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116 Staying Calm in Danger.

Be a Useful Person

As Xiao Huai spoke, she suddenly began to spin the rattle drum in her hand.

Accompanied by the rapid drumbeat, all the standard swords in the Hidden Sword Pavilion vibrated!

Clang— Clang— Clang—

The sharp whistle caused by the unsheathing of the swords instantly drowned out the drumbeats.

All the standard swords were unsheathed out of thin air and gathered together like a school of fish in the deep sea.

In an instant, the entire Hidden Sword Pavilion flickered with a cold light, and surging sword intent wreaked havoc, almost materializing!

Xiao Huais figure slowly rose into the air, and traces of an extremely sinister evil aura spread out from her body, lingering around her like a pitch-black poisonous fog.

Soon, Xiao Huais figure could no longer be seen clearly.

Only her hollow black eyes were hidden in the depths of the evil fog, staring at Lin Ran with malice!

All of this happened in an instant.

On the watchtower outside the Hidden Sword Pavilion, Huo Qiyun widened his eyes.

The entire Hidden Sword Pavilion was enveloped by a pitch-black fog.

Even when the wind blew, it did not dissipate.

“Oh no! Something happened!”

Huo Qiyuns expression changed drastically.

Just as he was about to rush in with the guards to save Lin Ran, he suddenly stopped.

He didnt see Lin Rans signal.

According to their plan, Lin Ran would send out three signals to indicate three things.

The first signal was the Yin-Yang Sword.

If Huo Qiyun saw this sword land in the yard, it meant that Lin Ran had already found the demon and wanted the people outside to be prepared as soon as possible.

The signal indicating everything was prepared outside was the sound of bird cry.

The second signal was Fire Sword Energy.

Once Lin Ran was ready to fight the demon, he would shoot three fire-elemental sword energies into the sky.

At that time, under Huo Qiyuns lead, the 2,400 guards in ambush would use their sword energy to raze the Hidden Sword Pavilion to the ground as soon as possible and catch the demon off guard.

As for the third signal, it was the sword intent of the Ten Miles Dragon Roar.

If the demons strength exceeded Lin Rans expectations, he would immediately release the sword intent of the Ten Miles Dragon Roar.

At that time, everyone in the entire palace would have to be evacuated immediately because that meant that Lin Ran and the demon, two Half-Saints, were about to fight to the death.

Now that the entire Hidden Sword Pavilion was enveloped in black fog, logically speaking, a fight should have broken out inside.

However, Lin Rans fire sword energy was still not seen, so Huo Qiyun did not dare to act rashly.

Just as Huo Qiyun was hesitating,

In the Hidden Sword Pavilion.

Lin Ran was surrounded by thick fog.

He could feel the extremely sinister aura adhering to his skin.

A bone-chilling coldness seeped into his body.

If it were anyone else, they would probably have been infected by the evil aura and become a puppet of the demon.

However, Lin Ran still sat on the ground calmly.

He had no intention of summoning the Yin-Yang Sword.

He tilted his head and looked in the direction in the thick fog.

Although there was only thick fog in front of him, he knew that Xiao Huai was at that place.

“Why arent you drawing your sword Arent you afraid of death”

Xiao Huais voice seemed to come from all directions, accompanied by a clanging sound, as if a big metal bird was shaking its sharp feathers in the depths of the fog.

Hearing Xiao Huais voice, Lin Ran burst out laughing.

“How can anyone not be afraid of death But I know you wont kill me.

Im useful to you.”


“You need me to take you to the secret room.”

Lin Ran replied with a smile, his deep eyes as unfathomable as the sea.

“The secret room of Hidden Sword Pavilion.”

The surrounding fog stilled, and then there was a long silence.

Just as Lin Ran was wondering if the demon had escaped under the cover of the thick fog, Xiao Huai suddenly said, “Take me there.”


Lin Ran nodded and stood up.

With a light wave of his hand, a sword energy shot out and easily cut open the fog in front of him.

In just a few seconds, he stood in front of the huge black boulder.

“Were here.”

As soon as Lin Ran spoke, a thick fog immediately hit the rock.

With a sizzle sound, a large amount of white smoke rose from the place where the black fog touched the boulder!

From the thick fog came the sound of Xiao Huai gasping in pain, followed by an extremely resentful roar.

“You fooled me!”

The clanging sounds were almost ringing in Lin Rans ears.

He could even feel the coldness coming from the sharp swords!

Even so, Lin Ran did not panic at all.

He shrugged and replied, “Theres a protective array formation set up by Sword God on it.

Anyone who wants to barge in will be injured.

Who asked you to act rashly”

Xiao Huai was silent for a moment before asking again, “From what you said, you seem to know how to open it”

“I do.”

Lin Ran nodded.

Before Xiao Huai could ask further, he continued, “After this array formation is opened, theres another stone passage below.

At the end of the stone passage is the secret room youre looking for.”

“However, theres another Five Elements Seal at the entrance of the secret room.

Its the one that trapped you on Mount Sword.

If Im not wrong, you must have spent a lot of effort to break that seal last time, right”

Xiao Huai didnt say anything.

Lin Ran put on a casual smile.

“I can help you remove the seals, but I have a condition.”

“What condition”

“Two seals for two questions.”

Lin Ran extended two fingers and added, “Think about it carefully.

I dont have to ask those two questions, but without me removing the seals, you wont be able to enter the secret room.”

A few minutes after he finished speaking, the surrounding fog suddenly dissipated.

Xiao Huai walked out with a rattle drum.

As Xiao Huai appeared, a huge sword formed by countless standard swords slowly appeared from the thick fog.

The sharp tip of the sword was less than half an inch away from Lin Rans back.

As long as Xiao Huai wanted, these thousands of standard swords would instantly tear Lin Ran apart!

Xiao Huais hollow eyes landed on the boulder.

“Remove this seal first, and Ill answer you two questions.”


Lin Ran agreed without hesitation.

Then, he summoned the Ten Miles Dragon Roar and stabbed it into the sword mark on the boulder!


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