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It was not until he reached the peak of the fifth level of the Half-Saint Realm that Lin Rans leveling up ground to a halt.

Sensing the violent power flowing through his body, Lin Ran couldnt help but look shocked.

He had only encountered such a situation where his cultivation level soared three times.

The first two times, he inherited the internal energy of deceased masters.

The third time, while he was helping the empress “reproduce”, he used the Nine Yin-Yang Swords to absorb a large amount of spiritual energy.

However, this time, Lin Ran did not do anything.

After sitting here for a while, his cultivation level jumped from the first level of the Half-Saint Realm to the fifth level.

This was too strange!

“Did I accidentally sign in while meditating”

Lin Ran was suspicious, but then he knew that it was impossible.

With the lesson he had learned in the Hidden Sword Pavilion, Lin Ran had full control over which sword to sign in with.

After looking around suspiciously for a moment, Lin Ran finally fixed his gaze at Sacred Abyss Sword on the wall.

When Lin Ran was studying Sacred Abyss Sword, he realized that although this sword was also filled with sword intent, it was still much weaker than other divine swords.

It was precisely because of this that he felt that this sword was a fake.

However, when he looked at Sacred Abyss Sword again, Lin Ran immediately realized that something was wrong.

The sword intent contained in this sword was gradually condensing, while the sword intent in the other divine swords was gradually lessening.

It was as if their sword intent had been absorbed by Sacred Abyss Sword.

At first, Lin Ran thought that he was hallucinating, but after careful investigation, he realized that it wasnt.

When he first entered the treasure vault, the sword intent in Sacred Abyss Sword could only be ranked medium here.

However, at this moment, it could be ranked in the top three.

Moreover, the sword intent in it was still condensing and showed no signs of stopping!

Seeing this scene, Lin Ran suddenly had a strange feeling.

It was as if the Sacred Abyss Sword in front of him was a living thing that was breathing, and the “air” it breathed was sword intent.

That was why it alternated between strong and weak.

At this moment, the systems voice suddenly sounded in Lin Rans mind.


[Special location detected.

The host is in the Heavenly Saint Dynastys Hidden Sword Pavilion.]

[Host, do you want to sign in]

When the system sounded, Lin Ran knew that it was already the next day.

But now, there was a problem in front of him.

Should he choose the three swords that he knew very well and could almost guess what reward he could obtain, or should he choose the Sacred Abyss Sword that he wasnt sure was the real one or not

Logically speaking, Lin Ran didnt have to be so conflicted.

The treasure vault was here.

At most, he could stay for a few more days.

However, the commotion caused by opening the treasure vault just now was too great.

The empress must have already known about it.

Even if she didnt blame Lin Ran, she would definitely ask him to explain the matter clearly.

At that time, he would have to face two choices.

One was to tell her all his secrets, and the other was to make up a lie.

Lin Ran would never choose the former.

As for the latter… the empress was not so easy to fool.

If he said something wrong and the empress forbade Lin Ran from entering the treasure vault again, he would have to barge in.

His eyes darted around like lightning between the swords, unable to make up his mind.

“Dont put the eggs in the same basket…”

Lin Ran muttered to himself, his gaze shifting between the Sacred Abyss Sword and the three swords.

He was so conflicted that he didnt know what he was talking about.

In the end, Lin Ran gritted his teeth , raised his hand, and placed it on Sacred Abyss Sword!


[Congratulations to the host for successfully signing in and obtaining the Regal Technique – Sovereign Descent.]

“Regal Technique”

Lin Ran frowned in confusion.

He had obtained a lot of rewards from the system, and it was the first one with a prefix.

What exactly was the Regal Technique Was it a cultivation technique that only emperors could practice

As if sensing Lin Rans confusion, a golden manual slowly unfolded in his mind.

“All the lands in the world belong to the Emperor, and all the humans in the world are Emperors people…”

Lin Ran muttered in his heart.

This manual did not have many words.

He quickly finished reading it, but he was still confused.

From the contents of the manual, this was indeed a secret manual of the royal family that only the royal family could cultivate.

However, it was so only because the royal family members kept it a secret.

This cultivation technique only had two uses: taking and giving.

The “taking” was to absorb the spiritual energy of heaven and earth to temporarily increase ones cultivation for a short period of time.

As for “giving”, it was to temporarily increase the cultivation of others in a short period of time with ones own spiritual energy.

This technique was quite useful.

With it, Lin Ran had two life-saving tools.

If it were any other time, he would definitely raise his arms and cheer, but right now, he was filled with doubts.

Sovereign Descent had the effect of temporarily increasing ones cultivation level, but Lin Ran didnt touch the Sacred Abyss Sword just now.

Why did his cultivation level up so drastically

Just as Lin Ran was feeling puzzled, he was suddenly pulled back to reality by light footsteps.

“Someones coming!”

Lin Rans expression changed slightly, and he subconsciously wanted to hide.

However, the stone room was an open space, and there was only one stone step in and out.

If he went out now, he would definitely bump into the other party!

After thinking for a moment, Lin Ran finally decided to use Mystic Gate Technique to leave.

After all, his appearance here was too suspicious.

Once he was seen, he wouldnt be able to explain himself.

Just as Lin Ran was about to flash away, he suddenly heard someone ask outside the stone door, “Grandpa Sword God Is that you”

“Your Majesty”

Lin Ran relaxed when he heard the familiar voice.

There was only one person walking down the stone steps.

Since it was the empress, based on their relationship, it wouldnt be a big deal.

Thinking of this, Lin Ran hurriedly tore off the outer layer of his black clothes, revealing the uniform of the guard commander inside.

Then, he grabbed Star Splitter Sword on the ground and put it away.

Lin Ran only wanted the killing sword intent in Star Splitter Sword.

There was no harm in signing in elsewhere.

After doing all this, light appeared outside the stone door.

Then, the empress walked in wearing a dragon robe and carrying a lantern.

As soon as their eyes met, Lin Ran immediately knelt on one knee and greeted with a mischievous smile, “Greetings, Your Majesty!”

Normally, the empress would tell Lin Ran to stand up and ask what he was doing here.

However, this time, Lin Ran waited for a long time but did not receive the order to stand up.

Instead, he felt a faint killing intent!

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