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“She was pulled away. His little lover was chased out. Li Gong went back and knelt down to apologize.” Liang Wen found Qu Zhis serious expression adorable, but he still said indifferently, “Lets not meddle in other peoples business.”

Things were not over yet.

Liang Wen came back in the afternoon, looking very nervous.

“You and Chuchu, pack your things.” Liang Wen started to pack things into his bag.

“Whats wrong” Qu Zhi saw his sweat dripping down and thought he was hot. She poured him a cup of cold tea and Liang Wen drank it in one gulp.

“That Li Gong used the companys name to borrow from loan sharks and ran away.” Liang Wen was so agitated that he was trembling. He stared at Qu Zhi with sweat dripping from his hair. “Theyve come to the company. You and Chuchu shouldnt stay at home. Im afraid youll be implicated.”

Qu Zhi didnt expect to be involved in this matter.

She let Chuchu stay at Sister Songs house and went to find Xu Jiao.

She knocked on the door, but no one answered for a long time.

“Mrs. Li, this is Qu Zhi.”

The door was forcefully opened from the inside. The woman named Xu Jiao was even more haggard and pale as if she could be blown away by a gust of wind.

“Hello,” She said. She lowered her eyes, which were red and swollen from crying.

The room was very dark, and the lights were not on.

Qu Zhi saw a little boy sitting on the sofa next to her. The TV wasnt on, and he was just staring at it as if he was trying to figure something out.

“Little Jie, get Auntie some water.” Xu Jiao glanced at the child weakly.

Little Jie nodded silently.

“I know!” After Xiao Jie left, Xu Jiao could no longer hold back her tears. She buried her face in Qu Zhis shoulder and cried.

“He went to find her again. He went again... He said before that he would never be with her again. He said that he was going to get some things and money. I followed him, but I couldnt catch up with him, so he disappeared... He owed loan sharks money, and they came to ask for money. Little Jie and I had nothing...”

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Qu Zhis shoulder was soon drenched in sweat.

She didnt know how to comfort this woman. “You... Have to take care of your health. He might have been infected by something dirty outside.”

Xu Jiao seemed to have remembered something. She stared at her with red eyes and said nervously, “Yes, yes, I will to go to the hospital with my son now!”

Halfway through, she remembered something and asked Qu Zhi, “Do you know where she live ”

Miss Song was so well-informed, so Qu Zhi really knew about it.

It was an old two-story house. Li Gongs lover lived on the second floor. It was well-decorated, and there were a few potted plants outside that were growing well. From the outside, no one would have thought that such a person lived here.

Qu Zhi felt that this was not good for the child, so she brought Little Jie home first.

Xu Jiao went up to give them a fierce beating.

“Who is it” A woman in a strappy dress opened the door and looked at Xu Jiao suspiciously. The door was filled with smoke, but Xu Jiao still saw Li Gong lying on the sofa in a daze.

Xu Jiao felt as if a ball of fire was stuck in her throat. She could not think and could only call out Li Gongs name in a hoarse voice. Then, her legs went soft and she sat on the ground powerlessly.

Li Gong was still asleep, his expression was one of enjoyment. The powder on the table had not been cleaned up, and his heart was as chaotic as Xu Jiaos.

The woman in front of the door smiled coquettishly at her, showing the posture of a winner.

He still couldnt let go of her. Not only that, but he had also given up on her and the child. He had completely fallen.

Xu Jiao had lost, and she had lost very badly.

She found a nearby public phone booth and called the police. She was in a daze and numb the whole time as if she was the one who had taken drugs.

She had thought that he had someone else outside, but she didnt expect him to be on drugs.

This meant that he was no longer the Li Gong who loved his wife and children.

He just wanted to be happy and indulge himself, throwing all responsibility to the back of his mind as soon as possible.

Xu Jiao could no longer cry.

She originally thought that the money in the bank account was at least enough to settle down a house in her hometown, and she and Little Jie could live together in peace. Now, she felt that her thoughts were a joke.


“Its fine. The fees will be settled in a few days. We will pay Li Gong back. You can use this to pay off your debt first...” Liang Wen was also comforting Xu Jiao. He was not the kind of person to hit someone when they were down. He had helped her to this extent, and he was very loyal.

“Thank you, thank you.” Xu Jiaos tears were about to burst again.

After that day, Xu Jiao and Little Jie returned to their hometown. When Qu Zhi heard about them again, it was also from someone elses mouth. Qu Zhi didnt have a deep impression of whether the news was true or false.



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