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The Incubus System Chapter 133: Am I Too Greedy Of You? (18 )

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The Incubus System Chapter 133. Am I Too Greedy Of You

Her face flushed in embarrassment.

"But, didn't you say you wouldn't have mindless s*x"

I grabbed her hand and placed it on my chest, letting her feel my heart that pounding violently.

"Tell me. Is this mindless sex Is this lust Am I too greedy of you" My eyes looked at her deeply.

After that silence filled the room, what I could only hear was the sound of my own heart beating fast.

"No ..." She finally answered, her eyes fixed on me trembling with emotion.

"Can I get some more" Even though I was in full consciousness, it was hard for me to hold my crave for her.

She nodded her head.

Without warning, I turned our positions and pinned her hands onto the bed. My eyes looked at her with extraordinary thirst, as if I was ready to devour her. My tail moved, rubbing her temples down the side of her face.

"Ethan ..." she whispered. She did not struggle and just gave me a pleading look.

I brought my lips to her ear and licked it.

"Nggg..." she flinched and let out a soft moan upon my lick.

"This time I'll mark you as mine," I said with a gentle smirk. Somehow I couldn't hold back my possessiveness of her. My hands grasped her wrists tightly.

After those words left my mouth, my lips fell and my tongue licked her neck towards her lips. My lips bumped to her lips and my tongue entered her mouth. And she responded to my kiss. While my tail slipped into her dress and rubbed her breast and waist. I could feel her smooth skin with my tail.

"Mphhhh ..." she jolted, enduring the tingling feeling that travelled through her body.

My waist began to move, rubbing my cock which was just half awake between her thighs.

"Mphhh!" she flinched, her eyes widened. Then she released her kiss.

"You already that hard" she said in disbelief.

"Um-hm," I hummed.

"I'm a lust demon. What do you expect" I whispered in a sweet voice. Then I pulled my body away from her, took off all my clothes and threw it shamelessly to the side. My eyes fixed on her filled with extreme thirst. As if there were huge flames in my chest that were asking to be released.

Emma could only stare at me with trembling eyes, like prey waiting to be eaten. I crawled down. My hands touched her thighs and moved up slowly to remove her dress, while she moved her body to help me. My tail slipped into her underwear and started stroking her entrance as my hand took off it.

Then I leaned towards her, bit her bra and pulled it down. In one pull, one of her breasts released from it. Without hesitation, I swallowed it, playing her tip with my tongue while my hand pulled the other bra and squeezed her breast. I could feel her soft, bouncy breast in my hand and her tip that peeked between my fingers.

"Nnghhhh ..." she crumpled the bedsheet on her head's sides.

Hearing her moan, my mating urge was getting higher. Without hesitation, I planted my teeth into her breast gently as I sucked it, hard, my tongue kept moving, playing with her tip.

"Ahhh ~" Emma moaned with a flushed face as she tilted her head backwards slightly, her body raised slightly. Her hands hugged my head. I could feel my face getting hotter and her heart beating fast. A tingling feeling from her breast spread through her body, filling her with a blissful sensation. She could feel a hot, long and thick thing between her thighs and she knew what it was.

After a while, I pulled my head away. A faint red mark was on the tip of her breast along with my teeth's mark. A string of saliva still connected her tip with my tongue.

Her face flushed and her eyes trembled.

"Ethan ... You can eat me until you're satisfied ..." she whispered.

I smirked by her response, obviously, she enjoyed it. Once again I buried my head and swallowed her other breast. My tongue moved, playing with the tip. And as before, I planted my teeth and sucked it, hard.

"Angg ..." she moaned loudly as she could not hold my stimulation. I could feel my cock getting bigger and harden as her pussy got wet.

As I took my mouth off her breast, another faint red mark was on the tip of it along with my teeth's mark. My lips fell one more time and gave her a dirty kiss before crawling down. My hands spread her legs slowly, showing me her pink petals once again.

