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Leather Bag

“Then you guys definitely earn a lot, right Look at this nutritional supplement. Can you finish it Think about your brother Cancan, hes so pitiful. Do you still have a conscience” Huang Qing looked at Qu Zhi as if she wanted to eat her up.

If it was in the past, Qu Zhi would have no energy to waste on them and would have paid them for a few days of accommodation so that they could play to their heartscontent.

However, at this moment, Qu Zhi stared at Huang Qing without saying a word. Instead, she called the station directly and booked two afternoon tickets.

She was asking him to leave.

“The doctor said I need to rest. Im about to give birth, so dont bother me. If anything happens to the child, will you compensate me”

Huang Qing gritted her teeth in anger, but Qu Jun held her back.

In fact, Cancan still got their pension money. Huang Qing was just too bored at home, so she came to the city to get some money.

If they destroyed Qu Zhis body, how were they going to get the money

The two elders wanted to stay for dinner, so Qu Zhi decided to go out and buy some groceries.

She felt that it was hot outside and her heart was a mess. She wanted to walk alone, so she didnt call Chuchu.

As soon as Qu Zhi left the room, Huang Qings face fell as she questioned Qu Jun, “She was about to pay me, why did you stop her Cant you think of better Qu Zhi was married, but what about Cancan Hes old enough, what if he doesnt get married”

Huang Qing kept on scolding.

Qu Jun had no choice but to adjust the TV in frustration.

Qu Zhi walked outside alone. As she walked, she wanted to cry. Chuchus frightened and aggrieved look was imprinted in her mind, and she couldnt get rid of it.

She hated herself for being too soft-hearted and booking an afternoon ticket instead of sending them directly back to the train station. People like them had no right to eat the food she cooked!

At this thought, Qu Zhi stopped in her tracks and turned around to return home.

She felt something was wrong the moment she opened the door.

Chuchu sat on the ground and cried softly. Huang Qing stood in front of Chuchu with an impatient expression.

Qu Zhis blood pressure shot up, and she felt a little dizzy from the anger. She held her forehead to keep herself awake.

Huang Qing explained to her that Chuchu had fallen down on her own.

“Little kid, whats wrong with accidentally falling” Her expression changed instantly and she pinched Chuchus little face as if she was trying to please her. “Look, our Chuchu is so pretty.”

Qu Zhi only saw a small red bump on Chu Chus forehead.

When Chuchu saw that Qu Zhi had returned, she pointed to the milk on the floor and said, “I accidentally tripped over this.”

The milk wasnt here to begin with. It was by the wall in the kitchen.

It was obvious that Huang Qing had dragged it over so that she could take it with her when she left in the afternoon.

“What are you doing with the milk” Qu Zhi didnt give her any face at all.

“I didnt take it. The child took it himself when he wanted to drink milk.” Huang Qing pouted and nudged Chuchu.

Chuchu covered the bump on her head and shook her head with tears in her eyes.

Seeing that Chuchu refused to acknowledge it and that Qu Zhi kept staring at her, Huang Qings anger also rose. She shouted at the top of her voice, “So what if I take it Ill just take it. Ive raised you for more than twenty years and youve turned out to be such an ungrateful wretch!”Her roar made Qu Zhis head spin.

It had been like this since she was young. She often had tinnitus when she was young and couldnt sleep well. She was frightened by Huang Qing.

“You guys can leave now. At most, you can wait at the train station.” Qu Zhi looked at the clock. It was 12:30 pm, and the ticket was for 1:30 pm.

“What” Before Huang Qing could react, Qu Zhi pulled her out.

“What are you doing!” Huang Qing began to throw a tantrum. She had only been here for a short time, and she had not yet familiarized herself with the new house!

“Ill send you home.” Qu Zhis face was expressionless and she was not joking at all.

“Im not leaving! Im not leaving! Your house is my house!” Huang Qing grabbed the door frame and refused to let go.

Qu Jun stood at the side without saying a word. He would listen to Huang Qing.

“If you dont leave now, Ill call the police.” After she finished speaking, Qu Zhi started to make a call. Seeing Qu Zhis gloomy expression and unyielding attitude, Huang Qing finally gave up and dragged her feet way downstairs.

Qu Zhi hailed a taxi for them and without saying goodbye, she went upstairs.

Huang Qings curses were unpleasant to hear, but she also pretended not to hear them.

When she returned home, Qu Zhi realized that her closet had been turned upside down.

She counted helplessly and realized that the small bag she had just received was gone.

She had to make an appointment for half a month before she could get that handbag. She had originally planned to bring it with her when she went shopping with Lin He, but Huang Qing had taken it away with her.

Qu Zhi spent a lot of time cleaning up the mess, then looked at the time. Huang Qing was almost home by noe.

She picked up the phone beside her and called Qu Can.



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