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Larry and I sat in the dining room in silence, like two bad boys who just got scolded by their parents. Occasionally, our eyes glanced at Larry's mother who was preparing our meals in the kitchen.

My gaze turned to Larry and we talked to each other with our eyes like telepathy, again.

'What should we do now' - Ethan.

'Uh ... Um ... We can pretend we are innocent. Then explain it after her mood improved. ' - Larry.

I frowned.

'Why do we have to pretend We are innocent. ' - Ethan.

'Did he really think we are body pillow rapists' I thought.

'Well ... You know my mom. She won't believe us that easily after she saw that. ' - Larry.

'That's your job to explain it. She's your mom. ' - Ethan.

Larry sighed and shook his head side to side slightly.

'I'm not sure she will believe it. She has given up on me and thinks I have no future. ' - Larry.

Well, I would also think he has no future if I didn't know his true identity as a demon hunter.

"Here you go," Larry's mother said as she put our dinner in front of us. A large portion of baked chicken and mashed potato

"Thank you, ma'am." I nodded slightly to show my gratitude.

She sat on her chair and smiled.

"You guys have to eat more since you are still growing up. You know… you guys finished too soon."

Larry and I cringed.

'What does she mean by 'finished too soon' Is it Larry's assignment or the other one ' we thought.

I glanced at Larry.

'Did she know that I came to help you to do your assignment ' - Ethan.

'I don't think so.' - Larry.

We turned our eyes to his mother who was looking at us in confusion.

'Does your mom think we are that pathetic' - Ethan. There was no way we were gonna cum in just a minute. I meant at least for me, I didn't know about Larry and I didn't want to know either.

'Well ... We are pathetic singles so ... Maybe' - Larry.

"Why are you looking at me like that" Larry's mother's gaze shifted to me and Larry alternately.

"Ma'am, we really didn't do anything to that body pillow. Besides, we aren't that pathetic," I tried to explain one more time, hoping she would believe me. One minute was the worst insult for an incubus like me.

Larry's mother raised her hand, asking me to stop my explanation and smiled gently at me.

"It's okay. I was just a little shocked earlier. I realized you are still growning up and this is normal." She took a deep breath and exhaled as if she had just swallowed a harsh truth.

"It's just ... Now I'm worried about something else ..."

"What are you worried about" I asked curiously.

She cleared her throat.

"I think under 30 seconds is really bad," she cringed.

Our jaws dropped in shock.

"Ma'am, there is no way-"

She interrupted me.

"I'm really worried about the Grandroar and Strongheart families' successor now." She sighed and smiled bitterly.

"But it's okay. You're still growing up. Maybe it will get better after some practice."

We were speechless. Did she think we were that weak

She gestured, asking us to start eating.

"We don't need to think about that for now. We can go to see a doctor if necessary."

I turned to Larry and was just about to give him an 'explain it to your mom' look, but he already gave me a 'told ya' look. Seeing Larry had surrendered to his fate, I turned to his mother.

"Ma'am, I already have a girlfriend. I won't do that kind of thing to a body pillow," I explained. With this, I hoped I could clear my name. Well, at least about that 30 seconds thing and my pathetic single status.

Larry's mother looked shocked.


"Really !" Larry's voice sounded louder than his mother and I turned to him in shock. Larry's eyes widened.

"Is it that barbaric woman" he asked again. I guessed what he meant was Olivia.

"Well ..." I paused since I had 7 partners now.

"How could you never tell me about that" Larry complained before I could continue my words.

"I just-"

Larry interrupted me again.

"Am I the only pathetic single here" he said in disbelief. He leaned his back to his chair weakly.

"I can't believe it ... Why he has it but I don't ..." he said in his trademark dramatic tone.

"Well ... You can start looking for one," I said.

He paused to think.

"It's okay, Larry. I will help you," said his mother. Looks like she was starting to believe our words.

Suddenly a proud smile appeared on his face as he raised his hand gracefully or at least he tried to act like one.

"How could I forget I also have a girlfriend," he said in a calm tone.

I chuckled.

"That 'nana-chan' doesn't count," I reminded him.

"Hey, I mean a real girl," he retorted.

Larry's mother clapped her hands.

"That's good. Then you should introduce her to me next time."

"Yeah, you also have to introduce her to me. I'm really curious about her," I teased. I knew he was lying since his status was single.

"Hmph!" Larry snorted irritably as he picked up the spoon.

"We will see that later!" Then he started to eat.

"Right ..." I said in a teasing tone. Then I grabbed my spoon and started to eat.


I put my spoon on my empty plate.

"Thanks for the meal, ma'am," I said politely.

