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The Incubus System 115 Chapter 113. I Want You For

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Ethan's PoV

"Um ... Brother, have you had your dinner Do I have to make something" asked Celia in a stammering voice. I could feel her heart beating fast since I leaned my head against her back. My hands hugged her waist, my eyes were closed.

"I already ate at Larry's," I said without opening my eyes. After hearing that truth, I yearned for some comfort from her so much. I felt so lucky, even with what we had been through, we could still live happily.

"Okay ..." After that, Celia was silent. My mind drifted away, wondering about many things.

What if Celia was the one who took that tutor vacancy instead of me What if Lilieth wasn't around when father fought those Imps Would the demons search and kill us

'I never thought Lilieth had helped me twice.' And rather than protecting us or taking us to a safe place, the association made us their bait. It was the cruellest decision.

"Huh What's that" said Celia in shock.

"What" I asked as I opened my eyes.

"The door just moved by itself," Celia said doubtfully.

I guessed it was Foxy who wanted to return to this room. My hands pulled Celia, making her sit facing to my side, not the door.

"It's just two of us here. Maybe, it's just your imagination," I reasoned.

"But I did see it." She was just about to turn to the door. While I could see the door was wide open. Reflexively, I grabbed Celia's head and pulled it to me. Our lips bumped with each other. Without hesitation, I inserted my tongue in her mouth and moved wildly in it. My hands covered her ears. While Celia stunned in shock.

After the door in front of me closed, I released my kiss. Celia's red face was in front of me.

"Wh- What's that for" she said in a stammering voice.

"You didn't give me a proper kiss this morning," I said in a relaxed tone.

She looked at me with a flushed face for a few moments. Her eyes trembled in bewilderment and hesitation.

"Brother ... Are you ..." Her words stopped. But a second later she opened her mouth again.

"I ..."

"Just said it." I couldn't guess what she was trying to say.

"Ah ... Never mind." She turned her face away in embarrassment.

"Are you trying to say that you still feel guilty about what happened" I made a wild guess.

"Of course not. You already said you didn't mind about it."

"Then what is it" I said impatiently.

She looked at me for a moment before turning her flushed face the other way and muttering something.

"I can't hear you," I complained.

"I ..." Again, she stopped.

"I" I asked her to continue.

Suddenly her face drew closer and her lips landed on mine.

"Celia!" I was about to get up from my chair and chase her but I could feel something sitting on my lap and hugging my neck. I could already guess who she was.

"I also want master for my birthday," pouted Foxy in a spoiled tone. Slowly she began to show herself to me.

"Foxy, didn't we just do it" I said.

"But I want more ..." she whined.

"Are you still hungry" I rubbed her head gently. From her full DP, it should not be.

She hugged me tightly, brought herself closer to me and placed her head against my chest.

"No ..." This time, it was different from her previous spoiled tone, her voice sounded gloomier.

"What happened" I asked worriedly.

"I know master is sad ..." she said with a gentle voice.

I guessed she knew this because she could feel my emotions when I was doing full synchronization earlier.

"It's okay. I'm fine now. I was just a little shocked..." I whispered. But despite my words, Foxy hugged me tighter.

"Master, I will get stronger and fight with you ..." she said in a muffled voice.

"I won't let those bad guys hurt you and your sister again," she continued.

A long breath escaped my mouth as my eyes glanced at her gently. Although I didn't expect her to go that far for me, I was glad Foxy loved me so much. My hands moved to embrace her.

"Thank you ..." I whispered.

After that we fell silent, I could feel her warm little body in my arms.

"That's why--" Suddenly she pushed me away and looked at me seriously.

- Puff!

Her clothes suddenly disappeared. While my eyes widened in shock.

"Master must feed me more so I can help you soon," she said in a serious tone.

"Are you serious about it" I made sure.

Foxy nodded her head and smiled.

"You have to feed me more." Her tails started swaying between my groin. My incubus instinct started to flare up as I enjoyed the tingling sensation on my cock.

"Wait, at least I want to check on Celia first." Well, a lust demon like me couldn't possibly refuse to do it, right

"Okay." She got off my lap.

