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Ancient Dragon

Qu Zhi vaguely remembered that when Chuchu was young, he seemed to like children very much and treated her very well. Even though he was busy, Liang Wen still kept this small family in his heart.

later on, his true colors were gradually revealed ...

From impatience to indifference, as well as financial control, Qu Zhi was physically and mentally exhausted. she looked at least ten years older than her peers. she had worked so hard to take care of the house, but she had not received a word of approval from him.

In the end, he rarely even looked at the child, let alone give her, who had lost her appearance, some respect.

Originally, she would choose to endure and understand. She would use “too much pressure” as an excuse for his increasingly irritable temper.

But later, she realized through disappointment after disappointment that, he did not love her or the child at all. He only loved himself.

Liang Wen was very much like her parents in this aspect. They had clearly been biased towards her younger brother since young, but still educated her with a bunch of useless principles and restrained her.

They both said the same thing about “loving her” but her parents looked at her more affectionately and with a hint of flattery. Because they needed to get a wedding house from this “rich” daughter for their son.

If Liang Wen looked at her like he was looking at an animal, then they looked at her like they were looking at a money bag. There was a kind of hypocritical enthusiasm.

The bad memories almost destroyed her rationality.

“Mom, are you okay”

Chuchus soft little hands cupped her pale face and she stared at her with her watery eyes. “Daddy said that I cant let Mommy work too hard.”

“Im fine, Chuchu. Mommys fine.” Qu Zhi tried her best to control her trembling lips. “Lets eat.”

Under the dim light was the faint and familiar smell of food, and the lively and lovely daughter.

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Qu Zhi looked at all of this, and a long-lost feeling of gratitude and satisfaction rose in her heart.

After Chuchu grew up, she was determined to marry into another province two to three thousand kilometers away.

Ever since then, they rarely met, let alone sat together and talk so much face to face.

Her daughters little hand waved in front of her eyes. “Mommy, why are you always in a daze today ”

Qu Zhi quickly regained her senses and smiled awkwardly.

At this moment, the wooden door creaked open.

Qu Zhi remembered this door. In winter, the wind was very strong and it would always make a very harsh sound. Chuchu would always be so scared that she couldnt sleep at night. she had also asked Liang Wen about this matter, but he always said that he would fix it after he was not busy and that she would need to wait for a while.

Later, when they moved out, the door still looked the same, but the child had sleep disorders.

After she entered middle school, she started taking sleeping pills. However, she still slept very lightly and looked very lethargic. This naturally destroyed her ability to focus. After middle school, Chuchus grades were so bad that Qu Zhi almost collapsed.

“Chuchu, Qu Zhi, Im back.”

Chuchu happily rushed over and threw herself into the mans arms. Her laughter was pure and innocent.

“Daddy, give me a kiss.”

Liang Wen lifted her up and turned her around before giving her a kiss on her chubby face.

Chuchu buried herself in Liang Wens shoulder, but Liang Wen gently put her down.

at this time, Liang Wen was still very young. He had a handsome and youthful aura between his brows, looking gentle and elegant.

At this time, he was not so cold that he would keep people at arms length. But he asked less and less about family matters.

He reeked of alcohol, and his brown eyes were a little hazy.

When his eyes met with Qu Zhis, he smiled and mysteriously approached her with his hands behind his back. He then placed a small purple velvet bag in front of her.

“Look, my friend brought this back from overseas. Its called something... ancient dragon. ”

Qu Zhi opened the soft bag, and a faint scent of sandalwood entered her nose.

She didnt remember such a perfume, but it was normal. In the past, she would never have had the time to dress up, let alone pick out the perfume she liked.

“It smell quite nice,”

“I knew you would like these.” Liang Wen shifted his gaze elsewhere. She didnt know if he was feeling shy or something, but it didnt matter anymore.

This time, all of his emotions had nothing to do with her.

Whether it was disgust or indifference. She no longer cared about what he thought of her.

She sprayed a puff and a light purple mist spread in the air, filling the small room with a fresh smell.

Qu Zhi had never used perfume before.

She even made herself learn to hate the smell because once she liked it and used it, she would have no money to save for her family and children.

As a good mother and wife, she should not be obsessed with these flashy luxury goods.

It was also the first time she had discovered that such a liquid smelled so good.

A strong fragrance of flowers and fruits wrapped around her nose, stimulating her and reminding her that she was still young.

She greedily breathed in the fragrance in the air.

Chuchu imitated her and sneezed, but she still squinted her round eyes and giggled.

“It smells so good~”

The quiet, rigid house and the atmosphere seemed to never flow, since then had a new soul.



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