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Her neighbor, Sister Song, was a local. She was a little fat and was shrewd. However, she was not a bad person.

Even though she loved to take advantage of Qu Zhi, she still helped her a lot.

She had a daughter who was in the third grade of elementary school and was very close to Chuchu. If anything happened, Qu Zhi would leave Chuchu at their house. Later, when they moved, Chuchu even cried.

Now that he thought about it, it was a warm feeling. The time before they moved was quite peaceful.

Qu Zhiknocked on her neighbors door.

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“Sister Song, are you home”

“Yo, why are you being so polite with me Where is beauty Qu going Youre so pretty.” Sister Songs gaze were a little greedy as she looked at Qu Zhi. This was completely different from the Qu Zhi she knew.

Qu Yan was wearing a long pink dress with a milky white coat on the outside, which accentuated her figure and hid her pregnant belly.

“Im going to buy something and Ill be back soon. Do you want to go together” Qu Zhi knew that she was usually thrifty, so she probably wouldnt be able to bear to buy makeup.

However, on account of their past friendship, Qu Zhi was willing to bought her a bottle.

One had to know that when Qu Zhis parents came to ask for money, they even hit her. If it wasnt for Sister Song who stood between them, she might have been in a worse state.

Sister Song agreed readily.

When they came back, a smile appeared on Sister Songs face. “Aiyo, its so expensive. How can I bear to use it”

“As women, you have to be willing, or else you wont have time to use it when youre old.” Qu Zhi said casually.

“As expected of Mrs. Liang. The way you speak is different.”

Qu Zhi couldnt be bothered to understand the meaning behind her words.

It was normal for Sister Song to think this way. Who would think about what would happen when they were old when they were young

It was just that Qu Zhi had experienced it herself.

After picking up Chuchu, Qu Zhi bade farewell to Sister Song.

“Chuchu, what did you guys play today”

“Sister Song Mei played the piano for me. It was so nice. We even played with the doll. She said she was so envious of my mother.”

Qu Zhi pinched Chu Chus small face, feeling satisfied and gratified.

In the end, when Qu Zhi was busy with dinner, Chuchu suddenly came over and tugged at the corner of her clothes.

“What” Qu Miao stared at the oil splattering in the pot and pushed Chuchu back. “Mommy is cooking.”

“Mom, can I learn the piano” Chuchu said in a low voice, her big eyes watery.

“What” Qu Zhi could only hear the sound of the spatula and the oil.


Chuchu still spoke in a hushed voice.

But Qu Zhi heard it.

She remembered that Chuchu really liked playing the piano when she was young. Her neighbor, Song Mei, had a piano, she practiced it every day, and Chuchu was entranced by it every day.

She brought up the matter again and again, but her voice became less and less confident, and softer and softer.

The corners of her mouth curled up in a subtle smile.

“Okay, I promise you.”

“What, what!” Chuchu was so excited that she screamed, “Really You promise!” She gently wrapped her arms around Qu Zhis neck and gave her a huge kiss.

When Liang Wen came back at night, Chuchu looked at him eagerly and was as happy as a dog wagging its tail.

“What now” He didnt need to think to know that his wife, who had been acting strangely recently, must have done something.

“Mom has promised to buy me a piano!”

Liang Wen was so angry that he wanted to roll his eyes. The house was only so big, and it was almost full of furniture. Where can you place the piano

Besides, although he could afford to pay for the piano Lesson, learning the piano would add another thing to the familys workload. Could she handle it How could she make such a decision on a whim

“How can this place fit a piano What are you thinking about” Liang Wen suppressed his anger and tried to remain calm.

“We can move to another house,” Qu Zhi answered calmly as she was clearing the dishes.

“Ive been so busy recently, I dont have time to do this with you.” Liang Wens tone became rather cold.

Qu Zhi knew that he was giving her a warning.

Usually, she would have been scared and would not dare to say another word.

However, this time, she just said unhurriedly, ” Ill do it.”

Liang Wen was speechless. Although he didnt quite believe it, he still nodded reluctantly.



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