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In A Dream

“Is Mom home yet”

“Shes here. Shes sitting next to me.” Qu Can answered absent mindedly as if he had just woken up.

“Mom stole my bag. Its three thousand yuan. Ask her to send it back.” Qu Zhi spoke very calmly, but very loudly. She knew that Huang Qing was listening.

Huang Qing couldnt keep her face anymore. She yelled into the phone, “You ungrateful wretch! Whats wrong with me taking...”

Qu Zhi did not wait for the other party to finish scolding her before she calmly replied, “If you dont send it back in two days, Ill report it to the police.”

Then, she hung up the phone with a “bang.”

Qu Zhi heaved a long sigh of relief, her mood much better.

It was like a glass window covered with a thick layer of dust had finally been wiped clean and bright, making Qu Zhis heart feel much more carefree.

Two days later, as expected, the 3000 yuan was not transferred to his account.

Of course, they would not give it to her.

Qu Zhi called the police immediately, and the police even came to her house to collect evidence.

Outsiders might think this was cold-blooded, but Qu Zhi didnt think so.

If she tolerated it time and time again, Huang Qing would do anything. This time it was the bag, next time it could be her child. This was how she sent Sisi away on her own accord. Qu Zhi was not stupid enough to let these things repeat themselves.

Huang Qing received a call from the police station and almost fainted that night.

The next day, the leather bag was brought over by a distant relative who had come to the city. Fortunately, it was not broken, but there was an extra layer of dust.

Qu Zhi never use it again.

Ever since then, Chuchu would be very careful whenever she mentioned her grandparents.

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Qu Zhis stomach was getting bigger and bigger day by day, and her movements were gradually becoming more and more difficult. Her appetite had also increased.

However, every time it was time to eat, she would find that Chuchu didnt dare to sit at the seat that Huang Qing and Qu Jun had sat at.

Qu Zhi knew that these dark memories could not be reversed, so she could only comfort her, “They wont hurt our baby anymore. They just like Uncle too much and want to bring him some good food.”

But they scolded her mother!

Chuchu looked at Qu Zhis gentle expression and suddenly remembered that her mother would also be sad, so she chose to remain silent.

Her mother was so strong, so she could do it too!

She touched Qu Zhis stomach and gently pressed her face against it. “Its alright. Ill protect you!”

Liang Wens heart ached when he heard Chuchus story.

He wasnt a particularly talkative person to begin with, so he felt that it would only make things more troublesome. As such, he gently touched Qu Zhis stomach.

Sisi was very quiet in her stomach, just like her personality, gentle and quiet, introverted and self-abased. She was much quieter than Chuchu and didnt like to move. She was very depressed.

“What should we name the child” Liang Wen asked.

“Liang Si.” Qu Miao said without hesitation.

“Its nice to hear.” Liang Wen pondered.

“My name is nice too!” Chuchu pouted her small mouth and retorted. She was the one with the best name.

That night, she dreamed of Sisi being secretly sent away.

In her dream, Huang Qing told her with a bright smile that she had read the childs fortune and said that Sisis birth would hinder Qu Zhis delivery.

She said that she loved the child too, but she loved Qu Zhi more and Sisi was sent to a good family.

“Where are you Where was she Who did you give her to” Qu Zhi, who had always been gentle and kind, broke down. She shouted until her voice was hoarse, “Who allow you to give my child to others She is my child!”

“I dont know. Just look at you! You dont know anything, the child will suffer with you!” Huang Qing snorted coldly as if she didnt think she had done anything wrong.

Liang Wen, who had been silent all this while, suddenly slammed his fist on the table. The wooden table looked like it was about to fall apart. His eyes were bloodshot and he asked, “Who did you give the child to”

Huang Qings shoulders trembled, looking a little scared. The next moment, she directly lay on the ground, kicking her legs and said shamelessly,”Shes already gone, already gone. She already belongs to someone else, so I cant get it back. If you still want it, I cant do anything about it. Just kill me if youre angry! You do it, do it!”

As she spoke, she stretched her neck and howled, “Who am I doing this for Its all because the country only allows two children. I want to leave a son for your family. You ingrate, ingrate!”

Qu Zhi was like a puppet, dejectedly sitting on the ground and not saying anything.

Liang Wens clenched fist trembled slightly. “I dont need you to do this for my own good. I just want to know where my daughter is!”

Qu Zhi, who was sitting on the ground, raised her head and pleaded in a hoarse voice, “Mom, return the child to me.”



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