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Buying a Phone

“Ah, really…” Seeing that Shan Yue had already strode away, Shan Chen scratched his head and mustered his courage to quickly follow. At the same time, he looked around curiously and cautiously.

On the ground floor of the mall were some fast-selling brands. It happened to be a weekday, so there were no customers in the mall. It seemed empty.

The salespeople standing at the entrance of every shop would intentionally or unintentionally size up the siblings. Their old clothes and rustic appearance made it obvious that they had no spending power. After a few disdainful glances, they treated the siblings as air.

Shan Chen was very sensitive to the probing and sizing gazes of the people around him. He lowered his head deeply and followed Shan Yue timidly like a poor little chick. He also tried to adjust his walking posture to keep up with Shan Yue.

After walking for a few minutes, they finally saw a relatively large cell phone store. Shan Yues heart skipped a beat as she pulled Shan Chen in.

The phone she used for communication was an old push-button cell phone from more than a decade ago. It had no function other than to receive messages on the phone. Shan Chen was only slightly better off. He used the small touch-screen phone that Sun Ling had used three years ago. Not only was it lagging, but his Internet reception was often poor.

Having a handy communication tool would undoubtedly greatly improve the convenience of life. Hence, as soon as Shan Yue entered, she said without hesitation, “I want two of the most expensive and best phones here!”

Seeing that business was here, the salesperson quickly came out to welcome them. When she saw Shan Yue and Shan Chen, she was in disbelief.

These two poor high school students wanted the best and most expensive cell phones. They were bragging. Did they come to her for fun on purpose

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However, out of good professionalism, the sales lady quickly took out a phone from the counter and introduced it to the two of them. “This is our stores flagship phone. It has excellent performance in all aspects and is extremely cost-effective. The event price is only 6,899 yuan. You can buy it in installments.”

Six thousand yuan That was his parents monthly salary! Shan Chen was a little surprised. His hands, which had been clenched into fists since he entered, were slightly sweating.

Did his sister want to buy this phone in installments Would she not be able to repay the money and get scolded by his parents Shan Chen was already starting to worry.

Seeing that Shan Chen was silent, Shan Yue thought that he didnt like it, so she pointed to a phone in the middle of the counter that clearly looked more substantial and designed. “What about this”

“This… is the best phone in our shop. Its a new high-tech phone released last week. Its waterproof and has perfect performance. We only have ten phones in our shop.” The salesperson was a little embarrassed and had no intention of taking the phone that Shan Yue pointed at out of the counter.

“The main clientele of this phone is business people who value privacy and security. The price is 15,999 yuan. Little girl, why dont you look at something else…”

Privacy and security That suits her perfectly!

When Shan Yue heard this, she immediately liked it. Moreover, this phone had two colors, one pink and one white. She and Shan Chen happened to have the same color each, so she immediately replied, “Alright, then take two of these. Pay by card!”

“Ah Uh, okay, Ill settle the bill for you now…” Before the shop assistant could react, she saw Shan Yue really take out a bank card and hurriedly operate the cash register system to settle the bill.

When the screen showed that Shan Yue had successfully paid more than 30,000 yuan with her bank card, the shop assistant realized that the two poor high school students in front of her were not bragging. They really had the money to buy the most expensive and best cell phone.

The latest model of 16,000 yuan could not even be sold in their shop for a week. Unexpectedly, she accidentally picked up 30,000 yuan today! Previously, she had foolishly thought that the other party had no money and specially recommended a cheap cell phone to her. She had almost missed a huge order!

Thinking of this, the saleslady immediately put on her warmest smile and respectfully handed the two phones to Shan Yue and Shan Chen. “These are your phones. You can check them.”



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