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Mastermind, Inviting the Sword God to Come out

The eunuch supervisor said with a trembling voice, “His Majesty vomited blood after eating the birds nest.

The imperial physician tested His Majesty and concluded that he was poisoned.”

After hearing what happened, Prime Minister Fu Siruis expression turned extremely twisted with anger.

“Who is it that dares to poison the emperor Its simply outrageous!”

After saying that, he looked fiercely at the eunuch supervisor and the others.

“Youre getting better and better at your job.

Did you even forget to test the food before handing it to His Majesty”

“Where did the young eunuch go Find him even if you have to go to the ends of the earth.”

“The eunuchs corpse was found at the back door of the imperial kitchen.

He had been dead for a long time.”

The person who reported did not dare to look at Fu Sirui.

Someone must have killed the young eunuch and used his identity to get close to the emperor, poisoned him, and snuck out of the palace during the chaotic scene.

“It seems like it was premeditated.”

When the imperial physician walked out, he was already covered in sweat.

Looking at his face, everyones hearts skipped a beat.

“Imperial Physician Zhang, how is His Majesty now”

Imperial Physician Zhang shook his head with a solemn expression while wiping the sweat off his forehead.

“Once this poison takes effect, it will quickly infect the internal organs.

Even a grandmaster wont be able to survive it.

Ive already used silver needles to block all the major acupoints on His Majesty, but it can only last for the time it takes to burn an incense stick.

We have to find the person who poisoned His Majesty and get the antidote as soon as possible.


Imperial Physician Zhang didnt finish, but everyone understood what he meant and was shocked.

“Is there no other way”

Imperial Physician Zhang knelt on the ground.

“Please forgive me, Prime Minister.

This time, Im really out of my depths.”

The entire place fell silent, and no one dared to let out a sound.

The eunuchs and palace maids were kneeling on the ground, trembling with fear.

If anything happened to the emperor, they would probably be buried with him.

It had to be known that Imperial Physician Zhang was the most experienced doctor in the imperial hospital.

If he said so, it meant the emperor was really incurable.

After all, even a Grandmaster-level figure could not survive this poison.

Fu Siruis face darkened.

“Have you caught the murderer yet”


“Whats the point of having guards like you You cant even catch an assassin!”

Now, the entire palace was seamlessly guarded.

Not even a fly could fly out, but the assassin managed to escape.

The more Fu Sirui thought about it, the more shocked he was.

To be able to avoid the imperial guards and secret guards, it seemed that the mastermind was very powerful.

It was very likely that he was from the imperial court.

Otherwise, why was he so familiar with the palace

It was even possible that there were people among the statesmen who helped the assassin escape.

He looked around the place with an indescribable coldness.

If the emperor died now, the Heavenly Saint Dynasty would definitely be in turmoil.

Who exactly wanted that to happen

Sun Zhanghong said coldly, “If His Majesty dies, your entire imperial hospital will be buried with him.”

Imperial Physician Zhangs back was already drenched in cold sweat.

“Now the only silver lining is to find a Senior Grandmaster to treat His Majesty and stop the poison from spreading to his heart.

This way, there might be a chance.”

Hearing that, not only was Fu Sirui not relieved, but he frowned even more.

Across the dynasty, Senior Grandmasters were few and far between.

Most of them were cultivating in seclusion in the depths of the mountains.

It would be too late to send people to invite them to the palace now.

Moreover, the Senior Grandmasters were mysterious.

No one knew exactly where they were.

At this moment, Sun Zhanghong added, “Isnt there one on Mount Sword”

“You mean the Sword God”

Fu Sirui immediately revealed a conflicted expression.

“But the Sword God has been in seclusion for many years and hasnt appeared in the world.

Besides, the former emperor gave the order that no one was to disturb him.”

“Its an emergency.

Now that His Majesty is in a life-and-death situation, we have no choice.

I believe the Sword God wont blame us.”

Sun Zhanghongs suggestion was also backed up by the other ministers.

Without further ado, they quickly headed to Mount Sword.

As a rule set up by the former emperor that anyone entering the forbidden area on Mount Sword would be punished by death, the ministers stopped at the gate and knelt down.

“His Majesty is in danger of death.

Sword God, please come out and save him.”

Everyone said in unison, but unfortunately, there was no reaction.

There was no movement at the forbidden area.

It was so quiet that it was as if no one was there.

“Could it be that the Sword God is not in the mountain”

“The Sword God has been in seclusion for decades.

Chances are he might already be dead.”

Everyone whispered to each other and immediately panicked.

The Sword God was their last hope.

It was clearly too late to invite other grandmasters.

Fu Sirui kowtowed heavily and shouted again to the mountaintop, “His Majesty is in danger.

Sword God, please do something to save him.”

At this moment, they still did not know that the Sword God had died.

No matter what they said and how much they kowtowed, the Sword God didnt respond.

Lin Ran was cultivating in the cave when he heard the noise outside.

“It seems like it was done by King Zhao and the others.”

Lin Ran decided to go out.

Be it for the sake of the Sword God or Daoist Li, he had to save the empress.

Moreover, if he could sign in at the throne hall, he might receive different rewards.

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