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The Incubus System Chapter 137: The Stalker Next Door

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The Incubus System Chapter 137. The Stalker Next Door

I cleaned the table, washed the dishes and went to take a shower. After wiping my body, indifferently, I came out of the bathroom as my hands moved my towel to dry my hair. There was not a single piece of clothing covering my body. Well, there was only me here, so there shouldn't be a problem, right

- Clek!

I opened the door to my room as my hand kept moving to dry my hair. My feet stepped to the wardrobe and opened it to take out my clothes, but a knocking sound came from the window.

- Tuk!

I turned to it and looked at it suspiciously for a moment.

'Is Kitty back' But I realized there was no announcement that there was another demon around me, so I ignored it and put on my jeans. My hand took a shirt since I had to go to the virtual account office, I decided to wear a formal outfit.

- Tuk!

Another knocking sound came from the window. I looked at the window again and frowned.

'Weird ...' I thought. Even though there was a tree in my yard, its branch was not long enough to reach my bedroom window. Whereas the wind couldn't possibly make such a loud sound. Finally, I decided to check it out.

My feet stepped towards the window as I slipped my arms onto my shirt. My eyes looked at it in caution. I opened my window and swept my gaze around in confusion as the morning wind brushed my hair and my unbuttoned shirt. But I didn't find anything or anyone suspicious. Then I caught a movement in Mrs Clea's yard. I sighed since I already knew who she was.

'How could I forget Ruby is staying at Mrs Clea's house for 2 days. ' But I didn't expect her to do this to check whether I was at home or not.

Swiftly, I closed my window and turned around, I buttoned a few buttons of my shirt soberly and grabbed my bag. My feet walked quickly down the stairs as my hand moved to tidy up my hair.

'I must leave before ---'

* Ting Tong *

'--- too late.' The bell's sound came as that thought crossed my head and I already knew who my guest was. A tired breath came out of my mouth once again as I dropped my bag on the sofa and my hands buttoned the rest of my shirt buttons. My feet walked towards the front door.

"Good morning, Ethan," Ruby greeted me cheerfully as I opened the door. She was already wearing her maid uniform with a coat covering it.

"Morning, Ruby. Is there anything I can help you with" I asked politely. I was quite confused about why she was wearing her work costume, even though as far as I knew the Cafe should have a changing room.

Ruby looked at my shirt, which was already buttoned up neatly and looked a little disappointed by it.

"I'm going to work, do you want to go with me"

"Okay, I'll get my bag," I said as I turned around. That way I hoped she didn't have to come inside my house.

As I took a few steps, she followed me. I stopped my steps and turned to her, asking 'why did you follow me' indirectly.

"Can I say hi to Celia" she said with an innocent smile.

"Celia has gone to school," I said.

"Ah ... I forgot ..." Ruby said with a flushed face. Her eyes were staring at me as if to say 'I know Celia isn't here that's why I came'.

But I replied with a flat stare.

"Wait here. I'll be right back," I said calmly.

"Eh ... Ah ... Are you in a hurry How about we have a little chat" she said in a slightly panicked tone.

"We can chat along the way," I said as I put on my sweater and grabbed my bag. Somehow, I wanted to say 'So do you want to ** Fine, as long as you don't lock me up in the basement or kick out my partners after that. Ah! And also that arrogant demon is me. So... If you don't mind that, let's do it! '. Yep ... That surely made me like a true incubus, sleeping with any woman who wanted to have sex with me. But of course, I couldn't say it bluntly. Besides, she was my stalker and also an advanced demon hunter who was close to Mrs Clea. Even though she wasn't that powerful, a small leak of information about me could create a disaster.

"Hah... Okay." Finally, she gave up.

"Let's go." After locking the door, we stepped out of my yard and walked down the street in front of our house accompanied by the bright morning sun.

"Where are Mrs Clea and Alan" I asked with an innocent smile as I slipped my hand into my jeans since she kept glancing at it. I knew she wanted to hold my hand.

She shifted her gaze forward since she knew I realized her intention.

"Ah ... Um ... They're at home. Alan has a bad tantrum since morning so Mrs Clea is busy."

"Oh, okay," I replied. I guessed Mrs Clea was treating Alan now.

Ruby was silent for a moment before she returned her gaze to me.

"Ethan, do you know what happened last night"

"Did something happen" I knew what she meant was last night's demon attack.

"I heard there was a demon attack nearby." Without warning, she approached, hugged my arm and pretended to be afraid. Her breasts pressed against my arm.

"I was really scared ~"

I replied with a flat smile since I could remember how she fought fiercely last night and perforated those demons with her Holy Blast.

"You know --- There were only three of us. I hope there is a man who protects us ..." she flirted with a sweet smile.

I turned my face the other way and bit my lower lip, desperately holding back my laughter. If I was an ordinary person maybe I would be the one who was hiding behind her or maybe fainted after seeing how she fought last night. I meant I couldn't imagine if she was my girlfriend and we had a fight. It could be that she not only locked me in the basement but also tied me with her Holy Chain and tortured me with her Holy Blast and Mana Strike until I cried to apologize.

"Ethan, why are you acting so cold to me I mean it ... I'm afraid," she pouted in a sweet voice.

I turned to her as I returned my expression to normal.

"Um ... I already fell asleep last night. So I don't know what happened."

She frowned in disbelief.

"Really" Last night's battle's noises were so loud, it even woke Celia up despite her room being further away from the battle's source. Uncertain of what I was saying, she continued.

"Last night's battle's noises were so loud. There were dozens of demons there, explosions everywhere. Not to mention that annoying winged demon ---" she pressed her lips as she realized she mentioned too much detail, indicating she was there yesterday.

I bit my lip once again as I turned my face to the other side to cover my laughter. Somehow her attitude reminded me of Larry. I returned my gaze to her.

"You sure know a lot about last night's incident. Did you watch it closely" I asked calmly.

"Uh ... Ah ... I heard it from the neighbours," she reasoned.

I sighed and shook my head in worry.

"If this is true, it means this area is no longer safe. I wonder if some of those demons are still around."

"Calm down. We've checked this place and found nothing," she said with a reassuring tone and a sweet smile.

From her words, I could tell they didn't find Kitty. But...

"We" I asked. I tried to hold back my laughter one more time, I could tell she just blurted out without thinking twice. Well, I was just following her play, but instead, she leaked her secret herself.

Her face turned pale at once.

"Eh ... I mean ... The demon hunters," she tried to fix it.

"So, you are a demon hunter" I asked again.

She released me and smiled awkwardly. Her eyes turned to the other side.

"What are you talking about How could a weak woman like me be a demon hunter"

"Really" I said in disbelief.

"Ah! Shall we walk a little faster I'm almost late," she tried to divert our conversation.

"Okay, besides I have to take care of something before going to college."

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