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The Incubus System Chapter 135: What Does That Mean?

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The Incubus System Chapter 135. What Does That Mean

As soon as I came out of my portal, I was already in my room.

[The portal has closed! ]

A happy smile was on my face. I felt so happy I had someone who cared and understood me. Not only that, Emma understood my relationship with Olivia and Camila, also helped me, even though I didn't use my Demon's Rule skill.

'I wonder if the others would accept my identity like her ...' I wanted to confess everything to my partners, but it was very risky for me. At least I had to find the right time and opportunity to say everything. I didn't want to destroy my relationship with my partners because of this.

My feet walked over to my wardrobe to change my clothes into my nightwear. After I finished, I closed my eyes.

'Access servant's body, Foxy. '

[You are connected to Foxy.]

The darkness in my sight began to change with Celia's room which was dominated by pink. I could see Celia was fast asleep on the bed

'Too bad ...' I thought. It was almost midnight, which meant Celia would turn to 18 years old. At least I wanted to wish her a happy birthday. But well, she had an exam tomorrow so I couldn't wake her up.

'Master, is that you' Foxy's voice sounded in my head.

'Yes, it's me. Did Celia wake up earlier ' I asked.

'She only woke up for a while, but she was back to sleep after the noise disappeared,' said Foxy.

I let out a sigh of relief.

'Alright, thank you for looking after Celia for me. You may return now. '

'Yes, master.' After I heard her answer, I opened my eyes.

[You have disconnected with Foxy.]

I approached my bag to check my cellphones one more time before I went to sleep. My finger swiped on my cellphone screen to save Emma's message and answered Mia's message saying I also have to be careful with a simple 'Okay'.

- Puff!

Foxy suddenly appeared beside me and hugged the side of my waist.

"Master, let's sleep," she said in a half sleepy tone.

"Okay." I put away my two cellphones and turned off the lights. While Foxy climbed onto the bed and waited for me there. I pulled my blanket and Foxy snuggled comfortably by my side.

"Nite, Foxy," I said as I closed my eyes. I planned to wake up early to make Celia's breakfast and also had to go to the virtual account office. Although I could already guess where that money came from, I wanted to check something else.

"Good Night, master."

When I started falling asleep, suddenly I could smell the pungent stinking stench. As I opened my eyes in shock, an announcement with a red box appeared to be in front of me.

[!!! Warning !!! ]

[Another Demon detected!]

I could feel this demon was very strong, although not as strong as Lilieth. Reflexively, I brushed my blanket and was about to get out of bed but another announcement came in front of me.

[!!! Warning !!! ]

[Your servant, Foxy is in the opponent's stun spell!]

I turned to Foxy who was sleeping or rather petrifying on the bed, my hand reached out to her as I cast my dispel skill but a girl's voice came from behind me.

"Don't panic, Nya~ Kitty just wanted to deliver a message from Lilieth."

Hearing the names 'Kitty and Lilieth', I looked behind me since I remembered that Kitty was one of the four demon generals' names. A girl with a cute face sat on my chair near my desk casually with my bedroom window opened behind her. Her blonde long hair covered her shoulders with two yellow cat ears over her head. Behind her, a cat tail wagged slowly. Her height and size were not much different from Foxy. Two pieces of tight black clothing covered her flat breasts and her lower half, and an unbuttoned black jacket complimented it.


[Name: Kitty]

[Level ]

[Race: Demon - General]

[HP: / ]

[DP: / ]

[Skills: ]

[Emotion: ]

[Condition: ]

[Weakness: ]

[Talent: ]

'It's the same as Lilieth ...' Looks like I couldn't check the demons that were above or equal to me.

"Good evening, Ethan," she greeted me with a smile as she got off the chair.

"What does she say"

"Lilieth said the crack will get worse soon, especially around Nighthallow City," she said.

"What happened Why is this problem getting worse" I asked curiously. I knew, no matter how hard we struggled if this problem was not resolved from the source, it would only get worse.

