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The Incubus System Chapter 130: One of A Kind Demon (18 )

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The Incubus System Chapter 130. One of A Kind Demon

Although she seemed hesitant at first, she finally agreed.

"Yes," she replied in a soft voice.

Upon her answer, I released my grasps. Her hands moved to slip into my shirt and opened it, exposing my upper body to her. Meanwhile, my tail still moved to touch, exploring her body.

Her gentle hands travelled to touch my neck, chest and abs, tickling me, giving me a subtle stimulation to my body. Her eyes could not escape from me, her face was getting flushed red in excitement. Likewise, with me, I really enjoyed her touch. It made my desire to climb higher.

"Yes ... Touch me more ..." I whispered in a sweet voice. Yesterday I was badly injured and couldn't enjoy her touch, besides yesterday's rooftop was very uncomfortable. Since this time I was in her room, I wanted to feel her touch more.

She bit her lower lip, her eyes on my cock. Her hand moved down and rubbed it from the outside.

"Open it. I know you want to see it," I tempted her.

She took a glance at me briefly in embarrassment since I could guess what she was thinking. Then she lowered my zipper.

Without warning, I grabbed her hand and slipped it into my trousers and my underwear.

"Ahh ..." A slight hissing sound out of my mouth when she touched my hot flesh directly, showing my enjoyment to her.

She tried to pull her hand out of surprise, instead, I made her grab it, feeling my half-awake cock.

"Don't pull it. I want you to play with it," I demanded in a sweet voice. I could see her embarrassment was getting clearer on her face. I knew she wasn't used to it.

I moved her hand, made her feel my cock, tickled my balls and shook it. My other hand lowered my trousers and underwear, showing her my cock clearly.

She turned her face away out of embarrassment, again.

I grabbed her chin and turned it to me.

"Don't turn away. Don't you want to see mine" I said, my hand didn't stop moving.

She gulped hard. Her gaze shifted downwards, fixed on her hand playing with my cock. As my cock got harder and harder, slowly her gaze filled with excitement.

"Do you want to suck it"

"S-Suck it" she said in a stammering voice.

"Um-hum, it tastes so sweet. I'm sure you will like it," I tempted her.

She looked at me in hesitation, but then she nodded.

I took her hand off me and peeled off my trousers and shoes. Again, without warning, I pushed her onto the bed

"Ah!" she startled by my sudden movement.

I ignored her and crawled upward, shamelessly placing my cock in front of her mouth.

"C'mon lick it," I demanded with a smirk.

Her eyes were fixed on my cock which had hardened. I could feel her breath getting heavier.

"Et-Ethan ... I-I ..."

"Don't you want to try it" I seduced her in a sweet voice.

In hesitation, her tongue stuck out and moved to lick the tip of my cock. She started and I already know why.

"It's sweet, right"

"Yes ..." she whispered. Then she licked my cock again. Over time, her tongue's movements which had been stiff before were getting wilder and wilder as she got used to it. Meanwhile, the tingling between my groin made my cock even harder and tense. As my desire got higher, I put my cock in her mouth and she responded to it by moving her tongue. Her hands crept from my thighs to my waist.

"Yes ... That's it ..." My moans mingled between my words. I bent my head backwards slightly with a red face, enjoying the stimulation from my cock. Then she suddenly sucked it, hard.

"Ohhh ..." I moaned. My face clearly showed how much I enjoyed it. My waist started moving back and forth, **ing her mouth. I couldn't hold myself anymore since my body was in high pleasure.

My body was screaming for more. My mind was filled with pleasure from my cock. While my tail played around at her entrance and she responded by spreading her legs wider. I could feel her entrance getting wet with her liquid.

After I satisfied playing with her mouth, I pulled my cock and crawled down. My hands pinned hers. Without further ado, I thrust my cock into her slowly.

"Ahhhh ... Ahhh ... Ethan --- ..." She called out my name breathlessly, her body jerked in excitement, her eyes closed tightly, holding back the pleasure mixed with pain from her lower abdomen. Her hands gripped mine tightly as my cock kept sliding in.

'Ahh ... This is the best.' I could feel her pussy filled with my cock, her warm inner wall kept throbbing, calling me and clamping me perfectly. Without a pause, my waist moved back and forth. Actually, I wanted to use my Demonic Erection but I still wanted to ask her about Myra so I cancelled my intention. If she was too tired, I would have a hard time asking her.

Her body trembled every time I stabbed her. Our room was filled with the sound of our banging flesh.

"Ahhh ... Ethan ... Ohh --- ohhh --- ... Ethan --- ... Ahh ... - Hah-hah-hah- ... Ethan ---!" she moaned with difficulty, her ragged breath mingled between her moans.

Her moans made my desire get higher. Her inner wall throbbed, massaging my cock passionately, indicating she really liked it.

I smirked and moved my waist rougher and wilder than before. Made us climb the stairs of pleasure every time I thrust my cock into hers. My body felt hot as my mating desire burned my mind and my body, while Emma kept calling my name breathlessly, her sweat dripping soaked the bed sheet.

"Aghhh! Ethan --- ... Ohhh --- Ohhh --- I can't-hah-hah- hold anymore ... Ahh ... Agnhhhh!" Her body raised slightly as I fired my semen inside her.

"Nggghh ..." I grunted in pleasure and didn't move from my position before all my hot liquid came out in her.


[Your Demonic Power is fully charged.]

[You have gained EXP! ]

I pulled my cock out and dropped beside her. My white liquid overflowed and dripped from her. I cum so much even though I didn't use my Demonic Erection. My hand pulled her closer to me. She lay in my arm as she caught her breath, a satisfied smile mixed with shyness on her lips.

"You are crazy," she pouted.

I chuckled.

"I'm not. You are ..." Occasionally, my tail moved to rub her back.

"What do you mean" she said shyly.

"You are a demon hunter but you have sex with a demon like me, twice. Does that make you crazy" I said with a smirk.

"Whose fault do you think is that" she pouted again.

"Hum ..." I hummed to think for a while.

"I don't know. Love can't choose." Then I brought my lips closer to her ear.

"But you know, you taste so delicious. I don't mind for more," I seduced.

She gave me an annoying tap with a smile.

"I'm not your food," she complained with a half-joking tone.

"But, didn't I just eat you" I teased.

She giggled.

"Look at you. Saying that you wanted to discuss something important, but you asked me to 'feed' you."

"You don't like it" I asked.

She smiled and looked at me in embarrassment.

"I like it. But ---"

Before she finished her sentence, I climbed up on top of her and pinned her hands onto the bed.

"Then can I have more"

"Eh" she looked shocked. Her face flushed.

"Didn't we just do it Aren't you tired"

"What do you expect I'm a lust demon," I said with a smirk.

"I ..." she stammered in a blushing face. Her expression was really cute, somehow it made me want to keep teasing her.

I brought my face to her and she closed her eyes. But instead of kissing her lips, I kissed her forehead gently.

She opened her eyes as I pulled my face away from her.

"Although I am a lust demon, I won't have mindless sex. I know when I should stop," I said with a gentle smile. I didn't want to treat my partner as a sex object to satisfy my lust. I wanted to love them and protect them.

Her eyes widened as she looked at me in wonder.

"Why aren't all demons like you Why do they have to kill humans ..."

I smirked.

"That's because I'm one of a kind demon."-

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