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The empress and Huo Qiyun didnt know what Lin Ran was thinking.

When they heard this place, they couldnt help but look puzzled.

Huo Qiyun asked, “The nameless cave at the top of Mount Sword… Isnt that where Grandpa Sword God cultivated in seclusion Could this be Grandpa Sword Gods aura”

Lin Ran instantly thought of an excuse.

“This is not Senior Sword Gods aura, but the aura of a sword.”

With that, he took out the Yin-Yang Sword from the Divine Sword Technique Manual.

Looking at the black and white dual-colored sword, the empress and Huo Qiyun couldnt help but look surprised.

Huo Qiyun sensed the sword carefully and said in surprise, “This sword is really strange.

On one side, its filled with evil aura, and on the other side, its filled with good aura.

Its often said that good and evil cant coexist, but thats not the case with this sword.”

“Mount Sword has a sealed demon and is guarded by Sword God, so there is a constant presence of both good and evil auras all year round.

This sword happens to be located on a spot where two auras collide.

After years of corrosion, this strange phenomenon appeared.”

As Lin Ran spoke, he performed a sword technique.

Then, a Yin-Yang pattern spread out from the sword.

The black and white colors formed a circle and slowly rotated.

After a moment, black fog began to flow out of the mans seven orifices and slowly fused into the spinning Yin-Yang pattern.

When there was no more black fog flowing out, Lin Ran stopped and put the Yin-Yang Sword back into the Divine Sword Technique Manual.

“Alright, Ive broken the restriction in his body.

You can continue interrogating him.”

Huo Qiyun nodded and took out the small porcelain bottle.

He shook it under the mans nose.

Almost at the same time, the man slowly opened his eyes.

Seeing the bloody scene in front of him, the man was first stunned before quickly crawling up to Lin Ran on all fours.

“Sword God, please spare me! I was really deceived!”

Lin Ran ignored his begging and asked directly, “Did you eavesdrop on Liu Yuntao and Supreme Mos conversation”

“Sword God, please spare me! I really dont know who Supreme Mo is!”

The man denied it, but Lin Ran clearly noticed that when he heard “Supreme Mo”, there was a subtle expression on his face.

At the side, Huo Qiyun said, “Dont worry, the restriction in your body has been removed by Grandpa Sword God.

Tell us the truth, and youll be fine.”

Hearing this, the man suddenly stopped crying and stood up to look at Huo Qiyun with hatred.

“Do you think Im a three-year-old child The restrictions Supreme Mo casts are indestructible! If I hadnt seen it with my own eyes, I wouldnt be so afraid of him!”

Huo Qiyun frowned.

He suddenly suspected if Lin Ran had really removed the restriction.

Although there was black fog flowing out of this persons seven orifices just now, who knew if it was a trick Lin Ran played to fool people If the restriction was not removed, this person would definitely explode and die if they continued to interrogate him.

Thinking of this, Huo Qiyun became even more suspicious.

Just as he was about to ask, the empress suddenly took out her sword and placed it on the mans neck.

“If you dont tell us, youll certainly die.

But if you do, you might live.”

The empresss cold voice sounded.

Although the man didnt know Lin Rans face, he could feel the killing intent and the dignity of an emperor!

Involuntarily, the mans aura weakened.

He stammered, “I… Ill tell you! Ill tell you everything!”

As soon as he said that, the man broke out in a cold sweat!

Huo Qiyun hurriedly pulled the empress away because according to his previous experience, as long as this person had the intention to betray Supreme Mo, he would instantly explode and die!

However, after waiting for half a minute, nothing happened to the man at all.

Only then did they believe that the restriction in his body had really been removed!

Lin Ran made an expression that said, “I told you so.” Then, he looked at the man and asked, “Do you believe me now Then tell me quickly.

Who is Supreme Mo”

“He, hes not human…”

The man said hesitantly.

After realizing that he really did not explode and die, he became bolder.

“Actually, Im not sure if hes human or not.

I already told you about our trip to the Eight Directional Mountain last night.

Liu Yuntao said that the Sword God coming out of seclusion might be a scam, so he wants to rope us in to challenge the new emperor.”

“I agreed at that time, but I felt that something was wrong, so after the meeting ended, I secretly followed Liu Yuntao and eavesdropped on his conversation with Supreme Mo.

However, after listening for a while, I was discovered.”

“After I was caught, I found out that a few other sect masters had also gone to eavesdrop.

Liu Yuntao brought us into the room.

Thats where I saw Supreme Mo.”

Lin Ran already knew what was going on, but in order not to make the empress suspicious, when he heard Supreme Mo appear, he pretended to be anxious and asked, “What does Supreme Mo look like Why did you say that hes not human”

“Because all I saw last night was a black fog.”

The man said with a reminiscent expression, “Anyway, I didnt see his face or hear his voice.

After he placed a restriction on us, he asked Liu Yuntao to let us go.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the empress and Huo Qiyun looked at each other with solemn expressions.

Although this man was very cooperative, there was almost no useful information from him.

After releasing a wisp of sword intent to knock the man out, Lin Ran turned around and looked at the empress.

“Your Majesty, Im afraid this matter will get more serious if it drags on.

I want to go to the Eight Directional Mountain to investigate.”

Before the empress could say anything, Huo Qiyun rejected his proposal.

“No, weve already announced at the banquet today that youre leaving the palace to destroy those sects that were involved in the rebellion!”

“As far as I know, when King Zhao rebelled, the Dao-Seeking Sect was the first to join hands with them.

Even if you want to go to the Eight Directional Mountain to investigate, you should go to the Dao-Seeking Sect first.”

The empress nodded slightly when she heard that.

“Qiyun is right.

No matter who this Supreme Mo is, since hes hiding in the dark, theres no need to be in a hurry to deal with him.

We have to prioritize matters.”

Lin Ran was speechless as he thought to himself, “What do the two of you know If Im slow and the demon escapes, itll be difficult to find him again!”

However, he couldnt really say this out loud.

Otherwise, the news of the demon breaking out of the seal would be exposed.

Lin Ran immediately fell into a dilemma and felt conflicted.

After thinking for a moment, Lin Ran suddenly smiled.

“I have a way to get the best of both worlds!”

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