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The Incubus System Chapter 136: Morning Wood (18 )

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The Incubus System Chapter 136. Morning Wood

"Ngg ..." Something that tickled my crotch and the pleasure from my cock woke me from sleep. Apart from that, something soft also continued to rub my thighs and calves.

"Uh ..." I moaned as I opened my eyes and glanced down. My pants were already down on my thighs, while Foxy was busy playing on my crotch. Her tongue licked my cock which was soaked with her saliva and was fully hard. Her fingers moved, playing with my balls. Both of her tails swayed, tickling my thighs and calves.

'I'm already that hard'

Foxy swallowed my cock, and moved back and forth, banging the tip of my cock against her throat. A soft groan came out of my mouth as pleasure filled my entire body.

"Ngghhhh ..." My waist moved in tune with her while I placed one of my hands behind her head.

"Ah- hah - ... Suck me harder ..." I demanded with a half sleepy voice.

She did what I asked for, while her tongue kept swirling on my tip. I flinched when a wave of pleasure shot to the top of my head. My hand pulled her head to insert my cock deeper.

'Ah ... Shit. This really is the best way to wake up. 'My drowsiness disappeared instantly.

"C'mon ... Hah-ah ... Make me cum, Foxy," I demanded again.

She sped up her pace and my waist moved in sync with her. In just a few minutes, my cock twitched a lot.

"Nghhhh!" I flinched in pleasure as my sticky warm liquid sprayed out in her mouth. A wave of pleasure swept through my mind.

I realized that no announcement had appeared in front of me, but I guessed it was only a blow job. Glancing down, Foxy was still busy between my thighs, licking, cleaning all my semen, and sucking all that was left on my cock. A long breath escaped my mouth as my gaze shifted to the clock on the wall.

6:47 AM

'I have to get up,' I thought. After Kitty left, I thought about so many things for a while, but I ended up falling asleep since my mind was too tired. There were too many things that I had discovered in just one day, yet there were so many unsolved puzzles for me. And in the end, the source of this crack was still a mystery. What confused me was, why did Lord Damon want to see me Did that mean I had to go to the dark dimension to meet him If I went there, would I be able to return to the human world again Although I was not sure, since Kitty and Lilieth could go from the human world to the demon world freely, I should be able to do it with my portal skill too.

After she finished, Foxy fixed my pants and crawled up.

"Good morning, master," she said with a smile. A kiss landed on my lips.

"Morning, Foxy," I greeted as I kissed her on her cheek.

"We have to get up now. I want to make breakfast for Celia," I said again as I gave her a soft pat on her shoulder, asking her to get off the top of me.

"Are you going to make that weird flat cake" said Foxy as she stepped away from me and got out of bed. I could guess what she meant was pancakes.

I also got out of bed and tidied up my bed.

"I think I will make something simpler than that." I had tried making pancakes before and it failed, since I didn't have much time I planned to make simple dishes.

My feet stepped out of my room, at the same time Foxy used her hiding skill and followed me. We walked down the stairs to the kitchen. I opened the refrigerator and checked the contents to decide what I could make from those ingredients. Well, I just got this idea last night, so I could only use the available ingredients.

After taking out what I needed, I washed my hands and started cooking. I decided to make a simple toasted bread with scrambled eggs, sausage and a bit of vegetable. It was a simple dish that was easy to make and I couldn't go wrong with that.

Foxy's giggling sound came from my side as I took out the sausage from the pan and started cooking the eggs.

"Why are you laughing" I asked, my hand continuing to move my spatula over the pan.

"Your sister can do better than this," she teased me.

"Of course she can cook better than me. That's her speciality." While me I was happy enough as long as I didn't burn it.

"Master, can I have my breakfast too" she asked in a spoiled voice.

"Didn't you already have your breakfast" I teased.

"It was barely called breakfast. It was your 'blunt stake' that woke me up," she pouted.

I chuckled.

"Now, you blame my 'blunt stake'." My spatula scraped, moving the scrambled eggs onto her and my plate. Since I still had a lot of time, I decided to make her lunch.

"Uh ... But it poked my face," she whined.

"Don't blame me for that. You should fix your sleep position," I said lightly as my hands moved to prepare Celia's lunch. Last night she slept beside me and this morning she slept on my feet. And I could tell her tail wagged against my crotch, so I was not surprised my cock woke up on its own.

The sound of footsteps from the stairs came, followed by Celia's voice.

"Brother" Celia, who was ready to go to school, looked surprised to find me in the kitchen this early.

"Morning, birthday girl." I showed the plate filled with my hard work with a smile. Sausage slices, scrambled eggs, a couple of toasted bread and a bit of vegetable with a messy 'Happy Birthday' of tomato sauce.

"I've made your breakfast."

She stared at the plate in my hands and giggled.

"Brother, those vegetables are overcooked and the eggs are a little burnt."

"I tried my best you know," I said coolly since I had realized it from the start. I put our breakfast on the dining table and sat down.

Celia sat beside me and turned from side to side like she was looking for something.

"You're alone I heard you were like talking to someone."

"It's just your imagination. Let's eat." I quickly diverted our conversation and started eating. I knew I couldn't hide Foxy forever, but at least I wanted Celia to finish her exam before telling her everything.


We had finished our breakfast and Celia was getting ready to go to school. Even though the eggs were too bland and the vegetables were too mushy, she didn't complain about it and gave me a kiss me as a thank you. As she put her shoes on, I approached her and gave her lunch.

"Let me guess, sandwiches" asked Celia as she took her favourite pink lunch box from my hand.

"Yep," I replied.

"Then where is my present" she asked in a joking tone.

I chuckled as I remembered her words last night.

"Since you want me, do I have to tie myself with a big ribbon and lie on your bed" I also said it in a joking tone, my chuckles were heard between my words.

Celia lowered her head as her face started to turn red.

"I-I don't think that's a bad idea ..." she whispered.

I stiffened and smiled awkwardly.

'Ah ... I've stepped on a landmine ...' I didn't think much since we were just joking around. But I couldn't imagine myself tied up with ribbons and lying down like prey waiting to be eaten. Well, after imagining one of my women doing that, I admitted that was not a bad idea.

"I-I'm just kidding ..." She turned around, her hand on the door handle.

"See you later, brother!" She stepped out before I could say anything to her. It was obvious that she was embarrassed by her words.

I stared at the closed front door before me. Kitty's words resounded in my head and made me worried about Celia. Without saying anything, I used my skill to Foxy.

'Master's Blessing. '

The dark aura coming out of my hand covered Foxy's invisible body.

[Please enter how long do you want to give your blessing.]

'10 hours'

[Do you want to synchronize your body with your servant ]


My dark aura entered her body.

[You have used up 10 DP. ]

[Your Servant's strength has increased by 30%]

[Now you can access your servant body remotely.]

"Foxy, follow Celia and protect her," I ordered.

"Yes, master." Then the door in front of me opened by itself, indicating Foxy out of my house.

'Why do I have a bad feeling about this ...'-

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