"Do you still want more We still have plenty of it," she said.

"No, thanks. I think that's enough." My stomach felt full now.

I tidied up my plate and put it on the kitchen sink. While Larry did the same.

"Thanks for helping me out, buddy," said Larry.

I turned to him as a breath escaped my mouth.

"I know you must be tired listening to this. But I will say this one more time, you should be more responsible for your studies."

Again, his face turned grim. After I said it, Larry paused for a moment and nodded his head.

"Yes, I know," he replied.

"Sorry," I guessed my words had something to do with his friend. Maybe his friend also nagged him like me quite often.

"Oh, do you have free time tonight How about we play a game before you get home I mean I can't beat that black dragon alone," he asked.

"I'm sorry I can't. I have to go home now. How about next time" Actually, I felt bad that I couldn't accompany him. But according to my calculations Foxy's DP almost ran out, I had to feed her immediately. Besides, I guessed Larry really needed sleep instead of playing games now. I could see his eye bags were getting worse and his face looked pale and tired.

"Okay. I will look forward to it," he said simply.

"Ethan, you need to be careful on your way home. Our neighbour just died from a demon attack last night," Larry's mother warned as she put the dish in the sink.

"I'll be careful," I said. Since I could see Larry's face turned grim again, I gave him a tap on his shoulder.

"Take a rest. Don't push yourself," I tried to cheer him up.

He nodded.

We walked towards the exit and I put my shoes on. But before I said goodbye, Larry was also wearing his shoes.

"Mom, I'll take Ethan to the bus stop," he shouted.

"Be careful," she answered.

"You don't have to do it," I said as we left his house. I couldn't go home using my portal skills if he was still with me.

"It's okay. Besides, I need some fresh air after doing that annoying assignment," he said in a relaxed tone. But despite his tone and his words, I knew something else was bothering him. Our feet stepped down on the sidewalk.

I watched Larry in silence, this was the first time I saw him like this.

As my eyes turned to the faint bloodstain on the sidewalk near us, the heavy objects falling sound was heard.


"Aww!" Larry tripped by his own foot and fell.

I extended my hand to help him up and he took it.

"You should take a rest." I knew he was worried about me, but he even couldn't walk properly. If the demons attacked us, let alone protect me, with his condition, he wouldn't be able to protect himself.

"I'm fine. I just pretended to fall," he said as he stood up.

I sighed and looked him in the eyes.

"Larry, please go home."

"I told ya, I'm fine. Besides, we're almost there," he reasoned.

"I can go by myself," I said.

"No, we're almost there," he insisted.

"You should take rest," I repeated. He looked so tired, he would be passed out if he kept going.

Suddenly his voice rose in anger.

"Shut up! We're almost at the hospi-" his words stopped.

"I mean bus stop," he said in a calmer tone.

I sighed once again since I understood why he was so insistent on accompanying me.

"Thank you for accompanying me. It's not your fault, don't blame yourself." I knew my words would clarify that I knew his identity as a demon hunter, but someone had to say it. After hearing my words, he seemed calmer and his eyes trembled with emotion. I smiled.

"Take care." I turned and walked away. This time he didn't walk with me or chased after me.

"Ethan, you also have to take care of yourself," Larry's voice came from behind me.

I answered by raising my thumb and waved my hand without turning to him.


Larry's PoV

Larry looked at Ethan who was walking away from him. Then he shifted his gaze on a nearby bloodstain as he remembered last night's incident. It was raining heavily and he tried to take his dying friend to the hospital.

'James! Hang on! We're almost there! We're almost at the hospital! ' he shouted those words when his dying friend fell on that place and whispered his last message. That message was unclear because his friend's voice was almost lost in the rain sound. Somehow it bothered him a lot because he not only failed to save his friend's life, he even failed to hear his last message. After they arrived at the hospital his friend was dead.

The night was long for him, he had to give information to the hospital, the police and the association. Not to mention that he got bad news about Theo. He knew he was tired, his body screamed for rest but his mind wasn't. That's why he kept playing games just to run away from his sadness. It was the same game that he used to play with James. Even though he knew he would not be able to win against that black dragon alone because that mission must be carried out by two people.

'Thank you for accompanying me. It's not your fault, don't blame yourself. Take care. ' It was Ethan's words that hit him. Those words made James' last message clearer to him.

"James, now I know what you were trying to tell me," Larry muttered. Last night's incident repeated itself in his head but this time he could hear James' voice clearly.

'Thank you ... Don't blame yourself ... Take care ...'

"Yea, don't worry, buddy. I will take care of myself. Please rest in peace," he whispered. Then he turned around and returned to his house.-

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