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The Incubus System 114 Chapter 112. The Bait That Bites Back

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Mrs Clea returned the cellphone and glared at Ruby.

"Don't you dare to approach him!" she said in a firm tone.

Ruby's face turned sour as she took her cellphone from Mrs Clea's hand roughly.

"Why can't I approach him He's still single and only lives with his sister. His father died a year ago and his mother left them. Don't you feel sorry for him I'm sure he will be so happy if he has a cute girlfriend like me. Besides, his sister is very friendl- "

Mrs Clea interrupted her. Her eyes glared at Ruby.

"Don't you dare-- to approach him!" she threatened.

Ruby turned her face to the other side as she held back her anger. But a second later she returned her gaze to Mrs Clea.

"At least give me the reason."

"I can't," said Mrs Clea with the same gaze.

A long breath of annoyance escaped from Ruby's mouth.

"If you can't tell me the reason, I won't give up on him either," she insisted.

"He is an ordinary person and you are a demon hunter! You are only endangering his life," Mrs Clea reasoned. But I could already guess the real reason.

"You--" Ruby swallowed her anger and nodded her head repeatedly in annoyance.

"Fine. Since I can't have any relationships with an ordinary person, then I'll recruit him as a demon hunter," she said.

"I won't let you! He can't be a demon hunter!" said Mrs Clea in rage.

"Why !" Ruby snapped.

"He can use Thunder Strike just like you! He has great potential to become an extraordinary demon hunter!"

Anger in Mrs Clea's eyes faded and replaced with confusion.

"What did you say He can use Thunder Strike" she said in a calmer tone.

Upon seeing her reaction, Ruby was calmer.

"Yes. But his Thunder Strike is still very weak. He can't kill anyone with it."

Mrs Clea looked confused.

"Why did 'he' never tell me about this" she muttered.

Seeing Mrs Clea's confusion, Ruby smiled triumphantly.

"Cause' I am the only one who knows about this secret. Even his sister doesn't know it. Besides, he doesn't like to show off," she said in an arrogant tone.

"His sister doesn't know it" asked Mrs Clea. And Ruby answered with a nod.

"Then maybe 'he' didn't know about this either," said Mrs Clea again.

Ruby frowned as she started to realize 'he' that Mrs Clea meant was a different person from what she meant.

"Wait a second. Who do you mean by 'he'"

"That's not important. The most important thing is, even with that skill, he can't join the association!" said Mrs Clea in a firm tone.

"What !" said Ruby half screaming in disbelief.

"You're going to waste a potential person like him just like that What happened to you It's not like you, Clea."

"I will not allow him to join us," said Mrs Clea again.

Mrs Clea fell silent. It seemed she knew what Ruby said was right but she still wouldn't let me join the association for something more important.

Seeing Mrs Clea's reaction, Ruby swallowed her anger once again.

"I'm disappointed in you." She just got up from her seat but Mrs Clea's words stopped her.

"I won't let Renart's son end up like his father."

Ruby frowned in confusion.

"Renart's son" But then her frown disappeared as she realized it.

"Wait ... Do you mean Ethan Strongheart is Renart's son"

Mrs Clea didn't reply but from her expression, Ruby already knew the answer. Ruby also realized that what 'he' meant by Mrs Clea was Renart.

"The association has been using Ethan and his sister as bait for a year. If you recruited him, then you would only make him work for an organization that nearly ruined his life. Isn't that unfair" said Mrs Clea again.

Ruby fell silent. It seemed she agreed with Mrs Clea's words.

'Even if they begged me to join, I wouldn't join an organization that treats other people's lives like trash,' I thought. But suddenly an idea crossed my mind.

'Of course ... Why I never thought about this before.' Just as that thought crossed my mind, I could hear Celia's voice.

"Brother, brother! Why are you sleeping here" And I could feel my real body shaking by itself. I guessed Celia walked into my room and found me sleeping in my chair.

'Foxy, I'm going back to my body. Get out of here as fast as you can. '

'Yes, master,' replied Foxy.

After I heard her answer, I opened my eyes.

[You have disconnected with Foxy.]

Celia's worried face slowly grew clearer in my sight.

"Celia, why are you here"

Celia's worried gaze didn't disappear even though I already awoke.

"Brother, what happened Why are you crying"

I frowned in confusion.

"Crying" My hand touched my cheek, a tear rolled down between my fingers.

'Looks like I can't control my emotions when I find out the association has used me and Celia as their bait. '

I gave her a reassuring smile.

"I'm fine. I just had a nightmare."

"Was that a dream about dad" Celia guessed.

"Yes. In my dream, dad worked for a heartless organization that made us as monster's bait." My heart still hurt when I remembered it. Then a smirk started appearing on my lips.

"But at the end of the dream, I decided to take over that organization."

"What a strange dream. Is Larry giving you some weird influence again" guessed Celia again.

I let out a slight chuckle and pulled Celia to sit on my lap. My hand hugged her waist tightly.

"Maybe," I said in a half-joking tone. But despite my tone, my eyes were filled with rage.

"Bro-Brother ... Yo-You are getting bold ..." said Celia in a stammering voice.

"Yes, I'm getting bold. Because my patience is up." I smirked.

'I wonder what the senate's reaction when they found out that their organization was taken over by a demon like me. '


Ruby's PoV

"But I think you should recruit him or at least teach him how to defend himself from the demon's attacks," Ruby said worriedly. She didn't expect her beloved prince's fate was worse than she thought. Now she really wanted to stay by his side and accompany him. Especially since the demon's attacks were getting worse lately and that annoying arrogant demon presence.

"Even if I want to do it. What should I say" asked Mrs Clea.

Ruby sighed once again. She knew that demon hunters had to hide their identities, so Mrs Clea was in a difficult position.

"Then let me be with him. At least I can protect him and his family if the demon comes." Finally Ruby used this as an excuse to get permission to approach Ethan.

Mrs Clea looked at her in displeasure once again.

"I told you! Don't you dare to approach him! Don't put him in danger!" she threatened.

Ruby exhaled in annoyance, but she could only swallow her anger since what Mrs Clea said was right.

* Ring * * Ring * * Ring *

Ruby's cellphone rang and she checked it. A call with the name 'annoying kid' was on the screen. She clicked her tongue in annoyance.

"Tch! What does he want" Then she answered the call.

"Yes. What do you want" she said straight to the point.

A male voice answered.

"Hey! How are you" he tried to give her a small talk.

"Cut the crap," she said in annoyance.

"Okay, okay. Uh ... Can I ask you a favour"

"About what" said Ruby in an unchanging tone.

"Well ... Um ... It's a personal matter. But I don't have anyone else to help me but you," he said doubtfully.

"Say it."

"Can you accompany me for dinner or lunch with my family next week"

"Wha-" Ruby almost screamed in annoyance but she held it back.

'Can I send this annoying creature to that arrogant demon Maybe they can be each other's company,' thought Ruby. She had just swallowed her anger because she couldn't get close to Ethan and now, her annoying ex-disciple called her and asked a stupid request. She just opened her mouth to reject it, but she remembered what he just went through last night. Finally, she decided to cheer him up. A breath of surrender escaped from her mouth.

"Okay. Just tell me when and where and I'll be there."

"Really ! Cool! I'll let you know later. Ruby, you are the best mentor ever!" he said excitedly.

"Ex-mentor. You are not my disciple anymore, remember" Ruby reminded him.

"Oh yeah, right. I always forget that. Hahaha. Okay, see ya later!"

"See ya later, Larry," said Ruby as she hung up the call.

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