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125 Brats Are All the Same


Suddenly, there was a loud bang, as if something had smashed into the wall.

Huo Qiyun was frightened by this commotion.

He quickly stood up and looked at Lin Ran.

“Whats this commotion What happened just now Where did you go Why am I here That stone room…”


The crisp sound of a slap immediately shut Huo Qiyun up.

Lin Ran gritted his teeth and said coldly, “When can you stop making me worry”

“I mean, I…”


Lin Ran slapped him again.

Then, he glared at him and said angrily, “Dont move or speak.

Otherwise, Ill kick you to death! Even the Ten Miles Sword God wont be able to stop me!”

With that, Lin Ran leaned against the stone wall and passed through it like air.

Huo Qiyun held his swollen face and watched in shock as Lin Ran disappeared in front of him.

However, when he touched the wall, it was clearly an extremely solid stone wall.

boxn ovel.


But if this was really a stone wall, how did Lin Ran pass through it

Huo Qiyun was completely stunned.

From the time he was born until now, he had never felt so stupid.

At the same time, in the secret room of the Hidden Sword Pavilion.

Lin Rans figure slowly appeared on the other side of the stone wall.

He saw that Xiao Huai had already walked to the wall and was only an inch away from touching the Sacred Abyss Sword


Accompanied by the sound of a sharp blade being unsheathed, a sharp sword energy tore through the air and almost brushed past Xiao Huais fingertips.

Xiao Huai was so frightened by this sudden attack that she retracted her hand.

She turned around and saw Lin Ran holding a heavy sword.

Her hollow eyes couldnt help but reveal confusion.

“Didnt you disappear just now Why did you show up again”

Lin Ran smiled and put the heavy sword back to its original place.

He crossed his arms and said helplessly, “With your intelligence, its very difficult for me to explain it to you.”

Xiao Huais expression turned cold, and a strong killing intent erupted from her body.

“Are you saying Im stupid”

A strong wind carrying killing intent spread out, causing the surrounding divine swords to buzz.

Lin Rans clothes fluttered in the wind, but the smile on his face did not change at all.

“You havent realized that youve been used by someone for so long.

Your intelligence is even lower than Huo Qiyuns… Oh, right, Huo Qiyun is the fool who carried you just now.”

When Xiao Huai heard this, her eyes instantly turned pitch-black.

As if she had been greatly insulted, she shouted hysterically, “Ill kill you!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Xiao Huai shook the rattle drum again.

Three divine swords rose from the ground and formed an overwhelming sword net that enveloped Lin Ran!

“Sigh… All brats are the same.”

Lin Ran sighed helplessly and picked up a divine sword from the side.

With a light wave, he shattered the destructive sword net into pieces.

Xiao Huais expression froze and she was about to attack again when she heard Lin Ran say lazily, “Dont waste your energy.

You can only control three divine swords at most, and I can use the divine swords here freely… What are you going to use to fight me”

“Its none of your business!”

Xiao Huai shouted angrily, but she didnt attack.

Other than Huo Qiyun, she was probably the only one in the world who knew Lin Rans strength the best.

She had used almost all her strength to form the huge net of sword energy just now, but Lin Ran easily shattered it with a casual wave of his sword.

The difference in strength was huge.

Xiao Huai stole a glance at the Sacred Abyss Sword beside her and asked in a low voice, “Tell me, what do you want me to do before I can take this sword away”

“Huh A stalling tactic”

Lin Ran smiled in surprise and exposed Xiao Huai.

“You want to run away with the sword while Im distracted, right It seems that youve learned a lot of things you shouldnt have after interacting with me a few times!”

The corners of Xiao Huais mouth twitched.

She took a few steps away from the Sacred Abyss Sword and asked angrily, “Are you relieved now”

Lin Ran didnt say anything.

He raised his hand and summoned the mahogany sword.

After waving it a few times, the entrance of the stone room was sealed again.

Seeing this, Xiao Huais expression instantly froze.

After all, with her current realm, it was impossible for her to break the Five Elements Seal by force.

Moreover, Lin Ran wouldnt watch her break the seal without doing anything.

Lin Rans move had completely cut off Xiao Huais escape route.

“What exactly do you want!”

Xiao Huai couldnt help but ask, “If you dont want me to take this sword away, why didnt you kill me just now With your strength and that sword made of insects, you can definitely kill me, right”

“Youre right.

I can indeed kill you and make you disappear completely…”

As Lin Ran spoke, his clothes fluttered, and the Dark Insect Sword fell into his hand.

“But why would I do that”


Xiao Huai was stunned, not understanding what Lin Ran meant.

“Why should I kill you”

Lin Ran repeated himself and looked straight into Xiao Huais dark eyes.

He said slowly, “Youre just a knife used by someone to kill, and my target is the person who uses the knife.”

Xiao Huais expression changed slightly.

“You mean… I am being used”

Lin Ran nodded noncommittally.

Xiao Huai immediately shouted excitedly, “Impossible! That grandpa wont use me! Hes so good and even helped me heal.

He even told me what to do to become stronger…”

“Did he really tell you He just asked you to come and get the sword, right”

Lin Ran said calmly, “If Im not wrong, you werent born from the sword, right”

“You can use evil aura to control the sword, but you cant touch it.

Not to mention divine swords, you cant even touch the standard swords.

Just now, when you smashed into that sword, you were instantly split into two.

Its not just because the sword is too sharp, right”

“How do you know that”

Xiao Huai asked softly.

It was unknown if she was in despair or shock, but her voice sounded extremely hoarse.

“I guessed it.”

Lin Ran replied with a smile, “Ive long noticed that no matter how dangerous the situation is, you wontpersonally pick up the sword to attack or defend.”

“For example, just now, you were so close to the Sacred Abyss Sword, but you still used your evil aura to control the other divine swords.

If Im not wrong, your evil aura is not enough to control the Sacred Abyss Sword, right”

Xiao Huai didnt say anything, but looking at her gritted teeth, Lin Ran knew that he was right.

“You cant even touch a sword.

Why is the way to make you stronger related to one of the strongest divine swords in the Heavenly Saint Dynasty”

As Lin Ran spoke, he walked up to Xiao Huai and lowered his body to look straight into her black eyes.

He asked coldly, “Now, do you still think hes doing this for your own good”

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