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Chapter 108: Hidden Danger in the Black Pool

At a glance, Lin Ran recognized that it was Huo Qiyun, who had been separated from him.

Lin Ran originally wanted to use this space as the starting point to activate the Stellar Transposition Array again.

This way, no matter where Huo Qiyun was trapped in the mountain, he would be sent here.

However, he didnt expect Huo Qiyun to already be here.

This really saved Lin Ran a lot of time and trouble.

“Huo Qiyun!”

Lin Ran took a deep breath and shouted.

On the stone platform, Huo Qiyun immediately opened his eyes.

When he saw Lin Ran, he was stunned for a moment before waving anxiously and shouting something.

However, this space was too big.

Lin Rans echo overlapped with Huo Qiyuns voice, making it impossible to hear anything clearly.

“Dont worry! Ill come to save you!”

Lin Ran shouted again and flew towards the stone platform on his sword.

In the blink of an eye, Lin Ran was less than 100 feet away from the stone platform.

At this moment, he finally heard what Huo Qiyun was shouting.

“Dont come over! Theres something in the water!”

Before Lin Ran could react, with a bang, a black water curtain was morphed, blocking LIn Rans way.

Water droplets splattered everywhere.

Lin Rans clothes only touched a few drops before they immediately started to sizzle and burn.

“The water here is corrosive!”

Lin Rans heart tightened.

He had found a book about the secrets of Mount Sword in the Hundred Fragrance Palace, but he was attacked by the thing before he could read it.

If he had known that this place was so dangerous, he wouldnt have made such a move so rashly.

While feeling regretful, Lin Ran stopped in his tracks.

At this moment, he was less than half an inch away from the pitch-black water curtain.

Then, with the flames, he could even see his reflection on the water!

Before he could have time to calm down, another water curtain exploded beside him.

Lin Ran hurriedly rushed to the side, but the water curtain seemed to have targeted him.

It kept exploding in the air, chasing after him like an endless tsunami!

“Dont use internal force, and youll be fine.”

Huo Qiyun shouted.

Lin Ran wanted to complain at that time.

He was flying in the air on his sword.

If he didnt use his internal force, he would fall and die!

Looking back at the water curtain that was chasing behind him, Lin Ran made up his mind and shifted his weight to his back feet.

He flew upward into pitch-black cave top.

In the blink of an eye, Lin Ran flew hundreds of feet up.

A water curtain soared into the sky below him, but when it reached a height of about 100 feet, it fell.

“Phew— That was close!”

Lin Ran heaved a sigh of relief and straightened his body in the air.

He looked down and saw that a large part of his clothes had been corroded.

If he had not made the prompt decision to fly to a high place, he would probably have turned into a pile of bones… No, judging from the corrosiveness of the black water, there might not even be bones left.

Taking a deep breath to calm himself down, Lin Ran circled in the air and came to a spot twenty to thirty feet away from the stone platform.

Lin Ran didnt dare to get too close.

The water curtain was still surging below him.

If he got too close, it would accidentally splash on Huo Qiyun.

After stabilizing himself, Lin Ran shouted, “Hey! Are you alright”

“Im fine!”

Huo Qiyun shouted back, “Why do you look so disheveled like a beggar!”

Lin Ran rolled his eyes.

“Cut the crap! Come up!”


Huo Qiyun stomped his feet.

“Im not as fast as you.

The stone platform is so small.

If the water explodes, Ill be dead! Why dont you come down and pick me up”

Lin Ran was speechless.

“When I fly over, wont the water explode too”

“Dont fly then!”

Huo Qiyun shouted and made a long jump posture.

“Jump over!”

Lin Ran looked down.

There was a gap twenty to thirty feet below him.

“Are you crazy”

Lin Ran shouted angrily, “I can stop my internal force at the moment I jump.

What if I fall Without the protection of internal force at this height, Ill fall to my death!”

“Dont worry! Ill catch you!”

As Huo Qiyun spoke, he patted his arm, as if to show that he was very strong.

Lin Ran snorted in disdain.

When he was bandaging Huo Qiyun previously, he had seen Huo Qiyuns figure.

His arm was as thin as a chopstick.

The only thing that could be considered good was his fair skin.

Seeing that Lin Ran didnt believe him, Huo Qiyun suddenly turned a somersault and stood upside down on the ground.

After quickly doing ten upside-down push-ups, he flipped back.

“Do you see that I can really catch you!”

This time, Lin Ran was finally tempted, mainly because he had no choice.

He couldnt keep wasting time here, right

After hesitating for a moment, Lin Ran shouted, “Are you sure you can do it Im heavier than you.

Coupled with this height… Im not sure!”

“Trust me!”

“You swear”

“I swear! Ill catch you!”

“So be it!”

Lin Ran roared and activated his internal force to jump high up in the direction of the stone platform.

At the same time, he stopped circulating his internal force as quickly as possible.

Without the help of his internal force, Lin Ran began to fall quickly.

At the same time, his surroundings were instantly swallowed by darkness.

Only then did Lin Ran suddenly remember something very important.

The lighting here relied entirely on his fire attribute sword energy.

If he stopped circulating his internal force, the fire attribute sword energy would instantly dissipate.

Without internal force, there was no light.

Without light, Huo Qiyun couldnt see where he would land at all!

In the darkness, Lin Ran subconsciously wanted to activate his internal force, but at this moment, he suddenly realized that the stone platform in the middle of the black pool was covered in a faint halo…

The halo was really very faint.

At most, it could illuminate less than five feet of space.

Even if Huo Qiyun was standing on the stone platform, he could only barely see his face.

Just as Lin Ran was wondering where this halo came from, he suddenly saw Huo Qiyun smile at him and take a big step back!

“He tricked me!”

This was the last thought that flashed through Lin Rans mind.

Before he could think why Huo Qiyun did this, his forehead hit the stone platform.

However, after a few seconds, the pain he imagined did not come.

He did not even feel like he was falling from a high place.

“Is this the feeling of death I didnt expect it to be quite comfortable…”

Just as Lin Ran was muttering to himself, he heard Huo Qiyun laugh.

“Are you scared to death How can a Half-Saint be so cowardly”


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