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When Qu Zhi woke up the next morning, Liang Wen had already left the house. Only the sound of the childs even breathing could be heard in the house.

She pulled open the curtains, and the sun shone comfortably on her body. It was so warm and bright that she was a little in a daze.

At this moment, she noticed the mirror next to the closet.

The mirror, which had not been used for a long time, was dusty. Qu Zhi recalled it had become inconvenient for her to do housework since she got pregnant. Ordinary housework could make her busy for an entire day and she had never had the chance to put on makeup or dress up.

She used her hand to wipe the thin layer of dust off the mirror.

The woman in the mirror was thin and worn. Her face was pale, and her hair was messy. She was clearly in her early thirties, but her eyes looked dimmed. The fine wrinkles at the end of her eyes also began to appear already.

She looked at herself with heartache.

These wrinkles could not be treated no matter how many famous brand of essence liquids were used in the future.

She thought of her white hair when she was in her forties or fifties and decided to take care of herself from now on.

She washed her face carefully, then combed her hair and tied it up with a black hair tie.

Fortunately, she was still young, and her skin was much tender after mosturized. She opened the drawer to find some skincare products, but there were only a few faded hairpins and a crumpled hand cream.

When Qu Zhi closed the drawer, it squeaked loudly.

“Hmm, Mom” Chuchu rubbed her eyes and looked for Qu Zhi. Her round eyes immediately widened.

“Mommy is so pretty today!”

Qu Zhi had always been very beautiful. When she still worked in the factory, she had a great figure and a delicate face. The female coworkers around her would always praise her beauty, and her casual outfits would also make her a little star in the factory.

She remembered that at that time, a few young men in the factory would secretly stuff love letters into her work desk. She received so many candies and snacks that she could open a shop.

At that time, she would never have thought she would lose her beauty one day.

She smiled bitterly as she looked at the clean and pretty woman in the mirror.” Chuchu, accompany Mommy to buy something today.”

“Okay, Mom, Ill help you carry your things!” Chuchu smiled, revealing her sharp white little canine teeth. It was so sweet that Qu Zhis heart ached.

During her pregnancy, Chuchu was the one who brought all the things she bought.

Even though Qu Zhi was tight-lipped on her daily necessities, these things bought were still quite heavy. At that time, she was too concerned about the child in her stomach and didnt consider Chuchus feelings. She threw everything to Chuchu, which she really shouldnt have done.

Qu Zhi touched Chuchus small head, tears welling up in her red eyes.


The air-conditioning in the store was powerful. In the past, even if they had nothing to buy, they liked to come here for a walk to take advantage of the air-conditioning, and save electricity for their homes.

However, Qu Zhi took big strides today and walked straight to the cosmetics counter.

At this time, there were very few cosmetics stores and lipstick color choices.

Qu Zhis eyes fell on a red bean paste colored lipstick. The lipstick looked very expensive at first glance, with a kind of exquisite jewelery style. The small mechanism at the bottom of the lipstick was very smooth, and the muzzle was an expensive gold color. Under the simple incandescent light in the shop, it had a charming and dazzling luster.

“I want this. Wrap it up for me.” In the past, Qu Zhi didnt even dare to take a closer look at this exquisitely decorated counter for fear that the counter staff would sell it to her.

It wasnt that she couldnt afford it, she just couldnt bear to spend it on herself.

“Miss, you have good eyes. Were almost out of stock here. It also suits your temperament!” The sales girl smiled as she introduced the different color to Qu Zhi, then helped her apply a touch of color.

It was a very bright red but not vulgar. It immediately highlighted Qu Zhis outstanding facial features and her complexion looked much better.

Chuchu, who was at the side, holding her mothers fingers. When she saw Qu Zhi with her lipstick on, she couldnt help but let out a “Wow”.

“So pretty! Mom is a beauty! ”

“Ill take all of these!” Liang Wen havent restrict her from spending money now, so she didnt care about the price.

Qu Zhi held the packed lipstick in her hand and planned to buy some clothes.

She only had a few summer clothes, and they were almost out of fashion.

At this moment, Chuchu pulled Qu Zhi back and blinked her big eyes. “Mommy, give me the bag. You cant carry it. ”

“Who said so Mommy is very strong now.” Qu Zhi touched Chuchus little head. “You have to hold your own things, right ”

“But ...”

“Later, Chuchu will also have to hold her own things.” Qu Zhi suddenly noticed the cabinet opposite her.

She pointed at the dolls in the opposite cabinet and smiled as she whispered into Chuchus ear, ” Shall we go and take a look at the dolls first”

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Chuchus eyes widened!



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