I got up from my chair, left the room and walked towards Celia's room.

"Celia, may I come in" I asked as I stood at the door. I could tell she was inside because the light was on.

She didn't answer.

"Celia" This time I pushed the door handle, but it was locked. I knocked on it.

"Celia Are you mad at me" I asked again.

Celia's voice came from inside.

"I'm not mad at you. It's just ..." Her words stopped.

"It's just what" I asked her to continue.

"It's just that I'm too embarrassed to see you now."

"Why" I frowned in confusion.

"You acted so boldly when we did it a few days ago. Why would you-"

But she interrupted me.

"Aahhhhh! Don't say it again! Don't say it again! I'm going to die in embarrassment here!" she yelled in panic.

I chuckled upon her reaction but I kept my voice down so she didn't hear it.

"I know you laugh at me," she said.

Since she already found out about it, I laughed out loud indifferently.

"You are annoying!" she yelled again.

"Okay, okay. I'll stop," I said as I swallowed the rest of my laugh.

"I couldn't help myself. At that time... I was really afraid of losing you. That's why I was determined to do it ..." she said in a calmer voice.

"Now you know I won't leave you."

"I know. It's just--I didn't expect to be so desperate to do it ..." After a short pause she continued.

"Brother, am I selfish"

"No. Why do you think like that"

"You know, ever since I saw that hickey, I was always thinking about making you mine alone," she admitted.

"I was afraid you would leave me like mom and dad ..."

I understood her feelings since I also had the same fear before. It was just, I took it out by working hard to raise Celia properly.

"Celia ..." I placed my palm on the door slowly.

"Brother ... Thank you for looking after me. I'm really happy to have you. But for now, let me calm myself..."

I sighed and lowered my hand.

"Okay. If you need me, I'll be in my room." I just turned around but Celia's voice came back.

"Good Night, brother."

"Nite, Celia." Then I walked back to my room.

Just when I entered my room, I was stunned as my eyes fixed on Foxy who was lying on her stomach comfortably on my bed. Her eyes were fixed on a fairy tale book in front of her and her chin rested on her hands. Her legs were rocking up and down casually and her tails swayed swiftly.

'So cute ...' Somehow instead of having sex with her, I would rather hug her and play with her ears. My hand closed the door behind me and locked it.

The sound of the door made her turn to me.

"Master, you're back." She was just about to get up but I hugged her and dropped both of us onto the bed. I embraced her warm body tightly and she didn't struggle one bit. My hand moved to brush her hair and started to touch her soft ear.

"Ngh ... Ma- Master ... Let me undress you ..." her moans mingled between her voices.

"I still want to play with you a bit," I teased in a sweet voice.

"Master, you're so naughty ..." whispered Foxy. Her hands hugged my neck tightly, her face approached me. I could feel her breath on my neck.

* Ring * * Ring * * Ring *

Damian's cellphone's ringtone interrupted us.

"Wait a second." I went to my bag and found that call came from Pearl.

"Hello" I picked up her call.

"Uhhh ... Damian ... Where are you I miss you ..." Pearl's voice sounded strange.

"Pearl Are you drunk" I guessed by her voice.

She giggled.

"I'm not drunk ... Who said I'm drunk I'm ... Ug ... fine ..."

"Where are you Are you still at the club" I asked worriedly. It would be very dangerous if she walked out of the club in that state.

"Me" she giggled again.

"Of course I'm in my place ..."

A faint male voice sounded in the background.

"Mr Damian, please pick up Lady Pearl at the club."

"Shut up, Josh!" snapped Pearl.

"Wait for me. I'll be right there," I said.

I was just about to hang up her call.

"Nooo .... Damian ... Don't leave me ..." she whined.

"I'm nearby. Just wait for me, okay" I said again and I hung up.

Quickly, I took my clothes from my wardrobe and changed it as I turned to Foxy.

"Can you pretend to be me Looks like I have to go out again."


- Puff!

In an instant, Foxy turned into me.

"I'll leave Celia with you. Please take care of her." My hands kept moving to wear my clothes.

Foxy nodded.

"Leave it to me!"-

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