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Waking Up From The Dream

Huang Qing, who was lying on the ground, quickly got up and pointed at Qu Zhis nose as she scolded, “You still have the nerve to ask me for the child If it wasnt for your belly, would I have given the child away Im also the childs grandmother. Do I have to be so cruel”

“Im doing this for the sake of you and your wife. In the end, youre all forcing me. Fine, Im a bad person. Ill die. Ill pay for your daughters death.” After Huang Qing finished speaking, her eyes swept around the room, and then she was about to bang her head against the wall.

Qu Jun pulled her back, and Huang Qing was still struggling in his arms, her mouth screaming for killing herself, “How did we give birth to such an ungrateful wretch like you Do you really want to see your mother die How can you be so cruel When I gave birth to you, I should have strangled you to death. That way, we wouldnt have to worry about you and pay with our life at this age.”

“Ill ask you one last time, wheres my daughter” Liang Wen looked at the farce in front of him coldly and pressed on.

However, Qu Zhi who was standing between the two parties was already in tears. She was like a puppet, staring blankly at the farce. She watched as the tables, chairs, and things in the house all fell down. Just as the atmosphere was at its most tense, she opened her mouth and said with a dull look in her eyes, “Forget it. I can still give birth. Lets have another child. Ill definitely give you a son this time.”

Liang Wen looked at her in disbelief, his eyes getting colder and colder. Finally, he slammed the door and went out.

In the next second, she was standing at the gate of Tang Tu Junior High School.

Sisi was wearing her middle school uniform and had a face that was 70% similar to hers. She looked at her coldly, with coldness and resentment. It was like a sharp blade that directly woke her up.

Her tears flowed violently, and her thoughts were a mess. For a moment, it was Huang Qings dry howl when she was about to hit the wall, and for a moment, it was Sisis indifferent expression.

“Whats wrong” Liang Wen heard Qu Zhis sobbing and woke up. He turned on the lamp and asked, “Youre not feeling well”

Qu Zhi gritted her teeth so that her sobbing tone would not be too obvious.

She looked at Liang Wenguangs face under the light and recalled his angry face in her dream. She recalled how he would treat her coldly in the future. Qu Zhi suddenly seemed to understand something.

Come to think of it, Liang Wens attitude towards her seemed to have changed from that day on.

So, he was blaming her He resented her for giving up on her child so easily as a mother.

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Qu Zhi couldnt help but open her mouth wide, and even breathing became difficult.

Everything in the past was like a fog that had been blown away by the wind to reveal the real and withered inside.

Qu Zhis tears flowed even more violently, and she even reached out to hit her chest.

Liang Wen was shocked by Qu Zhis sudden action. He quickly reached out to stop her and pulled her into his arms. “If youre not feeling well, we can go to the hospital.”

At this moment, Qu Zhis emotions completely collapsed. She only felt that she had been ridiculously wrong in her previous life.

She must have been deceived that she actually asked Huang Qing to send her, no, she sold her daughter!

Huang Qing did not send the child to a good family at all. Instead, she sold the child for eight thousand yuan. She only found out about this news later on at Qu Cans childs one-month-old party when her parents had too much to drink and accidentally let it slip.

She wasnt a good mother. She had let Sisi down. Qu Zhi let herself cry in Liang Wens arms, “If it was a girl, if it was... I shouldnt have wu wu wu...”

“What are shouldnt you do Did you have a nightmare” Liang Wen patted her.

She trembled in regret, her tears soaking Liang Wens pajamas.

“A girl is good too. Chuchu is so cute.” Liang Wen held her gently in his arms and slowly rubbed her hair.

The time they spent together was too little, so he rarely had time to chat with Qu Zhi.

In the past, Liang Wen had never trusted Qu Zhi because she was weak and self-abased, and she couldnt resist the slightest emotional stimulation from the outside world.

So, he helped her make the decision so she didnt have to worry or be afraid.

However, Liang Wen didnt know that love needed to be expressed. Making decisions without communication would easily cause Qu Zhis thoughts to run wild.

Qu Zhis emotions gradually calmed down in Liang Wens warm embrace. As she listened to the man talks about how good having a girl was, most of the hatred she had for the man that she brought with her reborn dissipated.

At the same time, she seemed to have vaguely understood something.

In her past life, she was still too weak. When facing Sisi, she seemed to feel more guilt than love.

This time, she would definitely give Sisi a childhood with no regrets.



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