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109 Strange Vacuum Zone of Sword Intent

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After being stunned for a moment, Lin Ran suddenly realized that he was not dead.

He immediately stood up and grabbed Huo Qiyuns collar.

“Rascal! Didnt you say you would catch me”

Huo Qiyun raised his hand in surrender with a bright smile.

“Dont be angry! If I didnt say that, how would you dare to jump down”

At the mention of this, Lin Ran suddenly felt a little strange.

He quickly squatted down and touched the stone platform.

It was cold and hard, like an ordinary stone.

Then why did he feel nothing when he hit it from a height of more than a hundred feet It was as if all the inertia had disappeared in an instant.

Looking up and seeing Huo Qiyuns faint smile, Lin Ran frowned.

“Do you know whats going on”

Huo Qiyun shrugged and suddenly punched the stone platform heavily.

“Damn! Is there something wrong with you”

Lin Ran was shocked.

Although a martial artists body was much stronger than an ordinary persons, that was mainly because of the protection of the internal force.

Now, they could not use their internal force, and their strength had also decreased drastically.

Huo Qiyuns punch was so powerful that at best, his skin and flesh would be lacerated, and at worst, his bones and tendons would be broken!

However, when Lin Ran picked up Huo Qiyuns hand, he realized that there was only a shallow red mark on it.

It wasnt even bruised.

“Whats going on”

Lin Ran immediately looked puzzled.

As he spoke, he punched the stone platform too.

The moment his fist touched the stone platform, he realized that the strength he exerted seemed to have disappeared.

“Im not sure about the exact reason, but this thing seems to be able to absorb force.”

Huo Qiyun stomped his feet.

Clearly, he was referring to the stone platform under their feet.


Huo Qiyun spoke again and looked at Lin Ran excitedly.

“Didnt you notice anything different here”

Lin Ran looked around.

Actually, from just now, he had felt that something was different around him, but when he wanted to find what was the difference, he realized that he had no clue.

He originally thought that it was just his illusion, but he did not expect Huo Qiyun to have the same feeling.

“Is it this stone platform”

Lin Ran probed.

This stone platform seemed to be able to absorb power and emit a halo.

From a certain perspective, it was considered “abnormal”.

Huo Qiyun shook his head and said, “The sword intent in the middle of this space is even more ferocious than in Mount Sword.

We dont have internal force to protect us now, but were still fine.”

Hearing this, Lin Ran immediately felt enlightened.

“Is this stone platform devoid of Sword Intent”

Huo Qiyun nodded slightly with a solemn expression.

This expression that seemed to belong to an adult made Huo Qiyun look strangely comical.

However, Lin Ran was no longer in the mood to mock him because this discovery was too shocking!

In this world, sword intent was almost omnipresent like air.

The only difference was the intensity.

Lin Ran was already used to being in the sword intent.

Now that the sword intent suddenly disappeared, it was as if all the air had suddenly disappeared.

However, he could still breathe.

But that was impossible.

Just as the air would not suddenly disappear, and neither would the sword intent.

With Lin Rans current cultivation, he could disperse sword intent within a certain range to cause this phenomenon, but it would only last for a short time.

Because of the existence of those old and dilapidated weapons, the sword intent in the air was even more intense than in the depths of Mount Sword.

Even he could not create this “vacuum of sword intent” phenomenon

Therefore, when Lin Ran discovered this situation, his first reaction was suspicion.

However, when he saw Huo Qiyun, he knew that he had to believe it.

After knowing that internal force would trigger the attack of the mysterious creature in the black water pool, Lin Ran had a question.


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