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“How are you doing as the chief Colonel Lize has heard about your awesome incident.” Jin Ke gloated.

“If he knows, then he knows,” Wei San has already broken the jar, “What can the chief do, I just fight with the chief soldiers of the other military academies.”

Jin Ke corrected: “It is still our, commanders’, sixth target.”

Wei San lowered her head and picked at the food.

Suddenly, she said, “You main members are really busy.”

“After reporting, in a few weeks, all of us will start for the first match.” Ying Chenghe has a complicated look.

“The draw for the first competition venue of this session is the Capital Star.”

Wei San and Jin Ke looked at each other and stared at him.

“I haven’t been to the capital.

What’s good to eat there” Wei San sincerely questioned, looking like she wanted to leisurely travel over.

“Chenghe, bring us out to have a look.” Jin Ke uttered earnestly.

Ying Chenghe: “……”

The first reaction of normal people was that the Capital Star was the home of the Imperial Military Academy.

Other military academies suffered in the past.

Why was it that Wei San thought about food, drinks and playing

Jin Ke also.

He obviously knew that the first competition venue was on the Capital Star, yet he pretended to analyze the good and bad.

As soon as he met with Wei San, he began to walk on the wrong road.

“There is still closed training once we go.” Ying Chenghe gave a reminder.

“Fifteen days of training, but only ten days of closed door training, and we will go ahead of time, there is enough.” Jin Ke knew this information like the palm of his hand.

“Alright.” The complex emotion that Ying Chenghe had not yet raised was completely interrupted by these two people.


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It wasn’t long before they had to go to the Capital Star.

Wei San thought that she might as well play more challenge arena matches.

After discussing with West Landing, they agreed to play more.

“Keep your head down.

We will go to the Capital Star in a while.

You may have to fight slowly here alone.” F*** F*** patted Wei San on the shoulder, “I don’t know if we can meet again in the future.”

Wei San thought that she had to go too, but she asked instead, “Are you going to watch the competition”

Many mecha soldiers in the Underground Factory would go to see the Hephaestus Competition every year.

In fact, they bought tickets to watch the live broadcast even while going there, but they still enjoyed it.

Because there were people from the military region and commentaries on the live broadcast, sometimes they could see the big guys come out, and they could also see their favorite idols if lucky.

Most of the followers of the competition were non military students who did not join the army.

While watching the competition, they find the Underground Factory branch in the local area and play in the challenge arena.

Wei San thought that West Landing and F*** F*** were also like this.

“That’s right.” F*** F*** spoke again, “We’re going to watch the game.”

“I’m also going to watch the game.” Wei San opened her mouth and dropped at once.

West Landing spoke: “if you have time, we can also form a team.”

“Which player do you like” F*** F*** who rarely had interest asked Wei San.

“Ying Xingjue.” Wei San subconsciously spoke a name.

“……Why do you like him” F*** F*** seemed to casually question, but listening carefully, there was a trace of gnashing teeth.

“His hair is bright.”

F*** F***: “”

“The people recently all have problems right.” F*** F*** whispered, “Her eyes are already on other people’s hair.”

Wei San didn’t hear, because someone came to find her and West Landing.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is our invitation to the fourth floor underground.

As long as you win 14 more games, you will be the last name entered on the leaderboard.” A man in a hat and bright clothes came over with three invitations in his hands and said, “The invitations are yours.”

Wei San reached for it, and the other side dodged.

Wei San: “”

“These three invitations can only be given to you if you enter the scoreboard first.”

F*** F*** squeezed over and said, “Then what are you talking about now with an invitation card Can’t you come back after we get onto the leaderboard Is this just for tantalizing one’s appetite”

Hat Man: “This……”

F*** F*** sniffed: “The most annoying are those who force others, if you want to, then give it now, otherwise this uncle doesn’t even want it.”

Wei San turned around to glance at F*** F***.

She had to say that sometimes he was better than herself at angering others.

Hat Man: “It’s against the rules to give it in advance.”

“So you coming here early is proper regulations” F*** F*** put his arms in his hands, with a little condescending arrogance, “Let’s go, we have no time to accept invitations.”

The hat man who just wanted to come over and put on some airs: “.…..please wait here first.”


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