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The Incubus System 100 Chapter 98. Krakens Power

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When things were calmer, we got out of the car, and so did the people around us. They immediately ran away including our chauffeur. While we remained there, our eyes staring at the thick puff of smoke from 500 meters ahead of us and trying to figure out what was going on. Everything was so chaotic. People's screams and cries for help were heard since the explosion made a big hole in the middle of the bridge. Several cars and people who fell into the sea were clearly visible below us. Several injured people also ran in shuffling steps, their hands holding their wounds.

"Call the rescue team and the demon hunters!" screamed one of them.

A woman in her thirties ran past us, trying to catch up with the crowd.

"Please help my son and my husband!" she screamed tearfully. But of course, everyone ignored her because there was nothing they could do at this point but to run away and wait for help.

The sea around us suddenly filled with cars and broken bridge's debris as well as some people who were struggling to swim, one of them was a man holding his child.

'I have to do something.' But how With this many people, I couldn't possibly save them even if I used my demonic form.

Suddenly Diamond's legs turned into tentacles as her eyes glowed in blue like a sapphire in the sun. Her hands slowly lifted upward with palms facing up.

"Sea of my sea. O hear my voice and command. For your master, I, Diamond Seabloom, the great Kraken. I command you to bring everything that falls on you to the edge!"

After that spell left her mouth, the sea around us moved following her orders. Everyone and all the debris around us floated and were slowly pushed by the current to the edge. I looked at her in amazement since this was the first time I saw a Kraken's descendant using her Sea Communication skill.

[Demons have been found.]

As Diamond used her skill, I could see several Rat Demons approaching us. This time they were still in their original form. Diamond also realized that since I could see her fear as the glow in her eyes got dimmer, her body started trembling. The people and the debris in the sea around us started to sink again, I could tell she was starting to lose her concentration.

"Don't be afraid. I'll protect you," I said. It was just the two of us here.

She turned to me in doubt.

"But ..."

I took one of her tentacles and placed it to my chest.

"Believe me."

Her eyes were widened, even though it sounded crazy but she realized I wasn't messing with my words. She shifted her gaze forward, her face turned serious again and the glow in her eyes was getting brighter as her concentration returned.

A Rat Demon jumped down and walked toward us. My hands were clenched into fists, ready to attack him.

He rushed at me as if I was a weak prey.

When he was right in front of me, I simply threw a high kick to his head.

[Critical hit!]

[You have hit a Rat Demon for 151 HP. ]

"Graahhhhh!" He screamed in pain and staggered backwards. His grin disappeared and changed with a shocked expression since he didn't expect my attack to be that hurt. While a smirk appeared on my lips.

Without mercy, I lunged at him and punched him in the stomach.

[You have hit a Rat Demon for 43 HP. ]

And he turned to ashes.

I retreated to Diamond's side since the other Rat Demons approached us from two opposite directions.

"You can fight demons" asked Diamond in disbelief.

"I learn martial arts for this," I replied, my eyes watching those two demons in turn.

The demons charged at us at the same time. I dashed at one of them and ducked down to avoid his attack, my hand grabbed his hand and threw him at his friend before that demon reached Diamond.

- Brakkkk!

[You have hit a Rat Demon for 30 HP. ]

[You have hit a Rat Demon for 31 HP. ]

They fell to the ground.

Quickly, I ran towards them. They got up and their claws swung at me. I ducked down to dodge and rolled forward, passing in the middle of their arms. After I got behind them, I stood up and kicked one of them in the head.

[Critical hit!]

[You have hit a Rat Demon for 148 HP. ]

As the Rat Demon turned to ashes, the other turned around and attacked me again with his claw. But I brushed it off and punched him in the chest.

[Critical hit!]

[You have hit a Rat Demon for 149 HP. ]

Even though the demon has turned to ashes, there wasn't any announcement that my battle was over. I could guess there were still other demons ahead since I knew the Rat Demon wouldn't be able to make such a big explosion.

My eyes looked ahead and caught other Rat Demons who were approaching us, an army of rat demons to be precise since their number was over fifty. Several demons with different forms were also with them.

'Shit!' I wouldn't be able to fight them and protect Diamond at the same time. And Diamond wasn't a Demon Hunter like Emma she wouldn't be able to defend herself either.

"Have you done yet" I asked without taking my eyes off the demons who were only 100 meters away from me.

Diamond grabbed my hand and pulled me.

"Yes. Let's go!" We immediately turned and ran.

As we ran, the demons chased after us. But I couldn't fight them yet, I knew I had to get her to a safe place before facing those demons.

"Wait!" she said as she turned around. Her eyes glowed in blue as she chanted a spell, her hand extended toward them.

"O my sea, answer my call!"

A huge wave came and swept away the demons. Even though the demons didn't budge, it was enough to stop them. Then we ran again to the end of the bridge.

We joined the crowd. While the police immediately blocked the place with magic shields.

"Have the demon hunters arrived yet" I asked one of them.

"Calm down, they are already on their way," replied the policeman.

"Okay. Thank you." I just wanted to confirm if they were here or not since I wanted to use my Devil Space skill. I turned to Diamond.

"Come on." I led her away from the bridge through the crowd. In the middle of it, I released my grip, making it seem as we were separated.

I didn't want to leave her like this, but I had no other choice. I had to fight the demons immediately. They were only a few hundred meters away from us and I was not sure the police would be able to hold them back before the demon hunters arrived. Other than that with that many demons, I was sure there was a crack around here.

My hand grabbed a fedora that stuck on the fire hydrant and wore it. My feet continued to walk towards an alley. I stopped and my eyes swept around me, making sure no one wasn't there. Then I extended my hand.

'Devil Space!'

A black cube came out of my palm, a second later it expanded rapidly and covered the place.

[Devil Space has been activated.]

I shifted my gaze to the building in front of me.

'Demonic Form Activated.'

-Kkraakk --- Kkraakk --- Kkraakk

Two horns appeared above my head along with a pair of bat wings growing behind my back. A tail grew behind me and slipped out of my jeans, while my eyes turned red and my face changed to Damian. I didn't need to take off my sweater since I only wore a long sleeve t-shirt.

[You have activated your Demonic Form.]

[Fly has been activated.]

[All skills effectiveness 30%.]

I jumped and flapped my wings, bringing my body upwards towards the fake sky in my Devil Space.-

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