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The Incubus System 117 Chapter 115. Sexy Hot Tub I 18

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My feet stepped into a VIP spa room. My eyes looked around it. Just like Pearl's bedroom which was dominated by blue, this room was also dominated by the same colour. A hot tub filled with warm water was in the middle of the room. On the side, a small table filled with a couple of glasses and wine bottles. Across of it, a small room with a glass door. A large shower above it was surrounded by dim yellow lights. Towels and aromatherapy were on another nearby table. A lounger chair enough for two people was on the other side of the room.

I smirked.

"You sure know how to have fun," I teased.

She giggled.

"What are you talking about I am a Kraken, of course, I have a nice place like this," she replied. Her hand pulled me, leading me to the edge of the hot tub.

Beside the tub, her hands moved to unbutton my shirt one by one. Her legs turned into tentacles and poured the wine into one of the glasses. She brought the wine to me with her tentacle, without asking whether I wanted it or not.

"For you." She smiled.

"Do you still want to make me drunk" I teased.

She drew closer, her lips almost touching mine. Her eyes locked onto mine.

"I know you won't get drunk just by this," she seduced. Then her hands took off my shirt and dropped it to the floor.

I took the wine from her and took a sip. My eyes stared at her with an alluring gaze.

"Then ... Do you still want to tame me" I guessed.

Her hand touched my body from my chest to my abs.

"I won't deny that ..." Then her hand went down again and rubbed my cock from bottom to top slowly. Some of her tentacles clung on me.

"Uff ..." I moaned gently as I enjoyed her touch.

"But today--" Her hands lowered my zipper, snuck into my trousers, rubbed my cock and tickled it with her fingers, waking it from its sleep.

"I want to play with you ..." Her hand stroked my cock and shook it slowly. Her tentacles lowered my trousers and my underwear.

I chuckled.

"What do you want to play The same game you played with those prostitutes" I guessed again.

"I did it because I wanted to make them think twice before taking up this profession. Some women have worse hobbies than mine and they might get a client like that one day. Besides ..." Her hands went up from my half-hard cock to my abs and chest.

"I wanted to find my man."

"Didn't you do it to enjoy their expressions"

"That's a bonus for me ..." Her hands wrapped around my neck.

"But now ... nothing can compare to your expression when you reach your climax." She brought her lips closer to my ear.

"I really like it ..."

"I will ..." whispered Pearl. She took my hand and led me into the hot tub. The warmth water greeted my skin as I stepped into it. I sat down and leaned my back to the tub. After I took a sip of my wine, I spread my arms to the sides leisurely.

But instead of joining me, Pearl walked to the shower room.

"I'll join you later."


Her tentacles turned into human legs. Before she closed the door, she turned to me and smirked seductively.

"If you come to me, I win," she said out of blue.

I chuckled again.

"So this is another game of yours" I guessed. I didn't expect this, she even made her bath time as a game.

"I really like playing games." She leaned toward me.

"Especially this kind of game~" Then she closed the glass door and clapped her hands once.

- Clap!

The shower above her head turned on and the water fell like rain, soaking her hair and body. She combed her long indigo hair backwards, exposing her face clearly to me. Her eyes stared at me with an alluring gaze, her lips parted slightly with a seductively. Slowly, her hands dropped to her neck, her breasts and opened her wet dress.

'This is even better than watching a porn movie,' I thought as I took another sip of my wine. I admitted, among my women, Pearl was the most creative woman from the others since she always surprised me with a new game every time I came to the club. I couldn't turn my gaze from the beautiful sight before me as my mating urge began to burn my body.

She was naked. Her hands moved again from her head and down her neck and breasts in slow, steady movements. Her hand squeezed her breast and the other went down to her thigh. She lifted her head slightly as she bit down her lips in temptation as if asking me to touch her body.

I just replied with a smirk. She had to do more than this to make me come to her.

She returned her gaze to me and clapped her hand again.

- Clap!

The shower stopped. Her hand grabbed a bottle of liquid soap. But instead of using it on the shower puff, she smeared it on her face and her breasts, making as if the white liquid on her body wasn't soap. She put down the bottle and licked her lips. One of her fingers rubbed the white liquid that was running down her cheek and showed it to me. As that white liquid dripped from her fingertip, her mouth moved to say 'I want yours' silently.

My mating urge was getting higher as I watched everything she did. I could feel my cock starting to get hardened. But I remained calm and took another sip of my wine casually. Then I moved my lips 'it's not enough' and ended it with a smirk.

She continued her sensual action. Her hands touched her body and rubbed the liquid all over it. Her movements were so sexy, her body swayed seductively, occasionally she turned to show her back.

- Clap!

The shower was back on. The water soaked her body and her hands moved around her body, sweeping away all the soap on her. But that didn't mean she was done, she sat down on a stone seat in that room. Her eyes locked on me. She smiled seductively and spread her legs, giving me a clear sight of her pale beautiful petal. Her fingers slithered down and rubbed her entrance slowly. Again, her lips were slightly parted as if she was moaning.

Then she started to insert her two fingers and play inside her heat. She raised her head, closed her eyes and bit down her lip. From her face, it was clear that she was enjoying her own touch.

She shifted her gaze to me again and licked her lips slowly as another finger slid into her heat. Her fingers continued to move as if preparing her heat for my big cock. Her other hand touched her breast, her fingers playing with her hardened pink tip. Her eyes looked at me with a pleading look, her mouth moved again 'Damian ... Help me ...'.

I answered her by shaking my head side to side and smirked mischievously.

She pulled out her fingers and licked them, her eyes stared at me with a seductive gaze. Then she raised her hand to point her index finger and moved it towards her repeatedly.

Her mouth moved 'C'mon ...'. Then she pointed at my cock, showing what she wanted.

I responded by shaking my head again and moving my index finger towards me repeatedly, asking her to come to me.

'Please ...' she pleaded again.

'I will show you how to play,' I thought. I finished the rest of my wine and got out of the hot tub.-

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