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Liang Wen still brought Qu Zhi for a checkup.

Her condition was good, and there were no major problems. However, the doctor told Liang Wen that Qu Zhi might suffer from low blood sugar and that she should work less.

Qu Zhi wanted to rest for a while after she was done with the renovation. There didnt seem to be any places she needed to go to for the time being.

“Where are you going” Qu Zhi watched as Liang Wen drove towards another road and thought that he had forgotten where their new home was. “Were living in the north now, remember”

Liang Wen nodded. “Lets go buy some food. You need to nourish your body.”


He had never mentioned this word until she gave birth to their youngest son, Liang ke.

At that time, her pregnancy was even more serious than it was now. Coupled with the fact that she had been working day and night, her condition was much worse than it was now.

At that time, the doctor said that she was malnourished and would affect the baby, so she was willing to buy some milk powder for herself.

Who knew that Liang Wen would point at her nose and scold her after he found out, saying that she only knew how to be carefree and left all the mess for him to clean up

The car stopped at a large shopping mall near the city center.

Qu Zhi remembered that a new shopping center was built here, but the business was not as good as the old shopping center.

The shopping mall had everything and was bustling with activity. Liang Wen thought for a moment before helping Qu Zhi in.

“Is there anything you want to eat You can choose.” Qu Zhi found Liang Wens politeness a little funny.

“Oh, why are you so polite, Mr. Liang” Qu Zhi blinked at him. “Arent you in a hurry to go to the office”

“Hurry up and choose, Ill help you carry it back.”

Qu Zhi knew when to stop, but she was still very touched.

She took a fancy to the Arctic Ocean sold by an old man.

It was in a glass bottle, and it was frozen. It was emitting a trace of cool air, and it was extremely attractive in the high temperature of midsummer.

“I want this.” This was something she had never said to Liang Wen before. Even she herself doubted how she could say it.

Liang Wen took a box, paid the bill, and walked forward.

Thats enough.

Qu Zhi wanted to say.

However, Liang Wen stopped in front of a Milk Shop. “Bring me two boxes of pure milk.”

He was also influential. He directly carried the three boxes of drinks to the exit.

Qu Zhi followed him slowly, watching the sun shining on the tiles at the malls exit. She was dazed and happy.

School would start in a few days.

Qu Zhi was still a little worried that Chuchu would be shy, but in the end, Chuchu was very straightforward.

“Mom, youre so pretty. I wont be embarrassed.” She hugged Qu Zhis stomach and looked up at her. “Youll go to school with me, right”

Qu Zhi smacked her head.

Thats right, in the past, she had never gone to school with Chuchu because of her low self-esteem. It was always Liang Wen who accompanied her.

Chuchu also felt that she was different from before, so she asked if she was willing to go with her.

In the past, she wouldnt have been willing to ask Qu Zhi about it because Qu Zhi only knew how to do her never-ending housework.

Qu Zhi cupped Chuchus tiny face and promised her, “Mom will go.”

“Yay!” Chuchu was extremely happy.

Liang Wen snorted coldly at the side. “No way.”

“Ah” The mother and daughter looked at him and said in unison.

“Mommy is still pregnant. Everyone will think that Im not good to Mommy.” Liang Wen explained to them.

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He didnt expect Qu Zhi to agree. Wasnt he always the one who attended the parent-teacher meetings in the past

Qu Zhi used to be so lazy and only knew how to enjoy life at home, so he had long since silently agreed that he was the only candidate for the parent-teacher conference.

“Im fine. Youre so busy. Didnt you say Im in charge of the household affairs while youre in charge of the rest” Qu Zhi replied with a smile.

“Mom, youre so pretty. I want to make my new classmates jealous of me.” Chuchu buried her head in Qu Zhis chest and said coquettishly.

Liang Wen couldnt change her mind and agreed.

He didnt want to be stubborn. This was how it was, and he could relax a lot.

At this moment, he suddenly felt that he shouldnt have been so careful with Qu Zhi.

She was so capable and intelligent, so she was worthy of his trust.

Qu Zhi looked at Chuchu, who was jumping around like a little rabbit, and her eyes were filled with love and care.

He knew that she would handle the opening ceremony well.



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