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Qu Zhi spent a long time studying every day. Her progress was fast and her learning was solid, so the teacher in the training class recognized her.

“That pregnant student.”

They called her that because they all liked Qu Zhi.

Qu Zhi was a fast learner. Even the youngest student didnt have her comprehension ability. She seemed to understand everything with just a little bit of effort.

They were secretly discussing her background behind her back, thinking that she must be a knowledgeable, rich lady who didnt have to worry about food and clothing.

After the investment class that afternoon, Lin He came to play with her again.

Qu Zhi felt that Lin He seemed to have changed. In the past, Lin He rarely took the initiative to look for her unless she had no other choice.

However, she didnt care about this. It was good that Lin He was willing to find her. One more friend meant one more path. Besides, she wasnt putting on airs with Qu Zhi anymore and was quite cute.

However, Lin He was acting very mysterious today, so she directly asked Qu Zhi to go to a newly opened small teahouse.

She had even specially picked a small private room where she could see the small lake below the teahouse from outside.

Lin He asked for a pot of Roselle tea.

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The tea was a beautiful purple-red color, like the color of the petals of the moon.

Lin He said that this tea was good for beauty and was good for women. Lin He loved this tea the most. However, Qu Zhi felt that it was sour and could not drink it.

“You know,” Lin He covered her mouth with her hand, afraid that people would hear her. “Ive got some money recently, and I want to invest in stocks! Since youve learned how to manage your finances, can you help me out”

As she hadnt learned how to invest in a specific way in her financial class. Qu Zhi didnt know how to make an investment. However, she had heard in her financial class that if you invested well, your capital could be multiplied several times!

She also had a small gold vault in her hands. If she used it well, she could save even more money.

Qu Zhi was moved.

She and Lin He gathered together and studied it for a long time. In the end, they chose a few that were the most suitable.

Even though she liked them, Lin He had never seen these stocks before.

“Are you sure” Lin He looked at her in confusion.

Qu Zhi shook her head with a smile.

How could she be sure if she didnt earn money or lost money, Lin He would blame her and she might even fall out with her.

But she had to buy these shares.

She was familiar with these names, but she couldnt remember who said them, nor where she saw them. Perhaps it was on the news, or fragments of words from passers-by, but these names circled in her mind.

However, Lin He smiled at her mysteriously and slowly poured herself a pot of tea. “Qu Zhi, do you know why Im looking for you”

“Why” Qu Zhi couldnt think of anything.

“They all say that pregnancy will bring you good luck.” Lin He squinted her eyes at Qu Zhi and patted her shoulder. “I believe you!”

That day, Qu Zhi had invested most of her private savings, and Lin He had also invested a few thousand.

Qu Zhi actually felt a little touched. How was this an investment this was clearly a trust in her.

There were also people talking about stocks in the teahouse. Some of them were in high spirits, slamming the table and talking loudly, saying which one they liked and which one they didnt.

Lin He pricked up her ears.

However, Qu Zhi did not trust these people.

There were not many people who made money from stocks in those years.

Therefore, most of these people came out for a show, bluffing and showing off. But in fact, they just wanted to attract more attention and trick the people to buy some seemingly popular but no longer promising stocks, so that they could make a lot of money.

In modern terms, it was called “information asymmetry.”

Those people rashly entered the stock market and didnt know how to stop even after losing money. They repeatedly made mistakes and lost money. They were like lambs cut by the stock market one after another.

However, the information in this era was not so well-informed. Such people were still everywhere.

Qu Zhi used the excuse that Chuchu still had piano lessons to attend and left the teahouse with Lin He.

The next morning, Qu Zhis phone rang.

Qu Zhi picked up the phone.

Lin Hes excited voice came from the other end of the phone, “Im rich! All of them are going up!”

“Whats going up” Qu Zhi had almost forgotten about the stock market.

“The stock price has risen! A pregnant woman really is powerful!” Lin Hes voice trembled with excitement over the phone.



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