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A Visit from an Important Guest

Ever since Daoist Li finished teaching him last time, Lin Ran hadnt seen him.

Fortunately, with the help of the Formless Sword Body, he learned everything very quickly, and the Five Elements Sword Technique was no exception.

However, knowing the existence of the Demon Subduing Tablet, Lin Ran would wander around there for no reason.

Perhaps because of the invisible magnetic field, the aura emitted by the spiritual sword was especially powerful.

Lin Ran had already taken a liking to a heavy sword.

This sword was named “Dragon Elephant”.

It looked ordinary, but it weighed 81 kilograms.

It wasnt one that ordinary people could use.

He wiped it carefully, as if what was in front of him was not a sword but an insurmountable mountain.

At this moment, he felt weak.

[Congratulations, host.

You have successfully signed in and obtained 30% of the internal energy of Dragon Elephant Divine Master.]

The reward this time was different from before.

It was actually a transference of internal energy.

Lin Ran was overjoyed.

It had to be noted that he now had the Formless Sword Body, the Sword Flight Technique, the Three Essence Sword Technique, and the Five Elements Sword Technique.

He no longer lacked anything offensive.

This kind of internal energy was exactly what he wanted.

An overwhelming force surged into his body, stimulating the acupoints.

Lin Ran felt like he was caressed by a warm current that kept flowing back and forth through his vessels, making him feel hot and restless.

It was a feeling indescribably by words.

He felt like he had endless strength.

Lin Ran subconsciously clenched his fist and smashed it to the side.

With brute force, the boulder beside him shattered.

Looking at the gravel rolling on the ground, even he was shocked.

Lin Ran had the feeling that as long as he wanted to, he could smash a hole in the sky.

“Who exactly is the Dragon Elephant Divine Master I only obtained 30% of his internal energy, but Im already capable of shaking the earth.”

Lin Ran slowly opened his eyes and realized that at this moment, he had already reached the ninth level of the Senior Martial Grandmaster Realm.

The speed of his cultivation was simply unbelievable.

It had only been a short while since he became a Senior Martial Grandmaster.

If news of this spread, everyone would be amazed..

No one on the entire continent could achieve it.

“It seems like it wont be long before I can break through to Grandmaster Realm.”

Grandmaster was another watershed difficult to reach.

After all, when Lin Ran was breaking through to the Senior Martial Master Realm, he was stuck at the ninth level of the Martial Master Realm for an entire year.

However, if he could successfully advance to Grandmaster Realm, not only would his lifespan be extended, but his appearance would also remain unchanged.

To a certain extent, it was no different from obtaining the elixir of life.

With that said, it was not easy to become a Grandmaster.

It was complicated and required him to set up a relevant array formation.

“Looks like I have to collect some array formation tools when I have the chance.”

Lin Ran was not in a hurry.

After all, he had just leveled up and had not completely gotten used to his new strength.

It was better to be safe than sorry.

With a good foundation, it was only a matter of time before he broke through.

On this day, Lin Ran cultivated as usual, but he received a message from Daoist Li.

“There will be an important guest visiting tomorrow.

You must prepare well.

Remember! See to it that the guest isnt neglected.”

Lin Ran was baffled.

“What kind of an important guest would visit such a place”

Although Daoist Li did not state the persons identity, from his tone, it was obvious that the person was not ordinary.

The next morning, the two of them stood at the entrance of the mountain to welcome the guest.

Lin Ran noticed that Daoist Li had changed his clothes and was no longer wearing the tattered Daoist robe.

Lin Ran had been in Mount Sword for so long without seeing Daoist Li ever change his clothes.

This was unprecedented.

It showed that he took this matter very seriously.

Lin Ran was really curious.

After all, after so long, other than Daoist Li, he had never seen anyone else in the mountain.

Who in the world would pay a visit to a place in the middle of nowhere

Lin Ran couldnt help but ask, “Who is it”

Daoist Li shot him a serious look.

Lin Ran had never seen him with such a serious expression.

“Dont ask too much.

You just have to remember to do more and talk less.

Just follow behind me.

Dont offend the guest.

Otherwise, even I cant help you.”

As the two of them were talking, a group of people approached from afar.

Although they were dressed in ordinary clothes and looked inconspicuous, their auras betrayed their extraordinary identities.

The young man in the middle was dressed in black clothes with golden patterns of dragon embroidered on his chest and sleeves.

He was handsome and outstanding.

Although he kept a low profile, from the fabric and other accessories on his clothes, one could tell he was either powerful or rich.

The guards around him had steady footsteps.

Even though they didnt reveal their auras, Lin Ran could still tell at a glance that their cultivation was similar to Daoist Lis.

They were at least at the third or fourth level of the Martial Master Realm.

What surprised Lin Ran even more was that there were a few mysterious auras in the air that even he couldnt discern.

If he hadnt advanced to the ninth level of the Senior Martial Master Realm, he probably wouldnt have noticed it at all.

The auras must be coming from someone among the guards.

What was this persons background He actually had such a powerful secret guard protecting him.

Lin Ran was shocked.

Daoist Li had already gone up to welcome him.


I hope that your journey here has been a pleasant one.”

Seeing that Lin Ran was still standing rooted to the ground, Daoist Li was a little anxious.

He tugged at Lin Rans sleeve to remind him of what he instructed him.

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