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Shool Transfer

“Are you here to register Go inside and turn right to the Academic Affairs Office.” The guard looked at the mother and daughter and kindly inform them.

The registration was just about to end, but there were still many primary school students and parents who came to register.

Qu Zhi smiled and thanked him. Among the parents her age, she looked radiant.

Looking at the confident and suave Qu Zhi, Chuchus steps became even more confident.

“Hello, Im here to ask about my childs school transfer. Now that she has finished the first grade, are there any conditions for her to transfer” Qu Zhi asked a teacher who wasnt busy at the administration office.

“Ah... Thats a little difficult,” The bespectacled male teacher blinked at Qu Zhi, “Where does the childs current school ”


“Local” The male teacher sized up Qu Zhi, “You have a household register, right Can we borrow...”

“Im not a local,” Only then did Qu Zhi realize that Chuchu had lowered her head and her heart ached for her. “Can I apply for a transfer ”

“Sure.” The male teacher took a sip of water from his enamel cup and pushed up his glasses, “But its very difficult. You have to queue up. People from outside usually only choose for temporary study, so its even more difficult to get in line.”

“Oh....” Qu Zhi looked at the disappointed Chuchu and secretly made up her mind. No matter what, she had to find a good school for her.

“However, you can go to the Deyu,” The teacher said with a friendly smile. “Many of our foreign language teachers were recruited from the Deyu, so their teaching skills cant be too bad.”

“Oh, okay, thank you.” Qu Zhi didnt know how to react. She had long been used to the coldness of the people around her. In the face of this sudden friendliness, she was so touched that she wanted to shake hands with the other party.

“Youre still pregnant. Its not easy for you.” The teacher waved at her and went back to her work.

After walking out of the foreign language primary school, she didnt delay at all. She stopped a taxi and went to the moral education primary school.

It was already a little late. The golden sun was shining on the tree in front of the Deyu Primary School by the roadside. Every leaf was shining.

After a long day, Chuchu was already a little tired. She was already a little drowsy in the taxi, but when Qu Zhi woke her up to look at the school, she almost jumped up in excitement.

“Its so good~”

This was indeed a very good-looking primary school.

The schools teaching building was painted with light yellow paint, and there were red mailbox decorations in the green area. There were some unknown red flowers planted there, and they looked very comfortable.

“Can I go to school here” Chuchus big eyes were filled with yearning.

Even though she wasnt confident that she could send her child to school here, Qu Zhi still looked at her with a confident smile.


No matter what, this time, she would do her best to let her child get what he liked.

What she didnt expect was that the admission to the Deyu primary school was very flexible.

She immediately paid the application fees.

Next, Chuchu only needed to pass the entrance exam to be admitted. Moreover, there were many temporary students here, and most of the students were from other places. Qu Zhi brought Chuchu around the school. The schools environment and facilities were very good, much better than Chengbei primary school.

This was indeed the best elementary school she could give her child.


After returning home, Chuchu was so excited that she couldnt fall asleep.

When Liang Wen returned home, Chuchu was still hugging her doll and talking to herself happily.

“Whats making you so happy, Chuchu Tell Daddy.” Liang Wen carried Chuchu up and tickled her.

“Im changing schools!” Chuchu smiled and told him, “Mommy helped me transfer schools.”

Liang Wen looked at Qu Zhi, who was removing her makeup, in disbelief.

“Ah Thats fast.” Liang Wens hands stopped moving.

“Yeah, weve gone around half the city today.”

Although Qu Zhi couldnt see Liang Wens expression, she couldnt help but smile at the thrill of victory.

The previous night, Chuchu only managed to fall asleep in the middle of the night. Today, it was obvious that she didnt have much strength.

Originally, Qu Zhi wanted to buy all her skincare products, but it seemed like she couldnt drag the child along.

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She decided to leave Chuchu at her neighbor, Sister Songs house.



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