taken many detours.

Qu Zhi remembered all of them.

The next morning, Qu Zhi and Liang Wen arrived at the new house.

The moment he entered the room, Liang Wen couldnt help but exclaim, ” Wow, not bad.”

Next to the living room was a balcony. The balcony was designed in a western style, and the railings were all European style. The breeze on the open-air balcony slowly blew the green daggers Devils Ivy used to purified the air, forming a kind of quiet and peaceful scenery.

The light in the house was very good, and the sun was strong, covering the entire living room. The living room was painted a bright light yellow, and the other rooms were also painted in bright light colors. The tiles were also milky white, and the whole house looked warm and bright.

Qu Zhi wanted to sweep the dust in the corner again, but Liang Wen snatched the broom away.

“Ill do it.”

Qu Zhi knew that he was trying to control his excitement.

She also knew that he was quite satisfied with what she had done.

She smiled in satisfaction.

“Honk, honk.” The guests had arrived.

“Oh my, Mrs. Liang...” before Lin He could finish, she was choked by the scene in front of her. “Oh my... This is too beautiful.”

Qu Zhi saw that her eyes were staring straight at her and couldnt help but smile. “Come in quickly. Mrs. Li, have a seat on the new leather sofa. Its very comfortable.”

“These... these were all designed by you, huh” Lin He still couldnt stop her eyes from looking around.

It was indeed beautiful. It was beautiful everywhere, because in this era, there were very few people who would decorate their houses in such a western style. “Youre still pregnant. Its not easy for you.”

Li Guo also praised, “This layout is really good. This house is really beautiful.”

“Its alright, nothing much.” Qu Zhi smiled and pointed out, “Thats Chuchus room. Its the first one to be renovated. Ill show you around.”

She had spent a lot of effort on Chuchus room and it was definitely presentable. Her room was the only one with wallpaper and there were sequins embedded in the wallpaper. When the light was turned on, it was as bright as stars.

Her small bed was also custom-made. It was pink, and there was a little princess-like bedside lamp and a super large teddy bear sofa.

To make it easier for her to do her homework, Qu Zhi cleverly made use of the small space in the corner to make a small desk.

Lin He looked at the room and screamed in envy, while Qu Zhis mind was filled with thoughts of Chuchu. How happy she must have been when she saw this little room that belonged to her.

While the two men were discussing business outside, the two women were talking about their own affairs in the bedroom.

“Youre really talented, Mrs. Liang. Look at you, youre like a famous designer.”

It was only then that Lin He noticed Qu Zhis face. “Aiya, look, did you go for some facial treatment I havent seen you for a few days, but youve become so good-looking.”



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