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Liang Jie left without eating.

Before she left, she didnt forget to remind Qu Zhi to cook the green bean soup.

Qu Zhi even felt that she had gone a little too far, but she quickly sobered up.

How could she feel bad for her At that time, she was relying on Liang Wen and had a better life than her without doing anything.

On the other hand, Qu Zhi had to take care of all the children, including her three meals a day, and do all kinds of household chores. Liang Wen was so cold to her that she was too embarrassed to ask for more money.

Liang Jies heartache was limited to herself and Liang Wen. She didnt care how Qu Zhi and the children were doing.

When Liang Wen came back at night, he saw the green bean soup that had cooled on the table. He picked up a bowl and gulped it down.

He had to do so many things on his own recently, so he probably didnt even have time to eat.

“My sister is here today I was too busy today, so I hung up after saying a few words. I didnt remember to call her back.”

“Yes, Shes here to send us green beans.”

“Oh.” Liang Wen didnt say anything else. He was too tired and didnt have time to care about this.

Chuchu held the bowl and slowly drank it. She liked to eat desserts, but Qu Zhi was afraid that her teeth would decay, so she rarely gave her sweet food.

She really treasured this bowl of green bean soup. It was sweet and cooling. If only her mother could make it for her every day.

However, Qu Zhi didnt intend to restrict her from eating sweets. Later on, there was a popular saying, “Eating sweets can make people happy.” She felt that as long as the child was happy, it was fine.

Qu Zhi had originally planned to go looking for the piano with Sister Song in the afternoon, but Liang Jies visit had disrupted her plans.

She had promised Chuchu that she would buy her a piano and had always kept this matter in mind. Her budget was still enough, so she wanted to give Chuchu a surprise.

The next day, when she went to the piano store, Qu Zhi had done her homework.

She remembered that her youngest sons piano was Heismans. The sounds were rich and mellow, and she always thought it was nice to listen to. Sister Songs house also had this brand of piano. Although it wasnt particularly high-end, Chuchu liked it a lot.

She didnt understand these Western instruments and felt a little inferior.

She remembered that the boss and the teacher of the piano store were dressed very formally and looked very noble. She was not from the city and always felt a little uncomfortable, so she dressed herself up particularly beautifully today. She wore a light blue dress with thin chiffon and put on a little more makeup.

“Wow!” Sister song almost didnt recognize her when she opened the door. She was so surprised that she couldnt close her mouth. “Youre here”

Qu Zhi couldnt help but burst out laughing.

When they arrived at the piano store, Qu Zhi found the boss unexpectedly easy to get along with.

“Who are you buying it for” The boss didnt have any arrogance in him and very seriously asked for their opinions.

Sister Songs bought her piano with a recommendation from her friend, she didnt know how to play it herself.

“Lets take a look first.”

Qu Zhi didnt know how to play the piano, so she chose the good-looking ones.

In the end, she saw a brown one with gold floral prints on the surface and the legs. It looked high-end and had a texture, and it matched the decoration of the house well.

“Miss, you really know your stuff. This is 132EBJ, and its selling very well.” The owner introduced the piano to Qu Zhi in a serious manner. This piano was considered a new style, and many people liked it.

“Its made of ebony, top quality.”

“Alright, send it to this address.”

“Hey, hey, Qu Zhi, look at the price!” Sister Song gently nudged her.”Its expensive.” She glanced at the price. It was much more expensive than Song Meis. In her impression, Qu Zhi would not be willing to spend that much money.

“We cant let the child suffer.” Qu Zhi smiled at her. “A good piano will give her motivation”

“Yes, yes, this piano is really nice. Listen to our little friend play it.” The boss pointed upstairs.

The second floor was where the piano class was held. The door was open, and the guests who came to choose their piano could hear the sound of the piano.

The child who was playing the piano looked very obedient. His two chubby little hands moved up and down, and the song “Fur Elise” flowed out from the black and shiny piano.

He was engrossed in the piano, his eyes slightly narrowed, and his straight body swayed gently.

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Qu Zhi looked at the little boy and couldnt help but smile.

Her Chuchu would soon be able to touch a nice piano like him.

Chuchu would definitely be very happy.



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