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Green Bean

The renovation of Qu Zhis new house was coming to an end. Now, she only needed to air the house to remove the smell and they could move in.

Her pregnancy was starting to hinder her freedom of movement, but she was very happy and satisfied. Every day, she packed up her small items and clothes and wrote down everything she needed to do in her notebook.

When Lin He came to visit, the room she had left for the baby in her stomach had not been renovated, but she had planned it seriously for a long time.

The room was painted bright yellow, and she had put many childrens things in it. Although they had not placed the furniture inside, they would feel very calm and comfortable once they walked in.

This time, Liang Si would not leave Qu Zhi anymore.

She would watch over her as she grew up and pamper her and Liang Chu to be the worlds happiest princesses.

The phone rang.

Qu Zhi was still immersed in her sweet dreams and was in a good mood.


“Oh, Qu Zhi” The woman on the other end of the phone didnt sound happy. “Im here to bring some green beans”

“... “Qu Zhi couldnt recall who this was.

“Its hot these few days, dont let our Liang Wen suffer. Make her a bowl of green bean soup. I was afraid that it would spoil it on the way, so I havent cooked it and brought it over. Its been hot at home these few days.”

Qu Zhi could hear the faint sound of a horn. The woman on the other end of the phone seemed to be panting slightly in a phone booth by the road.

She remembered.

This was Liang Wens older sister, Liang Jie.

Liang Wens father wasnt a good person. He ate, drank, womanized, and gambled outside. He was extremely irresponsible towards the family.

Liang Wens mother was working outside alone. Liang Wen was brought up by her sister when he was young, and Liang Wen listened to her.

She was afraid that she would be bullied if she was uneducated, so she did not dare to go out to work. She worked in the factory near her home and cooked, but that little money was not enough for her husband to gamble.

Qu Zhi remembered that at first, she would cry and act pitifully in front of Liang Wen. At first, she felt that the other party was indeed pitiful. In the end, she held her head high and asked Liang Wen for money.

What left the deepest impression on her was the way she squeezed her chubby face and smiled at Liang Wen. “Liang Wen, Qu Zhi, you two have been getting closer and closer recently, but we dont have any rice at home anymore.”

Liang Wens face darkened and he immediately gave her half of the money he had just received.

Qu Zhi, who had always been reluctant to spend money, had scrimped and saved for a whole year, but she still didnt have that much money.

If he had given it to Qu Zhi, she and the children would have had a better life, but why would Liang Wen give it to her

Qu Zhi felt a headache coming on, so she hung up the phone after a few simple replies.

What else could she be here for She just wanted money.

At noon, the fat woman finally came to their house.

Liang Jie came in with the smell of sweat. She didnt have time to wipe her sweat and sat down on the sofa.

She was wearing a set of tattered clothes, the thin fabric already drenched in sweat.

“Is Liang Wen still busy” She mumbled to herself and lay down on her side, occupying the entire sofa. “I brought the green beans over. Theyre already soaked. Hurry up and cook them. Theyre going to spoil.”

She didnt treat herself as an outsider at all.

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However, Qu Zhi ignored her. “I put it in the refrigerator. Theres still something cooking in the pot. You can leave after eating, sister.”

If Qu Zhi hadnt reminded her to leave, Liang Jie could have dragged on until Liang Wen returned, and then put on a tragic scene that would shock the heavens and make the gods and ghosts weep.

Liang Jie was a little surprised. She didnt expect Qu Zhi to say that, and she really wanted to sit for a while longer.

“Wheres Chuchu” At the mention of children, she would have the opportunity to talk about her son. Her son was excellent in both character and studies. Who would not like him It wasnt too much for her to help such an obedient child get some living expenses, right

“Shes playing in the neighbors house. I asked her to catch up on some lessons.”

“Oh, Liang Wens company is so big, but he didnt hire a teacher to tutor the child. Why did he ask a child to give her...” Liang Jies eyebrows raised.

What could a child know What kind of method was this to let a child teach Back then, her son had even hired a teacher to make up for the lessons!

“Our Chuchu is very sensible. She knows how to save money!” Qu Zhi smiled at her, but she was getting more and more disgusted with this woman in her heart. “We bought a house recently and were short on funds. We even borrowed a loan to pay it back!”

“Loan” Liang Jie jumped up from the sofa with her eyes wide open. “How can you take a loan How can you take out a loan” She shivered, not knowing how to express herself.

As country bumpkins, they did not have much contact with loans and thought that it was the kind of loan sharks who would force them to pay their debts if they could not pay back the money.

“Yeah, its really difficult.” Qu Zhi looked at Liang Jie with a fake bitter smile.

Liang Jies facial expression suddenly tightened, and she was stunned.



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