She shrugged.

"Lord Damon has been struggling to close the large crack in Lightglen City. If it wasn't Lord Damon who continued to use his power to cover it, maybe that city has turned into a demon's city. This problem really troubles us, Nya."

I frowned as I narrowed my eyes in surprise and disbelief.

"There is a large crack in Lightglen City" Lightglen City was Aeros' capital city, there were many government offices and important buildings there, as well as the old Aeros royal family's royal castle.

Kitty nodded as a tired breath came out of her mouth.

"Well, what do you expect, Nya The battle between two demon lords a thousand years ago shattered the boundary between the human world and the demon world in that city from the very beginning. If it wasn't Lord Damon and Lilieth who covered it regularly, do you think humans can live comfortably for this long "

"Huh" I made a stupid voice as my forehead creased in confusion. According to our history, the battle between two demon lords did take place in Lightglen City but not a single book recorded that the battle caused a hole or crack between the human world and the demon world. The history only recorded that the battle was won by Lord Damon Arcano Malignus. That's why when Foxy mentioned his name I was not surprised anymore. At the end of the war and chaos, a brave princess, Princess Eve of Euthenia sacrificed herself and persuaded the Demon Lord to return to the dark dimension with her. Until now, Princess Eve's name was still remembered as Aeros' greatest heroine, no, not only Aeros but also for the human world. At that time, even an influential rich merchant named Diorix, who fell in love with the princess, made a huge painting that was presented to the king. Unfortunately, that painting was lost 100 years ago.

Another tired breath escaped from Kitty's mouth.

"Never mind, you don't need to think about something that has passed for that long. Kitty can only say that the borders should remain stable as long as there is no other energy that disturbs it. We have been investigating the dark dimension to find the origin of the energy since Lord Damon guessed there was another demon that was trying to create chaos by destroying the borders. But we found nothing, that's why we came to the human world, Nya. "

"You mean ... There are humans who are trying to open a path to the dark dimension" I asked in disbelief. Seriously, what kind of fools who were trying to make the way for the demons to destroy their own world

"Even if it doesn't make sense, we still have to find out, Nya," said Kitty with a shrug.

From her expression, I knew she was troubled by this matter too.

"Can you please tell me where that problematic area is" Nighthallow City was a large city, I couldn't possibly check out the entire city.

"We only know around Nighthallow City, but don't know where it came from. If we had known it, Kitty wouldn't be here, Nya."

I was just deep in thought to figure out how I could find out the location, but in a blink, Kitty came over to me and stopped a couple of inches in front of me. Her eyes were staring at me.

"What is wrong" Even though I was quite surprised, I could maintain my composure since I could still catch her movements and I knew she didn't want to attack me.

Kitty smiled sweetly at me.

"Ethan, you are the dark dimension's new hope. Don't disappoint Lord Damon and Lilieth, Nya."

"Alright," I said in confusion. My eyes were on her.

She pulled her body away and stretched her hand to Foxy.

"Kitty is sure Lord Damon will be pleased to see you."

[Foxy's stun effect has been neutralized.]

Deftly, Kitty jumped onto my desk, but before she left, I stopped her.

"What do you mean" I asked.

"Lord Damon will see you soon, Nya. After all, Ethan is an important demon for Lord Damon and Lilieth."

"What" Her words confused me even more. Why did the demon lord want to see me Because I was one of his generals

I was just about to ask for another explanation, but Kitty interrupted me.

"Bye ~!" Then she quickly jumped out the window.

"Wait!" I ran by the window and swept my gaze across my yard to find her but she was gone. A long breath escaped from my mouth, my hand closed the window. Foxy's voice turned my gaze to her.

"Master, what's wrong" she said as she sat up and rubbed her sleepy eye.

"Nothing, just go to sleep," I said.

"Um," Foxy answered me with a short mumble and fell back asleep.

While I looked at my window and stared at the clear night sky.

'An important demon for Lord Damon and Lilieth ... What does that mean'-

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