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Going To The Hospital

Qu Zhi had finished learning about all the recent house-buying policies.

At this time, the most advanced communication device was still the mobile phone, so all the information came from Sister Song.

Qu Zhi was delighted to discover that this year was actually the year when the price-performance ratio of a house in this city was the highest.

In these few years, the property market was low, and few people bought houses. Houses were not as expensive as they are now. In addition, they were friendly to foreigners, so they could settle down after buying a house.

Qu Zhi recalled that house prices began to soar in the next few years, and many benefits were canceled. It was no longer possible to buy such a house.

Qu Miao still remembered that the only house under her name had been transferred to her son. That small house had cost more than thirty times the current price.

Therefore, no matter what, she had to buy a house as soon as possible!

In the evening, she was so happy that she even invited Sister Song and her daughter to a restaurant.

When she brought Chuchu home happily, she realized that Liang Wen had already returned and was weakly curled up on the sofa. His fair skin turned slight red, and his forehead was covered in sweat.

He clutched his stomach in pain with one hand and pointed at Qu Zhi with the other. “Why did you only come back now” He asked through gritted teeth.

His appearance was too abnormal, and Chuchu was so scared that she hugged Qu Zhi and cried loudly.

Qu Zhi was also so frightened that she stood rooted to the ground.

Did this happen before

In her desperation, she couldnt remember anything. She only had one thought.

Save Liang Wen!

“Whats wrong with you Did you drink too much” Qu Zhi patted his back.

Liang Wen curled up in pain and shook his head gently. Large beads of sweat trickled down his face, and his chest was soon wet.

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“Is your stomach uncomfortable” Qu Zhi took a face towel and wiped his sweat.

“They... Added something to my wine...”

Qu Zhi could not believe her ears. Liang Wen had always been honest and generous to his business partners. With his personality, how could he be ...

“Li Gong” Qu Miao recalled that Liang Wen had an old business partner, Li Gong. He was in charge of more clients and often went out to drink.

When the company was getting better, he started to squander. The drinking business in that era was not clean, and he even got involved with drugs.

She didnt know him well, and she couldnt tell that Li Gong was a good person from Liang Wen.

Her voice started to tremble, but she tried to think of a solution.

Liang Wen panted heavily, his eyes turning red from the blood. “The companys cash flow is in trouble, so I drank with them... I saw him put some powder in his glass, and then I realized that there was powder at the bottom of my glass too...”

“Can you vomitted it out” Qu Zhi almost roared out, “Can you spit it out Liang Wen!”

She knew those things, and she was instantly drowned in despair. Qu Zhi wiped away her tears and rushed to get the hot water bottle.

Just like that, she kept giving Liang Wen water and tried to help him vomit, but Liang Wens abdominal pain became more and more serious.

Qu Miao hugged Chuchu in her arms.”Baby, dont be afraid. Mommy will think of a way. Why dont you go to Song Meis house and play for a while”

Qu Zhi pretended to be calm and smiled at her. Her hands were already sweating. She quickly stuffed Chuchu into Sister Songs hands and dragged Liang Wen to the hospital.

Liang Wen looked at the woman who used to be a yes-man trying her best to hail a taxi for him in the middle of the night. He was very touched and a little dizzy.

As a pregnant woman, she managed to get a taxi while carrying an adult. They helped each other to the hospital.

When they arrived at the hospital, Liang Wens fever was so high that he was on the verge of fainting. However, he forced himself to stay awake and even wanted to accompany Qu Zhi to finish registering.

Even after he was carried onto the stretcher, Liang Wen was still consoling Qu Zhi, saying he was in good spirits and he was fine.

Qu Zhi grabbed his hand, and her eyes started to tear up.

The medical staff saw that Qu Zhi was pregnant and refused to let her in to accompany Liang Wen.

Qu Zhi was alone outside, looking at the people coming and going in the hospital in a daze and crying very miserably.

If it was really that thing, how could he quit How could she make him return to his original self

Even in 20 to 30 years, it would be difficult to do so. In this era, it was simply impossible to do.

“Hello, are you Liang Wens family” The nurse came out of the ward and woke her up from the pain.

Qu Zhi answered with tears in her eyes and took the medical record.

The patients condition column stated that it was acute gastroenteritis.

“I asked the patient just now, and the trigger is drinking on an empty stomach...”

Qu Zhi was not interested in listening to her. Her mind was occupied with that powder.

She grabbed the nurses shoulder and asked hysterically, “Is there anything else Is there something else Was it because he eat something”



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