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Younger Sister

Qu Zhis life becomes more fulfilling. She was busy inside and outside the house every day, but it was fulfilling and not tiring.

The financial training class had a day off, so Lin He took her shopping.

When she passed by the display window of mother and baby products, Qu Zhi stopped in her tracks and could no longer move.

“Did you see something good” Lin He came over to take a look.

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It was a pink baby one-piece with strawberry patterns on it. The material was very good and looked very comfortable.

Sisi loved to eat strawberries.

She wanted to eat it, but she didnt say anything and never asked for it from Qu Zhi.

Sisi never had a good attitude towards Qu Zhi.

After discovering that her daughter loved to eat strawberries, Qu Zhi would ask Liang Wen to get someone to transport the best strawberries from D City every time the strawberries were on the market. D Citys strawberries were indeed recognized as the best in the country. They smelled fragrant and sweet, and when eaten, they were sweet and juicy.

However, Sisi would not touch it. Even when the strawberries rotted and began to give grow mold, she would not even look at these beautiful fruits.

Qu Zhi also couldnt bear to throw it away and wanted to eat it himself, but Liang Wen scolded her.

He didnt want to eat something that was transported all the way here when it was in good condition but thought of eating it when it was spoiled. Wasnt this a waste

“Doesnt it look good” Lin He pulled Qu Zhis hand to touch the material. “If you like it, then buy it. The material is good too.”

The material was soft, like a childs soft meaty hand.

Qu Zhis heart was moved, and she picked a few pieces.

She felt that this was enough, but when she passed by the next mother and baby store, she couldnt help but buy one set after another.

“Oh, it seems like this is another little princess.” Lin He was sharp-eyed and observant, so she immediately recognized that it was a girls dress.

“Yes, its a girl,” Qu Zhi looked at Lin He with a smile, “We are the little princesses.”

Lin He actually wanted a girl as well, but she didnt want to take the risk of having another one, so she could only be envious.

“Thats great. There are two little princesses now.” She also began to seriously pick out clothes for Qu Zhi. Now that Qu Zhi was so powerful, she had to build a good relationship with her.

However, Qu Zhi was still thinking about Chuchu. She didnt have many clothes when the season changed, so Qu Zhi had to quickly buy her two sets. If she bought any more, it would be too late.

When she returned home, Qu Zhi was carrying bags full of clothes, big and small.

Chuchu immediately rushed over to help.

“Wow, these...” Chuchu looked at the pink and tender clothes and patted her head. She understood everything. “Its a little sister, right Younger sister!”

“Does Chuchu like a younger sister” Qu Zhi asked with a smile.

“I like it! Im going to give half of the toys to my sister!” Chuchu pressed her face against Qu Zhis stomach and kissed her hard.

“Come, Chuchu, try on the new clothes first.” Qu Zhi took out her new clothes and showed them to Chuchu.

It was a long cashmere trench coat with brown and gray plaid patterns. It was white and warm.

Chuchu spun around after putting it on, and she felt like a little princess!

The other was a pink cotton-padded jacket with a white fur collar. It was as fluffy as a rabbits fur, and Chuchu liked it so much that she was unwilling to take it off.

“Are you stupid Dont you feel hot” Qu Zhi felt that Chuchu was a little silly.

“Its not hot. Now that Ive covered with this, it wont be cold in winter.” Chuchu explained to Qu Zhi in a serious manner.

Qu Zhi didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

She took off Chuchus clothes and put them away. Then, she started to pack Sisis clothes.

She bought more than a dozen one-piece shirts and a lot of small blankets.

She had bought everything from towels to the duvet for winter.

She even bought cute little shoes. Although Sisi didnt need them for the time being, she couldnt resist her impulse to buy them.

When Liang Wen returned at night, Chuchu immediately pulled his ear and told him, “Im going to have a sister soon, hehe.”

A smile appeared on Liang Wens face.

He lifted Chuchu up and spun her around, making her laugh non-stop.

Qu Zhi was still packing Sisis things and didnt notice Chuchu and Liang Wen playing outside. “Go and take a shower. Arent you going to school tomorrow”

“Go!” Only then was Chuchu willing to go to the bathroom. She hummed a song and was extremely happy!

After moving, she felt lonely. With a younger sister, she didnt have to worry about having no one to play with!

Liang Wen also came in and couldnt help but wrap his arms around Qu Zhi from behind when he saw the clothes neatly arranged on the crib.

“Chuchu said its a younger sister.” Liang Wen was so excited that his voice was trembling.

Qu Zhi nodded, feeling a sense of joy and relaxation that she had never felt before.



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