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Today was the day that Liang Wen and his family officially moved, so Liang Wen took some time out of his busy schedule to come back for a meal.

Qu Zhi had specially dressed up very beautifully.

She was wearing a light yellow dress, with some light makeup and shiny earrings.

Chuchu held her face and stared at her. “Mommy, do you know that you look especially like a certain princess today”

Qu Zhi bent down and pinched her soft cheeks.”Which Princess”

Chuchu smiled sweetly at her. “Its Princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast! Your dresses are similar too”

“Isnt she wearing a blue dress” Qu Zhi recalled the movie she had watched. The princess in the movie wore a blue dress. She had a deep impression of it because the blue dress in the movie had been praised by the media.

“Its yellow, look!” Chuchu pointed at the princess in the picture for her to see.

Indeed, she had forgotten that there were no Cinderella movies at this time.

Someone rang the doorbell, and Chuchu hurriedly rushed over to open the door.

“Aiyo, its Chuchu, youve grown so tall! Let Auntie take a look at you.” Lin He placed the two boxes of milk on the ground.

Her husband, Li Guo, had never liked children. He courteously patted Chuchus small head, changed his shoes, and came in.

“Hello, Qu Zhi.” Li Guo was still pretending to be polite.

If it was in the past, Qu Zhi would have been elated and immediately greeted the guests affectionately, like a spinning top, greeting the guests without stopping.

Because she didnt have the confidence, or rather, she didnt have the confidence to talk to them.

They were locals, while she was just a housewife from another city.

But she was no longer the same person as before.

Qu Zhi invited Mr. And Mrs. Li to take a seat and turned on the TV, telling them that they were still busy preparing dinner.

At this time, Li Guo noticed that the paint on their house was of a rare color on the market, and he found it very novel.

It was a light green color that Qu Zhi and the builder had mixed together. It looked very comfortable in the living room under the sun. However, because it was too unpopular, the master did not dare to do it at first. It was Qu Zhis first attempt.

Liang Wen also sat down and listened to Qu Zhis explanation of her renovation work. He felt very proud of her.

But he did not say anything.

Qu Zhi caught a glimpse of his focused expression and spoke with even more enthusiasm.

Later on, Sister Song and Song Mei also came.

As soon as the two children met, Chuchu started to introduce her room loudly. She took big sister Meimei around the room seriously and proudly, like a little tour guide.

Then, she went to her study and pointed at the new piano for sister Meimei. “This is a surprise that mom bought for me. I have a piano too!”

Song Mei sat down and started playing “Green Sleeves.”

The pianos tone was indeed excellent, and it had the fragrance of hand-ground coffee. Song Mei was extremely envious, and Chuchu was mesmerized.

Only then did Qu Zhi remember that after Chuchu started school, she was going to arrange for her to learn piano.

Li Guo took out a cigarette and passed it to Liang Wen, then lit it up for himself.

“Why are you smoking in someone elses house” Lin He pushed him away and glanced at Qu Zhi, “There is a pregnant woman here. Go out if you want to smoke!”

“Its fine, its fine. Its better to keep the windows open.” Liang Wen quickly came out to smooth things over.

Qu Zhi frowned. She hated Liang Wen smoking the most. Even though she was pregnant, he had to smoke to accompany the guests.

Qu Zhi looked at the cigarette in Liang Wens hand and was a little angry. However, before she could say anything, he stood up and patted her. “Ive bought some cooked vegetables. Come with me to the kitchen.”

“Hey, look at what kind of good family man boss Liang is, and then look at you!” Lin Hes eyes were wide open as she hammered Li Guos shoulder.

Was this still the boss Liang who wanted to save face

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Does he also know how to cook

Sister Song was even more dumbfounded. They had been neighbors for so many years, and Qu Zhi had always been the one busy while Liang Wen was on break. She had never seen such a scene.

It seemed that Liang Wen had really learned to be good.

Qu Zhi was also a little surprised, but seeing how serious Liang Wen looked, she felt a little touched.

She was in a good mood, so she busied herself with a table full of dishes.



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