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131 In This Mountain, The Clouds Are Dense

Lin Rans expression became serious when he heard this.

He subconsciously turned around and realized that there was nothing in that direction.

“Where is that person”

Lin Ran frowned and asked in confusion, “Didnt you say that he was coming over”

“I was wrong.”

Xiao Huai smiled mischievously and looked down at Lin Ran.

“I didnt expect you to be nervous.”

Lin Ran realized that he had been deceived and was speechless, but he quickly realized that something was wrong.

“How did you see those people Its very difficult for me to notice them from so far away if Im not totally focused.”

Xiao Huai thought for a moment and shook her head.

“I dont know, but after I came here, I felt that my senses are much more acute.”

Lin Ran was still confused, but with a radar like Xiao Huai around, he could move more easily.

“Keep an eye on the surroundings for me.”

After saying that, Lin Ran was about to activate the Mystic Gate Sword Technique when he suddenly threatened, “Stop messing around! Otherwise, Ill kill you!”

In the next second, the two of them disappeared.

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A few seconds later, a burly man with a huge sword on his back and a sneaky-looking young man helped each other over.

If Lin Ran was still here, he would recognize that the burly man was “Brother Hong” from Lotus Town.

However, at this moment, Brother Hong was no longer as high-spirited.

A large area of Brother Hongs chest was blown up, and a hole was opened on his forehead.

Blood flowed down and dyed most of his face red.

He limped as he walked.

If not for the sneaky-looking young man supporting him, he would have fallen to the ground.

The two of them supported each other and walked to the place where Lin Ran had stopped.

Brother Hong looked around and slapped the young man on the head.

“Didnt you say they were here Where are they”

The young man opened his mouth and said in a hoarse voice, “Brother Hong, I swear to God that I really heard someone talking here just now! If I lie, Ill be struck by lightning… Oh!”

“Shut your damn mouth! Havent you been struck enough just now”

Brother Hong covered his mouth and said angrily, “You must have heard wrongly.

This place is two to three miles away from where we were blown up.

If they really flew here, they would have died long ago! How can they still be alive to talk”

“But I really heard it…”

Just as the man was about to explain, he suddenly saw the wooden hut where the mountain guardian stayed and his eyes lit up.

“Brother Hong! Whats that house for Do you think theyre inside”

Brother Hong turned around and his expression immediately became strange.

Actually, this was also his first time on Mount Sword.

He knew this place very little.

Moreover, with their cultivation, they couldnt see the sword energy cage Lin Ran left behind at all.

They could only vaguely hear the sound of the wind over there.

However, Brother Hong did not want to appear ignorant in front of his subordinates.

His eyes darted around as he analyzed seriously, “Thats where the treasure is kept! Did you hear the wind over there That should be an array formation used to protect the treasure!”

The man with a hoarse voice nodded.

“Brother Hong, you are really knowledgeable!”

“Of course!”

Brother Hong nodded his head proudly, but he accidentally tore the wound.

He immediately gasped in pain.

“Cut the crap! Help me over first.

There might be healing medicine inside!”


The man with a hoarse voice nodded and helped Brother Hong limp towards the mountain guardians hut.

However, almost as soon as the two of them left, another figure quietly appeared.

Huo Qiyun looked at the two figures covered in injuries and couldnt help but look puzzled.

He didnt see Brother Hong and the others being bombed just now.

He was just curious.

They were here to steal swords, but why were they so seriously injured

After thinking for a while, Huo Qiyun decided not to alert the enemy.

After getting the direction right again, he quietly rushed towards the gathering point Lin Ran had mentioned.

At the Sacred Sword Hall of Mount Sword.

Unlike the thatched houses that could be seen everywhere, this should be the only decent building in Mount Sword.

Lin Ran had once heard from Daoist Li that when this shrine was first built, it was quite imposing.

However, very few people came after it was built.

It had been neglected for a long time and looked dilapidated.

However, if there was a Sacred Sword Hall dedicated to accommodate Sacred Abyss Sword, this was the most likely place Lin Ran could think of.

Lin Ran pressed his palms together at the entrance of the shrine and muttered a few words.

Then, he climbed over the wall with Xiao Huai and entered the courtyard.

This courtyard was about a hundred square meters, and there was a huge peach tree planted in it.

This peach tree had extremely huge trunks.

The dense tree crown covered almost half the yard.

However, it was already past the flower season.

“If you behave well, Ill bring you here to eat peaches in the fall.”

Lin Ran looked at Xiao Huai on his shoulder and chuckled like a strange uncle.

“The peaches on this tree are especially sweet.

I guarantee that you wont forget it after trying it!”

Xiao Huai forced a smile and said, “Hurry up and find the Sacred Abyss Sword.

Didnt you say that time is tight”

“Thats true.”

Lin Ran nodded and put down Xiao Huai.

His figure flashed and disappeared.

When he reappeared a moment later, his face was filled with confusion.

Seeing this, Xiao Huai asked curiously, “Whats wrong You didnt find the Sacred Abyss Sword”

Lin Ran nodded and shook his head.

“Ive checked this place from the inside out.

Not only did I not find the Sacred Abyss Sword, but I didnt even see the Sacred Sword Hall.”

Xiao Huais expression immediately became strange.

“Could it be that the empress is lying to you”


Lin Ran denied it without thinking.

Not only because he trusted the empress, but also because there was no need for such a lie.

If the empress didnt want to lend the Sacred Abyss Sword, she could just get someone to fake one.

There was no need to send Lin Ran to Mount Sword.

“That means the Sacred Sword Hall is not here.”

Xiao Huai suggested another possibility.

“There are other buildings on Mount Sword, right We can go to other places to take a look.”

Lin Ran pursed his lips and replied softly with a strange expression, “Theres indeed more than one building in Mount Sword, but the others are all simple thatched houses.

Why would they put the Sacred Abyss Sword in such a place”

Xiao Huai was about to say something when suddenly, with the sound of clothes fluttering, another figure climbed over the wall and landed.

Lin Ran turned around and smiled.

“I didnt expect your ability to hide your aura to have improved again.

I actually didnt feel any internal energy fluctuation!”

“Because I didnt use internal energy!”

Huo Qiyun rolled his eyes and said angrily, “I dont understand.

Whats the point of splitting up Do you know how tiring it is to run all the way here”

Lin Ran chuckled and was about to speak when his expression suddenly changed.

“Something happened! My sword energy cage was broken!”


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