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While they were eating, Qu Zhi kept putting food into everyones bowl.

She had always been good at cooking, and today, she had made all the dishes that she was good at.

“Not only is Mrs. Liang beautiful, but she also knows how to renovate and cook so well!” Lin He took a bite of the spicy chicken and felt that it was especially to her liking. She praised it as she ate, “Mr. Liang is so lucky!”

Qu Zhi saw this and knew she was just being polite, but she was still very content. “How could that be Im not as good-looking as Mrs. Li. Everyone here is better-looking than me.”

Sister Song didnt say anything. From the first time she met Lin He, she didnt like Lin Hes temper. She felt that Lin He was ostentatious, vain, and not easy to get along with. If it wasnt for Qu Zhi, she wouldnt have been willing to come.

On the other hand, Li Guo seemed to be in a really bad mood.

This person was full of jealousy. He must have seen that Liang Wens wife had decorated the house so beautifully and was feeling uncomfortable.

Sure enough, he mentioned the piano.

“This piano is really nice. Its not cheap, right We also want to buy one. Are there any cheap pianos in this brand” Li Guo stared at Liang Wen.

“There is.” Qu Zhi quickly took over the conversation. With Liang Wens temper in the past, he should have scolded her for only knowing how to spend money. “We took a long time to choose. Chuchu also cant bear to let us spend too much money, right”

Chuchu squinted her eyes and smiled sweetly. “Mommy is really thrifty.”

Sister Song rolled her eyes at Li Guo. “Were not selling pianos. If you want to buy one, go see it for yourself.”

Qu Zhi didnt want to tense the atmosphere, so she quickly got up and put food in everyones bowl. However, she got up too quickly, and her blood sugar suddenly dropped. Sisi also seemed a little scared in her stomach, so she instantly felt nauseated and tried her best not to vomit.

“Whats wrong” Liang Wen hurriedly stood up to support her. “Are you hurt”

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Qu Zhi shook her head with all her might. It was still painful, so painful that her hair was wet with sweat.

However, she couldnt say that she was busy. She didnt want Liang Wen to look down on her again.

She had put so much effort into making him look up to her. If he admitted that she was in pain, it would mean that he acknowledged that she was weak and delicate. Qu Zhi knew how he would scold her and despise her.

So she supported herself to sit down and smiled haggardly. “Im fine. Everyone, please continue eating.”

Sister Song frowned and pushed her gently under the table. “Are you okay ”

Qu Zhi nodded.

“Dont.” Sister Song reminded her in a low voice.

Qu Zhi nodded with a smile.

What could she do if she didnt she didnt want to show weakness, not at all.

The dark memories of the past flooded her like a gray tide.

“Mrs. Liangs cooking is so good. Wed better add more on our own. Its no trouble.” Li Guo indeed felt that Qu Zhis cooking was better than the restaurants. Even the most ordinary potato shreds were more fragrant than the ones outside.

“Its indeed delicious. My wifes cooking is just delicious.” Liang Wen was eating while greeting everyone, “Dont stand on ceremony. Its rare for you to come to our house.”

Qu Zhi was stunned.

Sister Song was also stunned.

What kind of medicine did Liang Wen take this time Why was he siding with Qu Zhi

Only Chuchu didnt care about this sentence. She was busy putting meat on Big Sister Meimeis plate. It was such a delicious red braised meat, and she loved it a lot. Big sister Meimei had to try it.

In her mind, her mothers cooking was the best. There was nothing to object to or be surprised about.

Liang Wen quickly finished his meal and accompanied Qu Zhi to their room.

“Are you really okay” He looked into her eyes with concern. “Dont hold back. Ill go to the company right away, and I can accompany you for a checkup on the way.”

It was not on the way, the hospital was a little far from here.

Qu Zhi looked at the floor and nodded. She actually felt her face burning.

“Youre already very good. Dont worry about giving me some face. You still have a child in your stomach.” Liang Wen said softly to her, his face also slightly red.

Qu Zhi did not dare to look him in the eye and stubbornly stared at a spot on the floor.

Thats right. She had imagined herself to be too powerful, so much so that she had never treated herself as a pregnant woman for a long time.

Qu Zhi felt the tip of her nose burning, and something surged on her cheeks.

In the end, she couldnt stop her tears.



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