"Ah ... Ethan ... Ahhh --- ahhh ... noo ... Please not there ..." she begged in a flushed face. One of her hands covered her face. But despite her words, she didn't resist

As before, I licked right in the middle her slit and she jolted in surprise.

"--- Ahhn .... Nooo ..."

Without warning, I planted my teeth into her inner thigh gently and sucked it.

"Ahn ..."

And only took it off after I left another red mark there. A satisfied smile on my lips as I saw her private part was marked by me and it really turned me on.

My hand raised one of her legs to my shoulder as I crawled up and placed my cock in front of her wet entrance.

"It will hurt a little, but it will feel good," I said in a ragged breath.

Quickly, my hands grabbed on the side of her waist and pulled at me, thrusting my cock into her pussy. But just when the tip of my cock got into it, I used my Demonic Erection skill as I continued to pull her.

'Demonic Erection lv 1.'

[Demonic Erection has been activated.]

My cock suddenly enlarged and rubbed against her inner wall, roughly.

She raised her body slightly as she jolted in pain and pleasure.

"Agghhhh ..." she moaned loudly as she crumpled the bedsheet on her head's sides tightly.

"Ohh ...!" I also moaned in pleasure. My head raised in the mid-air in a flushed face. Her inner wall felt narrow now. My mind felt empty, my sanity was getting dimmer consumed by my urge of lust. My thirst increased after hearing her moan.

'Ah, **. She's really delicious. 'Her warm inner wall hugged my cock tightly.

Without further ado, I moved my waist back and forth roughly. She shook her head side to side.

"Aagghhhh --- Ethan ... ahhh - haahhh ... Ethan ... Ohhh --- ..." she constantly called my name.

"Yes ... Call my name ..." I continued to move, making her petal burning hot, making us forget everything. All that we heard was the sound of clashing flesh and the sound of our moans. A wave of desire instantly swept through my mind as my movements were getting violent and wilder. While Emma could only submit to accept everything. But one for sure, I knew she really enjoyed it.

"Cumming --- ahhh Ethan ... I want to - Anggghh ..." Our body raised slightly as we reached our climax.

"Ugghhh ..." I groaned in pleasure. I didn't know how many times I shot it, but I knew it was more than before.


[Your Demonic Power is fully charged.]

[You have gained EXP!]

I pulled my cock and my white liquid came out of her. Then plunged my two fingers into her pussy which was still hot and throbbing, letting the liquid cover up my fingers. While she lay weakly and tried to catch her breath. After a while, I leaned my body closer to her as I brought my wet fingers to her lips.

"Lick it," I demanded in a sweet voice.

She stared at the white liquid that was covering and dripping from my fingers for a moment before looking at me in hesitation.

"But ... It's ..."

I gave her a mischievous smile.

"Yes. It's my semen and I don't want you to waste it." My index finger smeared the liquid on her lips.

In hesitation, she stuck out her tongue to lick it. Her eyes were on me.

"Yes ... That's it ..." I said in a sweet voice. Then I slipped my fingers into her mouth and she licked it, replacing my semen with her saliva until it didn't leave a drop. After I pulled it, my lips went down to her once more and we kissed again.

"How can you be so tasty" I whispered as I broke my kiss.

"I told you, I'm not your food ..." Our eyes locked with each other.

I let out a short chuckle as a smile appeared on my lips.

"How could you say that after you said I could eat you until I was satisfied"

"I ... I just got carried away ..." she said with a flushed face.

"I don't think so ..." My fingers moved to get rid of some strands of her hair that stuck on her sweaty forehead.

"I think ... This demon hunter has fallen in love with this demon too deeply ..." Then my finger went down to her lips.

"Am I right"

Emma smiled.

"Yes ..." she answered in a soft voice. There was no doubt from the tone of her voice.

"Then I will make you fall even deeper." My lips down to her and we kissed once again.

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