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Sheng Yuan Emperor Was Poisoned!

As soon as the system finished speaking, boundless energy surged into Lin Rans body.

Dazzling rays of light burst in all directions, purifying everything around him.

Amidst the murderous sword energy, there was an indescribable mysterious energy, like a clear spring slowly flowing down a mountain, making one feel refreshed.

Lin Ran slowly opened his eyes and sensed the power flowing in his body.

Using his finger as a sword, sharp sword energy flew out and sped towards the black and white sword.


After a loud sound of explosion, the black and white sword still stood there safe and sound, as if nothing had changed.

However, when Lin Ran reached out to touch it, the cold aura on the sword immediately dissipated and was replaced by an indescribable warmth.

The evil aura around the sword was swept away!

It had to be known that the evil aura had corroded the sword for a long time.

Even with the suppression of righteousness, it could not be completely removed.

Now, Lin Ran had dissipated the evil aura with just one move.

It was obvious how powerful the new technique was.

“It actually has such a miraculous effect.”

Even Lin Ran was surprised by the effect of the Exorcism Sword Energy.

Not only could it remove the evil aura, but it could also remove all kinds of poison.

With this technique, Lin Ran was practically immune to poisons.

However, the sword could not return to its original state.

Without the suppression of the evil aura, the sword was filled with righteousness only.

After all, in the past, it was a battleground of the good and evil.

Now, the good had claimed victory.

It looked more like a Tai Chi Eight Trigrams pattern that fused and complemented each other.

Lin Ran looked at the black and white sword in his hand and put it back where it belonged.

Over the past few days, Lin Ran had been practicing the Exorcism Sword Energy.

His level had increased from the first level of the Senior Grandmaster Realm to the second level.

Although it was only a small improvement, to others, it was more difficult to achieve than ascending to the heavens.

“Why havent Zhao Wang and the other two made a move yet”

Lin Ran looked into the distance.

He could vaguely see carved beams and painted pillars.

Even from afar, the buildings looked majestic and imposing.

This was where the palace was.

The empress did not make a move either, nor did she mention what happened that day.

Occasionally, she would come to Mount Sword to practice her swordsmanship but she didnt summon Lin Ran.

The two of them did not interact much.

Lin Ran naturally would not take the initiative to approach the empress and seek trouble.

“Maybe King Zhaos plan fell flat.”

On the other side, in the palace.

In the magnificent hall, exquisite and luxurious items could be seen everywhere.

The dragon-patterned incense burner was lifelike, giving off billows of smoke.

It was a hundred-year-old agarwood that was worth ten thousand gold coins.

It was said that this agarwood was extremely difficult to come by and preserve.

It had a strange fragrance that could refresh the mind and brighten the eyes.

Even though the sun was setting, Night Pearls of the East Sea was bright enough to light up the entire hall, making it look almost like daytime.

Any item in the hall was worth more than what an ordinary person could earn in his entire life..

“Its time to eat, Your Majesty.”

Only then did Sheng Yuan Emperor put down the scroll in his hand and said, “Deliver the food then.”

As soon as he finished speaking, a large group of palace maids entered in an orderly manner.

Clearly, they had been waiting outside for a long time.

In just a moment, the long table was filled with delicacies.

The food was delicious and appetizing, but Sheng Yuan Emperor wasnt moved.

He had no appetite.

“The disaster in the southwest is getting worse by the day.

Its making me worried sick.”

The eunuch supervisor couldnt help but advise, “Your Majesty, although state affairs are onerous, you should at least eat something to take care of your health.”

The young eunuch at the side immediately brought over the dishes.

“Your Majesty, this is the latest medicinal cuisine developed by the imperial kitchen.

It can nourish the spleen and body.”

The snow-white birds nest was piled together like a snow mountain.

On it were ginseng, deer antler, and other precious herbs, making it look especially mouth-watering.

“This dish looks quite interesting.”

It was sweet, but there was an imperceptible bitterness.

Sheng Yuan Emperor thought that it was the taste brought about by the herbs, so he did not think too much of it and ate a few more spoonfuls.

No one noticed the strange expression on the young eunuchs face.

Sheng Yuan Emperor felt a burning sensation in his throat.

Sensing that something was wrong with the food, he immediately knocked over the bowl.

In the next second, he spat out a large mouthful of blood onto the snow-white birds nest.

It immediately shocked everyone.

“Your Majesty, whats wrong”

Sheng Yuan Emperors eyes darkened.

He opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but blood spurted out like a fountain.

The eunuchs and palace maids had never seen such a scene before.

They immediately panicked.

“Call the imperial physician immediately!”

At this moment, Sheng Yuan Emperor had already fainted.

No one noticed that the young eunuch who recommended the dish was already nowhere to be seen.

Upon hearing the news, the prime minister and a few other ministers rushed over.

“What happened How is His Majesty now”

Sun Zhanghong took a step forward and said with a worried expression.

If Lin Ran was here, he would recognize this person as the one who conspired with King Zhao that day.

He would definitely sigh at the fact that this wily old fox had two faces.

At this moment, he was very sincere and looked genuinely worried.

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