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New House

The owner of the piano store didnt delay at all and sent the piano to Qu Zhis new house that afternoon.

He said that someone would tune the piano regularly from now on and would come back a month later for the first time. He even gave her a very delicate pink cover with many bowties. It looked like a little princess piano.

He was indeed very attentive.

Qu Zhi remembered that her youngest sons piano had stopped being tuned after two years. She had gone to the piano store owner, but the matter had been left unsettled.

In comparison, Qu Zhis heart was filled with warmth.

Once the piano was placed, it was almost time to move.

“Waa! The new house is ready for living!” Chuchus eyes were sparkling as she excitedly clapped her hands.

“You have your own room too, Chuchu. You have to learn to sleep alone in the future.” Qu Zhi stroked her little head.

Liang Wen only nodded when he heard that they were moving.

It wasnt that he wasnt excited, but he was too busy.

Although the aftermath of the Li Gong incident didnt affect the company much, he was even more tired.

It turned out that he also had to do Li Gongs work, but he couldnt adapt to Li Gongs work so quickly. There were so many clients and so many things that he was unfamiliar with, but he could only clench his teeth and do it.

“Well invite the Li Guos and Sister Songs family. What do you think” Qu Zhi flipped through the calendar and found a good time.

Liang Wen rolled over.

He had long fallen asleep.

The next morning, Qu Zhi packed up her clothes and brought Chuchu to see her new home.

“Is this my room” Chuchu raised her head and asked Qu Zhi.

The door to Chuchus room had been painted pink by Qu Zhi. Although Chuchu really wished that this was her room, she still eagerly asked Qu Zhi.

“Yes, this is Chuchus room.” In fact, the smiling Qu Zhi was even more excited than her. “Open it and take a look.”

The small door was gently pushed open.

Chuchu screamed and covered her mouth with her small hands in disbelief.

It was a very cute room, just like what Chuchu had dreamed of.

No little princesss room would be better looking than hers!

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Every cabinet was milky white in color, making it look modern and westernized. Even the small bed was pink in color. There was a small rabbit carpet next to the bed, so it wouldnt get cold even in winter.

By the window was the study table. There was an exquisite table lamp on the study table with a bow on it!

When Qu Zhi renovated this room, she didnt leave any extra space. She knew that Chuchu had a lot of toys, so she had specially reserved a transparent display window for her toys.

The soft teddy bear sofa not only made the room look less spacious, but also made the whole room feel warmer.

Chuchu was so excited that she jumped and screamed, forgetting that Qu Zhi was pregnant. She pounced into Qu Zhis arms like a little rabbit.

Sisi seemed to be welcoming her older sister and didnt move around. Qu Zhi didnt feel uncomfortable, but her nose started to sting and she really wanted to cry on Chuchus soft shoulders.

But her surprise was not over yet.

Qu Zhi gently covered Chuchus eyes and told her that there was another surprise. Then, she led her to the study room.

There was a surprise

The little rabbit almost jumped up.

When Qu Zhi moved her hand away, a brown piano was placed in front of her.

Chuchu took a deep breath, her legs went soft, and she sat on the floor.

“Thank you, Mom!” Chuchu hugged Qu Zhi and kissed her for a long time.

Qu Zhi couldnt hold it in and burst out laughing at Chuchus teasing. However, her tears slowly blurred her eyes and she hurriedly wiped them away, but she couldnt stop.

They had lunch at their new home.

The new house had a range hood, so there was less smoke in the house. Qu Zhi was also willing to cook more.

Even though it was only Chuchu and herself, Qu Zhi still managed to prepare a table full of dishes.

Chuchu ate very quickly and didnt even eat much of her favorite chicken wings.

She was in a hurry to touch her new piano.

Qu Zhi watched as Chuchu seriously washed her hands many times before she dared to put her hands on the piano. She played very lightly as if afraid of waking up from a fragile dream.

Although she didnt play any particular tune, Qu Zhi actually felt that it was very nice.

After she finished washing the dishes, the music stopped.

When she looked at Chuchu again, Qu Zhi found her lying on the piano, asleep with her hands crossed.



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