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Dressing Up

Was this still her mother who was extremely stingy She had mentioned it many times in the past, but her mother had never agreed to buy it for her, saying that it was useless and a waste of money. Why was she so generous now

Chuchu suppressed her excitement. after receiving the doll that she had been longing for. She felt that she was the happiest girl in the world! The doll was the latest and most luxurious model. It came with a lot of clothes, shoes, bags, and so on. She could play with it for a long time.

Chuchu hugged her toys and looked at the fashionable Qu Zhi. “Ill protect her well. I wont lend her to anyone.”

“Why not Itd be great if you could play together.” Qu Zhi had always taught her children to be generous.

“They dont want to play with me. They said Im from a countryside and uncultured.” Glittery teardrops started to well up in Chuchus eyes.

In the past, Chuchu would always cry when she came back, probably because she didnt get along well with her classmates. Later on, she complained that she didnt want to go to school, and her grades got worse and worse.

Qu Zhis heart trembled.

Perhaps, she could not delay the school transfer any longer.

That night, when Liang Wen returned, Qu Zhi told him about this matter.

“Theyre children, its normal to joke around and be a little sad. She has to learn to face it herself...” Liang Wen took his change of clothes and walked into the small bathroom.

“No, Ill take care of the transfer.”

Whats wrong with her

Liang Wen was a little surprised to hear her firm tone, but he was certain that Qu Zhi wouldnt be able to do it.

How could a woman who had difficulty communicating with her childs homeroom teacher easily transfer her child In the end, he would have to clean up the mess.

Chuchu, who was playing with her doll at the side, pricked up her ears. “What Daddy, can I transfer schools” Her eyes were sparkling.

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He sighed and said without turning his head, “Sure, do as you wish. ”

“Yay!” Chuchus tender voice filled the room.

Qu Zhi saw all of this, and a feeling ofconfidence grew in her heart.

Although his attitude was cold, he still agreed.

Alright, lets do it tomorrow!

It was still summer break, and she still had a lot of time.

When Liang Wen came out of the shower, Qu Zhi could still smell the alcohol on his body. She knew that he was going to sleep soon, so she gently called for Chuchu.

She looked at Qu Zhi excitedly and wrapped her small arms around her before giving her a warm hug.

“Alright, lets go take a shower first. Ill buy you some new clothes tomorrow. Were going to meet new teachers and new students, so we have to look pretty.” Qu Zhi gently kissed Chuchus forehead.

The child had also suffered a lot because of her.


The next morning, they woke up before Liang Wen even left the house.

Qu Zhi gently took care of the child, and then she prepare herself.

She now had a head of thick black hair, and she had put on a little makeup. Her dark red lipstick made her look charming and dazzling. When she carefully pulled open the drawer and put on the pearl earrings she had picked out a few days ago, the drawer squeaked.

“What are you doing now” Liang Wen, who had been woken up, was in a bad mood. He pulled open the curtains and was shocked by what he saw.

In front of him was a dignified woman with long hair as thick as seaweed, fair skin, bright eyes, and white teeth. She was looking at him in shock.

Rays of light that looked like scattered gold fell on her head and body. The small particles on the light green loose dress were shining, and Qu Zhi looked like a modern girl who had just walked out of an advertisement.

“Im going to visit the new school with Chuchu today.” She returned to her senses and smiled at him.

She sprayed some perfume into the air and a small amount of purple water vapor wrapped around her. Liang Wen opened his mouth, but no words came out.

Was this still the wife who was covered in oil and only knew how to do housework at home

Qu Zhi waved at him after she was done dressing up. ” Were going out. Dont be late for work.” Then the door creaked shut, leaving behind only the shocked Liang Wen and the intoxicating scent of the ancient dragon in the small bungalow.

Qu Zhi and Chuchu first went to the childrens clothing store that they frequented the most and bought a few new clothes for Chuchu. Then, they took a taxi to the best foreign language primary school in the area.

She didnt know any foreign language teachers, but for the sake of her child, she had to try.



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