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House Visit

“Hello Who is it” Qu Zhi was still busy cooking when her phone rang.

“Zhizhi, its me.” An old womans voice came from the receiver. Her voice was hoarse and dry, and Qu Zhi didnt need to recall who it was to know who she was.

That was her mother, Huang Qing.

“Were already in C City. Come to the train station to pick us up.” Huang Qing mumbled to herself, not caring at all that the air in Qu Zhis room had already frozen to the freezing point.

She didnt even say a word before coming over.

There were very few ATMs in this era. She was like her parents ATM.

No matter if she was willing or poor, as long as they came to her and talked about family and filial piety, she would give them money. It was more convenient than an ATM.

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“Whats wrong Who is that” Chuchu was especially sensitive to Qu Zhis emotions and could sense that she was particularly unhappy.

“Its fine. Your grandparents are here.” Qu Zhi suppressed the anger in her heart. “Come with me to pick them up.”

Chuchu held onto Qu Zhis fingers and gently leaned against her. “Mommy, dont be angry.”


Qu Zhi immediately found Huang Qing and Qu Jun in the sea of people.

The two of them didnt bring anything. They stood in the shade of the station and looked around listlessly.

“Over here!” Qu Zhi rolled down the car window and waved at them.

Perhaps it was because she was wearing sunglasses, or perhaps it was because she had put on lipstick, but they did not recognize her.

The sun was very bright, so Qu Zhi left Chuchu in the car and took an umbrella to meet them.

It was Huang Qing who recognized Qu Zhi first. “Oh, youre a rich lady now. Youre very westernized. Youre wearing sunglasses and holding an umbrella. Look at how delicate you are.”

She didnt have a good tone when they met.

Qu Zhi had clearly helped her so much and given her everything she could, but she still couldnt compare to a single strand of her brothers hair.

This time, she wouldnt suffer for nothing.

“Whatever you say.”

Huang Qings hand had already reached over to take the umbrella handle, but Qu Zhi turned her head and walked away. She had not reacted in time and was stunned on the spot.

“Aiyo, look at her,” Huang Qing stomped her feet in anger, but she had nowhere to vent her anger, so she shouted at Qu Jun, “Look at her! Was this still a daughter Ungrateful wretch!”

But she didnt stop.

Seeing Qu Zhis attitude, she was actually a little afraid that she wouldnt pick them up and would go home alone.

Along the way, they ignored each other.

Chuchu sat quietly. She could tell that her grandparents didnt like her.

When they returned to their new home, Huang Qing was the first one who couldnt hold back. She stood in the corridor and shouted, “Look at this, how grand! Our Zhizhi is so rich!”

“You have to change shoes.” Chuchu quietly reminded her grandparents that her mother had mopped the floor for a long time.

“Oh, you think were dirty Whats a girl like you looking down on us for So what if you live in the city...” Huang Qing didnt give Chuchu any face at all as she pointed at the childs nose and scolded her.

On the surface, she was scolding Chuchu, but in reality, she was scolding Qu Zhi.

Qu Zhi understood everything and trembled in anger. The scene in front of her eyes overlapped with the scene from her previous life, and the blood in her body turned cold.

Qu Zhis body trembled uncontrollably as if a wild beast was hiding in her heart, roaring, and growling, making her ears buzz. She could only see Huang Qings wriggling mouth, but she couldnt hear anything.

She felt as if she was floating on cotton until a warm little hand pulled her hand and she fell back to the ground.

Huang Qings voice once again entered her ears. Qu Zhi didnt want Chuchu to hear such hurtful words again, so she pushed Chuchu with her hand. “Go to the study room to practice the piano for a while.”

Chuchu was so frightened that she cried out loud, but she still obediently listened to Qu Zhi and went to the study to practice the piano.

“Practicing the piano. Youre so rich, but you didnt even look at us after buying a piano!” Huang Qings eyes widened, and she was ready to make a scene.

In fact, it wasnt that they didnt have money. They had given all their money to Qu Can.

After his living expenses became too sufficient, Qu Can started to become addicted to gaming. He invested a few thousand yuan at a time, and when it was not enough, he would ask Huang Qing for more, and Huang Qing would come to her and make a scene.

Qu Zhi slowly heaved a sigh of relief and calmed herself down. Then, she slowly explained to Huang Qing how she had borrowed the loan for her house, and how the rules worked. If she couldnt pay it back, they would take back the house.

However, this old lady was much smarter than Liang Jie. She was not so easily convinced. She glanced at the pile of milk on the ground.



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