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Buying A House

She tried her best not to appear too menacing.

The nurse was so scared that she didnt dare to say anything. She only shook her head.

Only then did she feel relieved and burst into tears in the corridor.

By the time Liang Wen finished his gastric lavage, it was already midnight.

Even though the doctor suggested that he be admitted, Liang Wen refused.

Qu Zhi couldnt stop him, so she could only help him back.

The two of them had never slept until this time. They fell asleep as soon as they got home.

The next day, Qu Zhi woke up very early. She still remembered that she had to look for houses today.

However, when she woke up, she realized that Liang Wen was still in bed.

She gently pushed Liang Wen.”Dont you have to work”

“Im already in this state. Wont you let me rest for a few days” Liang Wen turned over and continued to sleep.

“Then, do you want to look at the house with me today”

“House viewing” Liang Wen almost jumped out of bed. It had only been a few days since she mentioned that she wanted to buy a house, and she was already looking for a house

“House viewing.” Qu Zhi looked at him with a smile.

The more shocked he was, the more proud she was.


After a day of searching, they finally settled on two houses. The two houses were in good locations, and the environment was good. Liang Wen wanted the smaller one, while Qu Zhi wanted the bigger one.

“Were a little tight on cash recently. We just bought a car. The big one is too expensive if we want to buy a house. The small one is enough for us to live in, and the piano is also big enough.” Liang Wen and Qu Zhi discussed.

“Just buy a big one, we can buy it with a loan.” Qu Zhi insisted.

She thought that Liang Wen would say something more, but Liang Wen didnt say anything and just nodded silently.

He agreed.

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Perhaps it was because he had a new understanding of her after helping Chuchu transfer to another school the last time. He actually agreed without saying anything. Or could it be that she had never fought for this opportunity in the past, which led to her losing her right to speak and her dignity

Liang Wen was stunned when he saw his wife standing there. “Whats wrong Is your stomach uncomfortable”

She only remembered that she was pregnant when he said that.

After walking for a whole day, her legs were in excruciating pain. The pregnancys reaction had stuck in her appetite. She had not eaten anything the entire day and was extremely hungry now.

“Im hungry.” Although she didnt do it on purpose, she looked very pitiful under her exquisite makeup, and Liang Wens heart ached when he saw her.

“Then lets go eat your favorite fish soup noodles.”

“Okay,” Qu Zhi recalled that when she was pregnant with Sisi, she especially liked eating fish soup noodles from that Dongtai restaurant. The soup was very fresh and the color was milky white. It has a very appetizing taste and appearance.

There werent many things that Qu Zhi could eat when she was pregnant, but fish soup noodles werent one of them.

This restaurants fish soup noodles were her favorite for a long time.

She didnt expect that Liang Wen would carry her in his arms the next second. “Dont walk anymore.”

A strange feeling welled up in her heart. She pressed her face against Liang Wens chest and tried her best to hold back her tears.

She didnt know what kind of emotion she was feeling, but she attributed it all to the new house she had bought.

She still remembered the model of the house. It was spacious, bright, and well-ventilated. It was located near the city center but was not as noisy. The park was downstairs, and the greenery was gorgeous. If they were to buy it decades later, they would feel heartache for a long time.

Qu Zhi suddenly thought of something.

She raised her head and met Liang Wens eyes. “Ill do the decorations. Youre usually so busy.” Actually, she knew that if she handed the renovation over to Liang Wen, he would definitely find someone to handle it. If someone else handled it, the money would be much more.

“You” Liang Wen looked at her in disbelief. “Its such a big house. Youre pregnant. Can you do it”

“Why cant I” Qu Zhi reminded him, “I was the one who settled Chuchus admission into the school.”

“But this is renovation!” Not even men might be able to do it well.

“Ive learned it all when you were renovating previously.” Qu Zhi really explained the entire process of the renovation.

“Alright then!” Liang Wen was genuinely shocked by her this time. He frowned and said, “But if theres anything you cant do, you must tell me.”

He agreed reluctantly.

Although Qu Zhi wasnt like before, completely ignoring the matters outside the family matter, he still didnt believe she could handle this matter well.

That night, Qu Zhi ate two whole bowls of fish soup noodles, and even the boss, who was familiar with her, was shocked.

Liang Wen gently patted her back and told her to eat slowly, but Qu Zhi had never felt her appetite was so good.

That house would be the new starting point for everything that was to come.

Chuchu didnt have to worry about being unable to play the piano, nor did she worry about being ostracized by the other students.

After Sisi was born, she would not let her suffer.

Everything she had tried so hard to get back in the past, she would start it over again.



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